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A Sparkling Christmas Story

Written and submitted for the ❄️ 2022 Sparkling Holiday Literature Contest ❄️

A Quirky Christmas Caper
with Holly, Jack, and Sarah

On the night before Christmas, in a cosy little home
Three friends gathered round, all feeling alone

Holly the elf, Jack the reindeer, Sarah the snowflake too
All huddled together, dreaming of what they might do
They sipped on hot cocoa, as they talked, and they laughed
Excited for the morning, when they'd open their gifts and craft
Holly was mischievous, with a heart of pure gold
Jack was always ready, for a fun story to be told
Sarah was gentle, a snowflake so fine
She made sure they were happy, all the time
They worked hard to get ready, for the big holiday bash
Wrapping presents and decorating, with a flurry of cheer and panache
The night passed so quickly, before they knew it was time alright
For Holly, Jack, and Sarah, to retire for the night

The morning arrived and they sprang from their beds
Eager to see what Santa had left in his stead
The tree was surrounded, by piles of presents bright
The smell of cookies and cinnamon, filled the air with delight
They opened their gifts, with joy and with cheer
And then sat down to breakfast, of pancakes and blueberries so dear
They played games and sang carols, the day passing so fast
It was the best Christmas ever, this trio had a blast
As the day came to a close, and the evening fell
Holly, Jack, and Sarah, had a story to tell
Of all the fun they'd had, and the love that they shared
This Christmas was special, beyond any compare
They sat by the fireplace, as the fire danced and glowed
Feeling grateful and blessed, as the night onward flowed
They talked of the future, and all that lay ahead
Hoping for happiness, in all that they'd be led
As the night grew late, and it was time to retire
Holly, Jack, and Sarah, each felt the warmth and fire
Of the love they shared, and the bond that they'd made
This Christmas was special, in its own unique way
So they settled in, to rest and to dream
Of all the joy and magic, that the holiday season would bring
May your Christmas be filled, with love and with cheer
Merry Christmas to all, and a happy new year!

As the years went by, Holly, Jack, and Sarah
Remembered that Christmas, so full of cheer and merriment
They laughed, and they reminisced, about all the fun they'd had
And all the memories, that made them feel glad
They knew that no matter, where life took them next
They'd always have each other, and all the love and respect
That they'd shared on that special, holiday night
May your Christmas be filled, with love and delight!

And so the story ends, with love and with cheer
A Christmas to remember, year after year

Gezegende Kerstdagen en een voorspoedig nieuwjaar.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Warmest wishes from Orioni 💫

The Beautiful Empire of Orioni 2