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Formal Diplomatic Communiquť To The Russian Federation | Diplomatic Document

Office of His Majesty The King
Sent by: Sir Seth White OC, Private Secretary to His Majesy

DEADLINE: April 21, 2023

The Kingdom of Hannover has, due to itís support of Ukraine and itís supplying of funding and equipment to that nation, been harassed by the Russians in the dispute over the Ukraine and the surrounding territories. The National Security Advisor has confirmed to the Cabinet and the Privy Council that both the Joint Intelligence Committee and the National Security Council have confirmed and collaborated current rumours that the Hanoverian Consulate to Kherson, a Ukrainian city, was attacked by armed personal from the Russian Army and the Luhansk Peopleís Militia, resulting in severe damage to the Consulate and the death of multiple Consulate workers. It is therefore the lawful opinion of His Majesty the King that given the attack on a peaceful Hanoverian diplomatic complex, and the murder of Hanoverian citizens operating under Diplomatic Immunity, the Kingdom of Hanover has right to respond with force. With the advice of the Privy Council, and with the approval of the Cabinet and Prime Minister, the ultimatum below has been drafted. Any delay past the listed date to answer this ultimatum shall lead to a declaration of war, and the deployment of military forces.

  • The Russian Government shall immediately issue a formal and public apology for the attack on the Consulate and the death of the workers to the families of the deceased, to the Hanoveriann Diplomatic Corp, to the Hanoverian Foreign Office, to the Hanoverian Government, and to the people of Hanover

  • The Russian Government shall, in Hanoverian currency, provide fair and reasonable compensation for the deaths of the deceased to their families. They will also pay for the costs of the repatriation of the bodies, for their funerals or cremations, for the care of the body until they have been buried or cremated, and for any and all related expenses.

  • The Russian Government shall, in Hanoverian currency, provide fair and reasonable compensation for the damages done to the Consulate to the Hanoverian Foreign Office. They will also pay for construction materials, construction equipment, the wages and other payments and allowances for the workers, for the transit of the workers, and for any and all related expenses.

  • The Russian Government will formally punish and discipline the personal directly involved in the attack on the Consulate and the murder of itís workers. It will furthermore formally reprimand those indirectly involved, such as the directly involved personals superior officers and personal responsible for planning the mission.

  • The Russian Government will completely end all espionage operations related to Hanover. All knowledge and material gathered via espionage is to be destroyed, and all agents currently in Hanover are to be immediately removed from the country.

  • The Russian Government will take no military, economic, civil, or any other sort of retaliatory action against Hanover in response to this ultimatum

  • The Russian Government is to take actions to prevent this, or any similar event, from occurring again.

  • The Russian Government will lower tariffs on goods, items and products entering or originating from Hanover by 50% from current rates. This is not be changed for a period of 5 years.

  • The Russian Government will not attempt to, under any circumstances, conscript Hanoverian citizens currently in Russia who do not hold Russian citizenship into the Military, or into any agency, company or body relating to or performing duties regarding the Defence or Security of Russia, nor itís Intelligence or Counterintelligence Operations, itís Law Enforcement Operations, itís system of Corrections, or to Industry for these.

  • The Russian Government will take every and all actions necessary to ensure the security and safety of Hanoverian citizens inside Russian territory.

  • The Russian Government will not prevent, except when deemed by International Law to be unsafe or unpractical, Hanoverian citizens from departing Russia.

  • The Russian Government must publicly take full responsibly for their attack of the Consulate and murder of itís workers.

  • The Russian Government must immediately agree to a non-aggression pact with Hanover