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Decision Log No. 5

- Regional Administration Decision Log No. 5 -

This log details the facts, decision, and individual opinions of the Regional Administration surrounding a complaint of rule breach lodged by a player.

The Facts

    The facts are as follows.

    On 8 December 2022 the Soviet player messaged a coordinator with the following:


      CCCP- wrote:OOC: This is pretty damning evidence against Russia - if it existed that is. Unfortunately, your friend and ally in Washington decided to destroy said evidence nearly a RL month ago so it is highly unlikely that there was "documentation...kept as classified by the United States Department of Defense" The post was even liked by you as well, back then.

        Specially of interest here is the part where the player clearly states: "All trace of Union involvement will be removed before leaving the country and all mention of this action removed from all future reports. As far as anyone on Earth is concerned....the Union was never there."
        Additionally I received confirmation from the player through DMs immediately after the post was published where he indeed confirmed that the only nation with concrete evidence and documentation in the present-day is Russia.

        My post pretty much sums up my request to the RA. the player specifically destroyed all evidence of having participated in the operation. Unlike in the past case where there was vagueness and therefore many things could be left up to interpretation, in this case it is the opposite: The player was pretty darn specific in stating "All trace of Union involvement will be removed before leaving the country" and just in case anyone had any confusions he ended with "As far as anyone on Earth is concerned....the Union was never there."

        In a sense, this case is both the opposite and similar to the previous case: Opposite I explained above, but similar in the sense that in the past case the player assumed there was a leakage of information, against the RP previously agreed upon by Canada and myself. On this case, players are trying to assume that all evidence was not destroyed despite there being specific mention that all evidence was destroyed and without the explicit input from the players involved in the original RP (Union and myself)

        I furthermore conducted my due diligence and followed up through DMs immediately after he posted and he confirmed it there as well, so the argument that it is “his RP, it is his decision whether the evidence exists or not” is pretty much out the window because he already decided nothing exists anymore on his end, now he is trying to revert back. Here’s the screenshot...

        [Screenshot redacted]

        Ultimately, any concrete evidence and documentation should only be held in Russia at this point in time. I guess hearsay evidence "this person said that someone said he was in Azerbaijan" or something is fair game, but anything more concrete than that was unfortunately destroyed in the West

        Can the RA review?

        If this may be of aid: page=rmb/postid=48609991

        Imperial Eagle wrote:Pentagon, Office of the Chief of the Joint Staff

        Gen. John Abell looked over the reports and orbital images of Soviet movements towards the Azerbaijani border and let out a slight chuckle

        "By God they fooled everyone with that little show in the UAN. Make them think they're about to invade Eurasia when they're going south instead. Only a fool marches into Siberia in the dead of winter. Seeing how they were kind enough to inform of this little party, it'd be rude to ruin it but it also presents a good time to see how we can work together in the field. Picking up the phone and punching in the right number, he waited until it picked on the other end

        "James, this is Gen. Abell. I want you to get your two of the Seal teams ready for transport to the Soviet Union (CCCP-. We're going to join them for a little camping trip and it's strictly off the books. Two Ranger teams and two Delta teams will also be joining your Seals. Have them gather at Norfolk, the other teams are on the way there now and boarding a C5 transport. Wheel up in 48 hours."

        Hearing the response on the other end confirming the order, Abell hung up, returning his gaze at the images and letting out another chuckle.

        (This is secret and no one and I mean no one other than myself or the Soviets know this. Any attempt to use this outside of RP for other reasons will not end well)

      The player contests the validity of this post:

      The-Kalmar-Union wrote:Dagen Nyheter. News of the Day
      Assassination of President Ali Gafaroba


    Final Decision

      The contested post is void to the extent that it concerns American provision of canonically unknown knowledge.

      Other posts which draw their basis of information from the contested post are also void:

      -Empire of Japan- wrote:NHK News - Nightly News

      Imperial Eagle wrote:White House Oval Office


      Opinion A:
        Well, what's the American explanation for magically having papers? Because now I'm curious. He said he destroyed them all, and never kept many records of it to begin with, so I want to know where he got the papers from. We both know the US never keeps records they don't want. We still have no idea what the "stealth hawks" that US Navy Seals used to raid Bin Laden's compound looked if the US says they're getting rid of records they don't keep one or two. If the public isn't supposed to know, they're just straight up not going to know. We may not be spymasters but it's common sense.

      Opinion B:

        How can he, not keep any evidence, destroy the evidence he didn’t keep, and then leak that destroyed evidence that never existed in the first place. It’s like a triple continuity error.

      Opinion C:

        With such an explicit statement you can't imply the papers back to existence. The two players involved agreed there'd be no records. The newspaper post is voided to the extent it concerns American leaking of intelligence to the news outlet, and subsequently any post predicated on that information is void ab initio.