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Me Trying to piece together TSP history.


The oldest democracy in NationStates is turning 13, and that needs to be celebrated! From June 2 to June 7, we are holding the Coalition Day Festival. Next to fun and games, there will be quite a bit to learn about historic moments of our regions past: great festivals, exceptional leaders, and tumultuous battles fought and won.

Today is Day 4 of the festival, and our topic is: Defeat of Milograd

How to participate
- Read about history and news of the time below
- Take the LinkTrivia Quiz! (Previous answers and scores are here)
- Join the Linkforums to play spam games, roleplay, and ask history questions!
- Play some TSP-themed games, and post your results on the RMB!
- Talk with others on LinkDiscord or LinkIRC.
- Have fun on the RMB! Celebrate with us by drinking some of our legendary SPIT (South Pacific Iced Tea)

History Lesson: Defeat of Milograd
brought to you by Roavin

Milograd joined the South Pacific during the Devonitians coup to help liberate the region. He, along with a few others, liked what he saw in our region and decided to stay and become an integral part of the community. Quickly, he rose to be a well-liked and respected member of the community, participating very prominently in roleplay and in the government. After serving as the first Minister of Regional Affairs, in December 2012, Milograd ran for the Delegacy and got the position on Christmas of that year. In early March of 2013, he had some private matters to take care of and resigned his Delegacy, with care and support from the community. A month later, with those issues cleared up, he was reelected to the Delegacy.

On April 20, 2013, Milograd completely blindsided the South Pacific by disavowing the Coalition, instead instating the South Pacific Socialist Republic (SPSR) and beginning to ban massive amounts of nations, including the duly elected cabinet. The Coalition's forum was removed from the World Factbook Entry, replaced with a new forum specifically for the SPSR, and the following statement was posted and sent throughout the region:

The South Pacific marches forward as we attempt to free ourselves from the shackles of oppression that the tyrannical oligarchy has strangled the masses with for far too long. The proletariat has been held hostage by those whom control the means of production: oligarchs who have lopsided "influence". It is time for us to fight for our beliefs and reject this tool of oppression. This is a protest.

With both the Coalition-in-exile and Milograd rallying various allies for support, the stage was set for an epic battle for control of the region.

The Coalition took the lawful steps under our laws to recall Milograd and sue him in the High Court, therefore removing his legal standing as Delegate in its entirety. Long-time trusted member Fudgetopia also joined the fight, willingly took a hit to her reputation by acting as a double-agent, gaining the trust of Milograd while having to endure the scorn of natives. The Coalition and its allies established the Southern Allied Command to battle against Milograd and his supporters.

Milograd's nation was controlled by himself as well as John Ashcroft Land and Mall in order to keep watch on any military and civil activities with 24 hour coverage. In the 10 days of the coup, over a thousand nations were banned and ejected from the region. Milograd also started a massive propaganda machine to shore up more support, but his true motives were transparent at a closer glance, as Ryccia recalls:

I was founded in April 25th, 2013, in the beautiful tropical land that is the South Pacific. But, in my eyes, it wasn't so beautiful at all. It was civil war.

I aligned with the Commies, as I was a newbie back then. I thought of Milograd as a hero of TSP, establishing justice for minnows from a cruel, oligarchic regime that existed before. While I supported Milograd, I even TGed Torchwood, a guy who was campaigning for the Coalition and isn't active here anymore, to "give it up". I was called legendary by a fellow "comrade" back then.

It all changed, however, when I the banlist. When I saw that list, oh boy was I outraged. I questioned my support, and questioned it in the RMB. Fellow "comrades" back then told me that they were a cancer of the old regime, and that they needed to be eliminated. I stood by that, as I was still a loyal supporter. Then, even though I don't remember it much, and I think it wasn't incriminating at all, a post in the NS Forums made me suspicious. I questioned myself. Is this how Milograd really is? Banjecting TSP natives, and wanting to take over TSP for his own good?

I did what I had to do. Next, I TGed Hileville, and I turned.

After 10 long days of battle, the Coalition, represented by Brutland and Norden, rightfully took back control of the region. While Milograd's downfall was surely helped along by smart military tactics used by the Coalition and its allies, in the end Milograd was not able to sustain the support of natives, despite massive propaganda campaigns. The core values of our Coalition, the oldest democracy across NationStates, had won again. As with the Devonitians coup two years earlier, the aftermath found the Coalition making changes to strengthen itself, for example by instating a new Bill of Rights, and opened the floor for a new generation of prominent members.

-- Roavin

News from Back Then
In this segment, we are reprinting some noteworthy news article from around the time of our history lesson.

REGIONAL UPDATE: The People's Revolution Continues Unabated
April 22, 2013; by Erusea (South Pacific Socialist Republic)

Three days have passed since the liberation of the region of the South Pacific from the snares of the oligarch regime. Our dear Beloved Chairman Milograd has victoriously repelled wave after wave of both internal insurrections of reactionaries and foreign mercenaries forces under the employ of the revisionists that struggle to retake the South Pacific in chains. By force of the unrelenting will of the now enlightened masses of the South Pacific, the oligarch remnants have undertaken their timely retreat to a new region of enslavement and servitude they deceptively call "Free South Pacific."

In any case, the departure of the oligarch remnant has been seen as a glorious victory for the Revolutionary forces of the South Pacific. With well over 250 endorsements, our Beloved Chairman securely holds the office of the delegacy for the people. Revolutionary Literature is similarly being published by regional minnows once silenced and oppressed by the deposed tyrants which sought to perpetuate their hold over the people. Harmonious Truths: Glorious Tales from the TSP Revolution, anecdotes regarding the experiences of the masses in the era of Revolution is now available online to the Public.

At roughly 23:45, our Glorious Chairman Milograd commenced the forced ejection of a grand multitude of reactionary sympathizers, actively working to destroy what has been gained by Revolution; progress - something the South Pacific has not known under the years of oppression by the oligarchs. We move forward towards a brighter future under the guiding hand of Chairman Milograd.

Statement from the Cabinet of The Coalition of The South Pacific in regards to the end of the Milograd Coup and victory on the home front

April 30, 2013; by Belschaft
As of minor update today The South Pacific is once again free from foreign occupation and oppression, and NationState's oldest and most resilient democratic government has been restored. This victory could not have been achieved without the efforts of dozens, if not hundreds, of people all of whom have played their own parts, big or small. Whilst you will all be hearing more from us over the next few days, we would like to take a moment to thank some of you in particular. Firstly, our allies; The North Pacific, Osiris, Europeia, The New Inquisition, Balder, Lazarus - your assistance will not be forgotten soon. Without your aid and diplomatic support we would still be under foreign occupation. The South Pacific has always been loyal to those who show us friendship, and you can count on our support should you ever find yourselves in need. Secondly, those friends of ours abroad who, though not bound by treaty, still came to our aid; The East Pacific, The Rejected Realms, The United Defenders League, Ten Thousand Islands, Land of Kings and Empires, Equilism, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Spiritus, The Founderless Regions Alliance, Ainur, Kennan, Kantrias, Canada... the list goes on and on. Thank you, you have all proved to be good and true to your word. Know that we are in your debt. Thirdly, the dozens of individual players who offered their support and assistance. You were the margin of the victory. Without your selfless contribution we would still be under occupation, still suffering daily purges of the native community. There is no complete list of everyone who came to our aid - many did so on their own initiative - but you all have our thanks. Fourthly, there are a few names in particular we have to mention; Biyah, Astarial, Eluvatar, Mahaj, McMasterdonia - the Southern Allied Command would not have achieved half as much in twice as long without you all. Fudgie, who volunteered to play the traitor. Your sacrifice was the greatest, to be defamed by those who should have been saluting you. A debt of honor is owed to all of you. Finally, the The South Pacific's native community. Even as hundreds of us were being ejected from our home by one who betrayed our trust, and foreign colonists were poring in by the hundred, you never gave in. You kept fighting. You kept everyone's spirits alive. We salute you. We will have a more detailed update out later, going over our plans for the coming weeks as we rebuild what has been destroyed. For now, we leave you all with our gracious thanks, and a promise; The South will rise again.

TSP Turns 10 and Conviction of Milograd
June 3, 2013; by Hileville

Downtown South Pacific...
SPINN offices were closed yesterday to observe Coalition Day, a day to celebrate the Charter, Coalition, and Government of the South Pacific. On June 2, 2003 the South Pacific passed its first Charter which created the longest running Democracy in NationStates. For the last 10 years the Coalition of the South Pacific has kept a very similar Democratic styling of Government. While changes have been made over the year the Democratic processes have remained. Members of the South Pacific sent out tweets and posted on the regional message message board celebrating the day.

The Awesomiasan Government congratulates the South Pacific Government on 10 years of its founding. @tsp_ns Hileville #TSP10â
Awesomiasa (Awesomiasa) June 2, 2013

Congratulations to the Coalition of The South Pacific and to its citizens for this decade of democratic example! #NSTSP10â
Kringalia (Kringalia) June 2, 2013

New Government business was halted for the day with the exception of the Sentencing of known felon Milograd, who orchestrated a coup of the South Pacific back in April. When the verdict came down from the Jury citizens were delighted when he was found Guilty of Treason and Defamation while being found not-guilty of Fraud. His punishment is an indefinite banning from the region and forums of the South Pacific. Citizens quickly responded with praise to the Jury and the guilt being determined on 10th anniversary of the Coalition made the day even sweeter.

Coalition Day wasn't all excitement as members of the region took a moment to remember two former members who are no longer with us. THE MATT-DUCK and Christie are those members. Both hold a spot in the hearts of South Pacificans and on days like this are remembered for the times we shared with them. While no official events were held today, SPINN has learned that an event is being planned to either happen at the end of June or in early July to celebrate both Coalition Day and the next months Independence Day. SPINN will release details as they become available to us.

In other news...
Voting is underway on the enabling legislation that will allow for a Special Delegate Election beginning next week. The vote has an overwhelming amount of support. While the bill is required before an election can start that hasn't stopped hopefuls from finding running mates and preparing their campaigns. A slew of candidates have already announced and several teams have formed. Teams that have already announced are: Antariel/Helpful Whispers, Southern Bellz/HEM, Hileville/PenguinPies, Liberatia (Natan)/Iro, and Manonia/Ryccia. A plague scientists have coined Twitter is spreading throughout the South Pacific with many members joining. SPINN was the first to come down with the plague last year and it has spread through TSP and all those known to be infected are Hileville, McMasterdonia, Awe, Rebel-topia, Kringalia, and the South Pacific.

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History of Lazarus (2005-2015)

by The chairman of lazarus

The Ancient History of Lazarus

Ancient History of Lazarus(2005); by Lies incorporated

Lazarus, first regarded by the world solely as the home of newly ressurrected nations, but now recognized as a breeding ground of revolutionary thought. During the times of stagnancy, Lazarus was home to fewer then 200 nations. After securing the Lazarus Delegacy, and establishing the Lazarus Mandate, the region began a steady expansion, and regularly exceeded the 500 nation boundary.

After serving for 49 days as UN Delegate, Lies Incorporated, the first Lazarus Mandate UN Delegate was betrayed and overthrown through the machinations of the absurd and inactive New Omnivaro. For more then three times the length of the Lies Incorporated delegacy, New Omnivaro and his staff of pretenders, spread lies and frivality. After the first spark of rebellion was lit in Lazarus, Lies Incorporated returned amidst a flurry of discussion, to resecure the delegacy.

During these tumultuous times, the law breaking nation Vesoul secured the delegacy through the exchange of endorsements with native UN nations. His delegacy lasted less then a week though, as his crimes were revealed to UN authorities swiftly by Lies Incorporated.

Lies Incorporated ascended to the delegacy once more, and held it for nine days before returning to service in Gatesville as the General of its vast Militia. In his sted, he left Palmer Eldritch, an alter ego to serve as Prime Minister, as well as Baribeau to hold the delegacy as the second Lazarus Mandate Delegate! Though the government of Lazarus was yet to take shape, long time Lazarus nation Darnand stepped up as Minister of Defence, to aid Baribeau in his regional duties with Lies Incorporated's departure.

After a nearly four month delegacy, Baribeau relinquished his post and was succeeded by Peace Loving Sex Fiends. During this time, the world Administration granted regional controls to the Lazarus Delegacy, and for the first time we had power over our security and information. Though not dissolving the Lazarus Mandate, Peace Loving Sex Fiends imposed strict endorsement regulations while maintained limited activity on the forums. After a slightly more then two week delegacy, Sex Fiends was once again replaced by Baribeau.

During the Sex Fiends delegacy, Lies Incorporated also returned to the region and began invigorating a series of new government reforms culminating with the third revision of the Lazarus Mandate and the first widely supported design for a government. Around this time, Darnand was removed from his office as Minister of Defence due to unfortunate unavailability, and replaced by Hongus.

Only two days after Baribeau retook the delegacy, Lynnaka, operated as an agent of the DEN, took the delegacy. Thanks to the efforts of the Emergency Auxiliary Army, and a small contingent from the North Pacific, Lynnaka was removed from the delegacy once again in favor of Baribeau.

During DEN's Lynnaka Delegacy, Baribeau appointed the first High Councilors of the interim High Council: Lies Incorporated and Zervok. Only a day later, PeoplePie was also appointed to the post. Around this time, Peace Loving Sex Fiends also begin a campaign of mistrust with Lazarus' new allies, seeking to undermine the stability of their friendships.

Lazarus Delegacies
Founding: Testlandia and various others for short periods
May 2, 2004 - June 21, 2004: Lies Incorporated
June 22, 2004 - November 23, 2004: New Omnivaro
November 24, 2004 - November 26, 2004: Vesoul
November 27, 2004 - December 16, 2004: Lies Incorporated
December 17, 2004 - March 6, 2005: Baribeau
March 7, 2005 - March 25, 2005: Peace Loving Sex Fiends
March 26, 2005 - March 27, 2005: Baribeau
March 28, 2005: Lynnaka
March 29, 2005 - Present: Baribeau

(Lets do a Timewarp to 2013)

History of The People's Republic of Lazarus
Established 10/21/13

Feux's Term Comes to an End

Feux, in his final great act as delegate, removed the presence of imperialist interlopers from the region; the imperialists had previously established a voting bloc in the council that acted in foreign interests, and presented an immediate threat to Lazarene sovereignty. This decision prompted the LKE to end relations with Lazarus, Lazarus to close embassies and void treaties with TNI, and for all Lazarene treaties with imperialists to end.

Harmoneia was appointed to the delegacy by Feux and a vote from the Emerald Council approved of this transition. Milograd was appointed to the vice-delegacy and to roles as a security commissioner; newcomer Kazmr, Matheca, and Aperi joined the Lazarene Cabinet. These were, however, some of the final acts of the Emerald Council.

Birth of the People's Republic

Harmoneia, seeking to secure Lazarene sovereignty, abolish the monarchy and nobility, and rejuvenate the region, proposed the abolishment of the Lazarene Kingdom's constitution. The Emerald Council approved it and thereby dissolved itself. Shortly thereafter, former councilors were called to vote on a new constitution: the Constitution of the People's Republic of Lazarus. The charter opens with a simple explanation of its goals:


The Socialist Harmonious Society of Lazarus (SHSL) and the People's Republic of Lazarus (PRL) exist with three primary purposes:
To protect the sovereignty and residents of the Lazarene region,
To enhance the gaming experiences of our Lazarene comrades,
To work towards building a harmonious society in our region.


In this day and age many game-created regions are governed by entities that are increasingly remote from the in-game population. The Socialist Harmonious Society, through the words and actions of the people, strives to bridge that gap in Lazarus and develop a government that directly interacts and serves the will of the people, and that provides equality to all Lazarenes. This can and must be done through displaying participation, interest, loyalty, and attachment to our class, and by marching towards our ideal Lazarus while also fighting against ideas and entities that would hinder our progress towards achieving the three goals.

The new Lazarene constitution established a more powerful executive that had the power to efficiently carry out the desires of the people, while also having the position be accountable to the people. The new organs of the Lazarene government were established in this important document: the People's Party of Lazarus, the provinces, the People's Congress, the State Council, and the People's Militia were formed.

Shortly afterwards, the essay "The False Independence" was published by Lazarus' state media apparatus, and it outlined a change in how Lazarus looks at neutrality on the international stage by pointing out the shortcomings of neutrality in practice. The People's Militia was then declared to be a defender military, which marked the first time in over a half a decade that a game-created region's military openly decided to fight against invaders.

The initial government of the People's Republic was as follows:

Chairwoman and WA Delegate: Harmoneia
Vice-Chairman and Vice-Delegate: Milograd

Governor of Military Affairs: Drop Your Pants
Governor of Information: Kazmr
Governor of Culture: Matheca
Governor of Diplomacy: Aperi
Governor of Justice: EvilBob

The inaugural People's Congress was elected by the citizens of Lazarus in the beginning of November 2013.

Relations after the PRL's Establishment

The beginning of the People's Republic, in terms of foreign relations, can best be described as a period of dropping treaties and relations with region's that were imperialist-sympathizers and/or disrespectful towards the legitimacy of the Lazarene people's rule of their sovereignty, while transitioning towards friendships with likeminded, respectful friends of ours. It was truly a test of who our friends were, indeed.

No great change is without its reactionaries. Imperialists were quick to condemn the region's choice to stand against invaders and to remove imperialists from the region, and regions in the diplomatic network of the imperialists maligned Lazarus. The best instance of this occurred when Balder's Queen, Solorni, made a speech that suggested that Harmoneia was an ally to imperialists who reversed the "great destruction of Feux." This could only be seen as an effort to confuse the world and turn loyal Lazarenes against each other, and the statement contained untrue statements that served to enhance Solorni's image at Lazarus' expense. She to take productive action to address Lazarus' concerns when she was confronted privately about Lazarus' objection to the statement. The speech was published internationally in a Balderan foreign update; when it became evident that Solorni was a reactionary who didn't respect Lazarus, Lazarus closed embassies with Balder and dissolved their treaty.

The South Pacific's delegate, Belschaft, saw the establishment of the People's Republic as an insult to the South Pacific Coalition because of Milograd's presence within it; in April of 2013, Milograd's "SPSR" overthrew the Coalition of The South Pacific and established an extremely controversial transitional regime that fell after a ten day struggle. Milograd later issued an apology, but Belschaft maintained bitterness about the incident, which was witnessed when he, earlier that year, pursued a policy of trying to remove Milograd from Lazarus. These feelings had not disappeared, so Belschaft ordered the closure of TSP's embassy with Lazarus. His cabinet forced him to reverse the decision because it was done hastily and without their consent. It was then Milograd who later jumped the gun by closing treaties with TSP after he heard word that they didn't intend to maintain the traty, but this was proven to be incorrect. Fortunately, they were able to sort out the issue, and The South Pacific and Lazarus signed a non-aggression pact.

By shedding ties with reactionary regions that had no genuine respect for Lazarus, the region was free to pursue new friendships and build upon those who stood by Lazarus during the transition. Relations with The Rejected Realms and The East Pacific in particular improved, and seeds of friendship with 10000 Islands, Mordor, The Pacific, the United Defenders League, the RIA, and other organizations and groups were planted. These groups, who largely shared the Lazarene belief about defending innocents against destructive invasions, were seen as ideal friends of the people.

The Great Leap Forward (late 2013)

The Beginning: Attacks of the Imperialist
It was during these times we saw a great boosting of activity within the People’s Republic of Lazarus. Chairwoman Harmoneia resigned due to real life commitments and thus Vice-Chairman Milograd rose to the occasion to lead the People’s Republic into a great era of activity and prosperity. This was not however welcome by all; the imperialist sought to end the progress of the People’s Republic and seek to bring it back to neutral order. Griffin Somerset, a previous Lazarene delegate and founder of the New Inqusition, sought to obtain the delegacy despite being previously banjected by the Lazarene administration before the inception of the People’s Republic. Former Lazarene delegate and General of the Lazarene Liberation Army, Drop Your Pants, sacrifice some of his influence in order to banjected Griffin Somerset into the Rejected Realms ensuring the continual rule of the People’s Republic. With new influence rules by the Game Administrator Ballotonia, Griffin Somerset and the imperialist sphere can no longer threaten the People’s Republic once more.

Activity Surges

Under the benevolent Francoist leadership of Milograd, the PRL broke all time Lazarene records for activity in terms of posting, the board continued to thrive culturally, and the army was working on a nightly basis to fight invaders.

Changes in the Structure of the Government
The government was once again revitalized and rearranged to ensure maximum efficiency for the People’s Republic. Matheca replaced Aperi for Diplomacy Governor while Funkadelia rose to occasion as being Cultural Governor. As Evil Bob dwindled into inactivity, former Osirisan delegate Mad Jack rose to the position of Judicial Governor.

The First People’s Congress consists of
1. Meow Zedong
2. Pergamon
3. Libetarian Republics
4. Stujenske
5. Heronlord
6. Earth and Freedom
7. Feux

However Earth and Freedom dwindled into inactivity as well and thus rose to occasion, Horse, a well known defender amongst the Lazarene community who was willing to serve the Congress gratefully.

The Early Days of the Lazarene Liberation Army

Milograd rebranded the People's Militia as the Lazarene Liberation Army after becoming Chairman. Eventually the Lazarene Liberation Army needed more capable officers than Drop Your Pants in order to ensure the functionality of the newly created defender army. Rose to the occasion were Hobbes, Kogvuron, Prussia, Campinia, and Aperi. All had prior experience in military and were willing to contribute and serve the People’s Republic finest. Together, the Lazarene Liberation Army began to have maximum awareness amongst the international community as one of the strongest and more capable defender armies out there.

The LLA began to have early success such as the defense of Deep Space, Sparrow, Union of Socialist Confederates Republics, and Nulla Vitae. On December 28th 2013, the Lazarene Liberation Army successfully led a liberation attempt on Asia, a major founderless region, from the Black Riders’ occupation. At that time, it was probably the first major liberation success in months for the defending world. Thus, the Lazarene Liberation Army garners major respects from both the defending and raiding community as a pivotal power in military gameplay.

A New Hope

The People’s Republic began to exert their influence on the diplomatic front; it became the second game-created region to join the Founderless Regions Alliance, next to its closest and oldest ally, the Rejected Realms. Due to its special status as a game-created region, the People’s Republic held a powerful influence in not just the alliance but also in the defending world. Later, the People’s Republic would sign a treaty with Wintreath, a fellow defender region.

Then, Lazarus signed a non-aggerssion pact with the South Pacific. It was a historic moment as then Chairman Milograd has a notorious history with the South Pacific (as founder of the South Pacific Socialist Republic). The government in the South Pacific at that time, the Coalition of the South Pacific, was not fond of the existence of a “rendition” of the SPSR but however after many hours of contemplating with the treaty,both TSP-Lazarus felt it was beneficial to have the NAP. Thus a new era of friendship was born.


For the fellow proletariats in Lazarus, Christmas got even sweeter. For the first time in Lazarene history, the Lazarene community obtains Invision Power Boards thanks to Hobbes and Chairman Milograd. At that time, it had joined the “IPB elites” of the South Pacific, the Pacific, and the West Pacific. A dynamic platform that allowed multiple customizations and other functions, the IPB served as a tool for the various developments in the People’s Republic during its early stage. It was considered indeed a Christmas gift to the Lazarene community.

Rise from the Ash Forum Activity

Lazarus was indeed the mother sinker of undead nations to revive but the community was never "alive". Previous Lazarene activity was dwindled and quite frankly unknown at the time. With the formation of the People's Republic of Lazarus, activity in the forums rose. Records were broken in the number of registration, number of topics, and number of posts by individual registered Lazarenes and friends. This was consider a pivotal moment in Lazarene history; for once Lazarenes can be proud to have a region like Lazarus. Allies were proud and enemies were jealous. Just like how Lazarus was indeed the original place where dead nations can revive their proud history, Lazarus had indeed revive with its vibrant community.

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Security Council Vote Recommendation

Part of the Information for WA Voters program

Resolution at Vote: Commend Kringalia
Vote Recommendation: For

Resolution Analysis
This proposal seeks to commend Kringalia, a long-serving jack-of-all-trades of South Pacific government with an extensive career in service. The resolution particularly cites Kringalia's work fighting for democracy after the Milograd Coup. Kringalia's achievements also include a wide range of cultural endeavours such as monthly reports as Minister of Regional Affairs and "the Southern Onion", a satirical publication, as well as outstanding service on the the South Pacifican High Court.

We believe Kringalia has been a steadfast supporter of the development of the governance, culture and judiciary of the South Pacific. As a long-standing ally of The North Pacific (including via the Aurora Alliance), we are delighted to have the opportunity to congratulate and commend a wholly deserving, proven and reliable partner.

For the above reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For the Security Council Resolution proposal at vote, "Commend Kringalia".

This IFV Recommendation was written in collaboration with our World Assembly Legislative League partners.

LinkJoin our discussion!

Sponsored by the LinkMinistry of World Assembly Affairs of The North Pacific.

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