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Hammal Stevedore

Hammal Stevedore Company Inc. provides great quality stevedoring, terminal and logistics services to its customers. The company's stevedore foremen, many of whom are experienced former chief officers and captains, arrange loading, stowage, lashing & securing of cargo on board the vessels as well as supervising discharge operations.

The stevedore services provided by Hammalís professional teams include conventional loading, grab discharge, handling of ro/ro vessels and containers by stationary and mobile harbour cranes. Other related services comprise cargo planning, cargo control, project estimates, supercargo assistance, lashing, securing and warehousing.

Hammal Stevedore comes from generations of experienced stevedores. Founded in 1959 and privately owned by the Hammal family, the company has provided stevedoring, logistics, transportation and terminal services for varied customers handling project cargoes, paper products, steel, containers and other general cargoes in various locations.

Hammal Stevedore logistics center in Najiali SEZ

Hammal Stevedore operates stevedoring and terminal operations in various ports all over Najimam. It has an inland terminal and distribution center in Najiali SEZ handling project cargoes and managing customers' inventories to and from their factories.



Hammal's primary business is to load and discharge vessels in ports in which customers request our quality services. Stevedoring requires a fleet of specialized equipment and experienced personnel. With over 60 years of experience in handling all types of cargoes, Hammal Stevedore provides customized services based on customer requirements. The company has found innovative solutions using a highly qualified team of professionals.


Hammal provides labour and equipment to handle the loading and unloading of cargo from truck or rail to and from our warehouses or outside storage. It maintains real-time inventory on all cargoes through its facilities. Other value-added warehousing services can also be provided such as labelling of cargo, consolidation of cargoes for shipment, packing parts, scanning cargo and so on.


In addition to warehousing and distribution, Hammal Stevedore has expertise in efficiently stuffing and destuffing of containers based on customer orders and bookings.


Hammal Stevedore can provide trucking from our terminal to and from the customer sites or to and from other locations. Hammal can do this with its own equipment or with local trucking companies. The transportation works in conjunction with warehousing and distribution services offered to customers and provide for a one-stop shop alternative for customers.


Rolling the cargo on and off the vessel must be carried out with attention to detail, the slightest wrong turn or inattention may prove costly. Hammal always keeps an eye on the cargo and vessel.

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