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SoRP Election (9-12 December 2022)

SoRP Election 9/12/22

Speech by Jeriga
Ladies and gents, welcome to a pleasantly rare election. Quite unlike some periods in our past, TWI has had a long period of active and competent officers in our government. Roe, our SoRP, was and is one of them. We have recently seen a massive increase in our numbers and a large amount of people new to role playing that have joined the region. They are all eager and ready to make the effort to contribute to our community in a superbly qualified manner. The only thing they are lacking is an SoRP who matches their activity and energy. Roe, for all his competence, has understandably been a bit less active than he used to be. Prior to our SoR's glorious recruitment campaigns, this would not have been an issue. However, it has become one as new nations are left without direction.

Roe has accomplished much and is an excellent SoRP when he is dedicated to it and it is sad that he has been unable to keep up with the site in the way we all know he wishes to. Thus, it is with great respect that I challenge Roe to the seat.

I have been inactive for the last couple months due to health issues, school, and selling my house. I am back, though, and wish to help guide newer nations through the learning curve our region has. Now that my life has quieted down and my health improved, I am able to spend more time here. One of my goals in office is to lower the learning curve by writing a new comprehensive guide in conjunction with the other officers. It is sorely needed. I also intend to keep up writing prompts, promote them, and keep up with the reading of the news posts and RPs so as to make sure I can have the finger on the pulse at all times and help. I know I will do this because this community and this region are a large part of my life, believe it or not. I want to do everything I can to keep its culture and activity alive and of high quality. But, most importantly, I want to help new people feel the same joy I have felt when playing this game.

Vote for me! :D


Speech by Balnik

Dear citizens of TWI, it is I, Balnik.

I would like to announce that I am in the running for the position under the SoRP. While I do approve of Roen and his leadership under the position, both myself and him being co writers of Shadow over Gael and the Faronna Islands crisis. However I do believe that people get complacent in their jobs and positions over time and I do believe that it would be good if we have a new face. I promise to encourage more roleplay with a more planned, consistent, and engaging posts and writing. I also plan on introducing monthly topics for discussion that our nations could use to develop their factbooks with.

That is my plan for the office of SoRP. Thank you and have a good day.

Speech by Roendavar
To the members of the Western Isles,

I acknowledge the Constitutional Right of a member of the Western Isles to challenge an officer of the region if they see fit. As such, I welcome this event.

I took helm of the position of Secretary of Role-play at a time of great change in the Western Isles. The later months of 2020 were marked with significant activity within the region and it bore fruit canon and story-lines that are still in effect up to this day. It saw a revival in regional canon-building, in community engagement, and in creative story-telling that has thrust the region into heights that we never thought we would see once more. As Secretary of Role-play, it was my honor to be a part of this great move forward in our region. It was my pleasure to be amongst peers that dared to tell stories that are new, bolder, and something that have never been attempted in this region before, and I take pride in becoming a part of everyone's journey in searching and working towards that goal. Now, two years after I was elected, with the help of this government and of you, members, we are a region that has reclaimed its position as a community of creativity and passion. We are a region that has proven itself capable without sacrificing quality or standards. That cannot be denied from us, and I owe it to all of you and your enduring commitment and trust.

Let me acknowledge that I, as SoRP, have not been perfect in my position. Perhaps the most egregious lapse have been my failure to assume certain responsibilities placed upon the Office of Roleplay. I, too, acknowledge that I am not free of the occasional mistakes that were a result of my lapses in judgement. It is also well-known that I have begun to undertake greater responsibilities outside of Nationstates, as do my responsibilities as a university student wherein high standards have been placed upon me. Even now, as I write this speech, I face the difficulties of completing my final requirements for the year. These are no secrets and I have always owned up to them as best as I could. I have no doubt that the challenge is directed at this fact, and I admit that it was rightful and just that such was called.

Yet these are qualities that have allowed me to do the best that I can for this region. Of the four years I have been in this region, I have never wavered as a member of the Western Isles. I was not afraid of criticism. I was never put down. I was always transparent, truthful, and accepting. I always listened and moved forward. All because I understood that we all have the same appreciation and passion for a community that has flourished throughout the years. I may have lapses in my duties, but I was never gone nor absent. I continued to remain here, mustering whatever I could, and made an effort to be here when I was needed. I never stopped at pushing people to the right direction. I never stopped at keeping this community cooperative amongst one another. I never stopped at pursuing the promise that I gave when I first ran to be SoRP, and that is to be a creative and unique power who was not afraid of risking all in the pursuit of an artistic and daring region. No one can deny this and many of you are witnesses to this.

Through the years that I have been in the Western Isles, I have proven myself worthy and deserving of the position, at least, I would think so. My capabilities as a role-player and as a writer have been consistent and notable. I have never once became overtly hostile nor had a negative temperament. I have always taken my role as SoRP not as a rigid enforcer, but as a leader and mediator to various perspectives, opinions, and ideals. This community knows that every decision I made, you all, if not, some of you have been represented. The community of the Western Isles can attest that, despite my eccentricities, have been a stable foundation in this region. I have always been encouraging, supporting, and have never outright turned down ideas. Instead, I always asked "how can we make this better" or "how do we make this more creative and fresh". I have always been interested in every single idea that each and everyone of you proposed and I assure you that every single one remained in my consideration for a long time.

Thus, we come to this election. If it is the will of the people that the helm be passed on to a new person, so it shall be. My run as the Secretary of Role-play was the best experience I could have ever hoped for, despite its difficulty and demand of rigor, and I would be glad knowing that I will leave the position as a witness to its rebirth. Yet, know that I fight. I will always fight. I come before you all, now, to trust in my capability to overcome adversity and lapses and to rise above it all, as this region have done so. As I have done so, over and over again. I may be denied stability, as the path the Secretary of Role-play must take is always one full of flaws and tests, but I will not deny myself of the chance to undertake it, over and over again. I have no doubt that, whoever it is that have challenged me, may be capable to undertake this task. However, I also have no doubt, that I do not shy away from a challenge.

Vote for me because you are confident that what I have shown is what I will bring, now and forever. That I have proven that I have always brought with me a force that cannot be stopped, nor bowed at the slightest flaw, nor submitted to hardships, nor cowered at a threat of failing. I bring with me a force that dared the rules, challenged our preconceived notions, and when it came to be that I was at my full attention, tore through this region with an unwavering passion. I bring with me a force of a great irony, one of mistakes, yet one of great strides. I tell you all now. Know that I will remain such a force, and a force I shall continue to be till this region ceases its being.

I trust in the judgement of the members of this fair region.

The Utopian Kingdom of the Union of Roendavarian States
The Western Isles - Secretary of Role-play