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TNPV XXXII Semifinal 2

Warning! This dispatch may look distorted on smartphones and small tablets. ...........................UPVOTE PLEASE ^



For historical information about The North Pacific Vision, check out the official dispatch

The North Pacific Vision XXXII

Semis Voting:
Final Voting
Grand Final:

Nov. 29 - Dec. 4
Dec. 5 - Dec. 11
Dec. 12/13
Dec. 14 - Dec. 19
Dec. 20





Host Nation:



Interval Acts:

LinkVandel Arena

To Be Confirmed


The Rhein States

The Rhein States and Wrangleria

To Be Confirmed

Official dispatch

Participation and Vote

No. of entries

Voting System:

Nul Points:


Not Available

Each nation awards one set of
12, 10, 8–1 points to 10 songs,
with 3 reserves in case a nation
receiving points gets disqualified..

Not Available

Not Available

Edition 31 < Edition 32 > Edition 33


Welcome to Semi-Final 2 of the 32nd Edition of The North Pacific Vision Song Contest!

A total of 37 nations have decided to join the contest which is amazing! The North Pacific Vision Song Contest has been divided into 2 semi-finals with 18 nations in each. The top 11 of each semi-final will join Wrangleria in an exciting Grand Final and battle for victory!

But the first obstacle to winning the 32nd edition will be to qualify from your semi-final! If you were mentioned in this dispatch and can find the name of your nation in the participation list further down below, it means you will be competing in Semi-Final 2 of TNPV XXXII! This means you will be listening to all other songs in this semi-final and selecting your favorites out of the 18 songs! More details on how to vote can be found under the section “Voting”!

Good Luck!



How Do You Vote?

Start off by listening to all 22 songs found in the participant list for Semi-Final 2! The North Pacific Vision Song Contest uses the same points system as Eurovision. It means you rank your top 10 favorite songs and give them 12,10,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 and 1 point each. You must also add 3 reserve nations to your list. The reserve nations come into play if a nation you voted for gets disqualified (for example for not voting). You send in your votes to Wrangleria via telegram using the voting template found further down below. If you have followed the voting template and read the voting rules (also found further down below), you have most likely voted correctly. Failure to vote leads to disqualification. You have until December 11 to vote!


Submissions: Nov. 29 - Dec. 4

Semi-Final Voting: Dec. 5 - Dec. 11

Semi-Finals: Dec. 12/13

Grand Final Voting: Dec. 14 - Dec. 19

Grand Final: Dec. 20

Voting Template:
12 points – Nation (your favorite song)
10 points – Nation (2nd favorite)
8 points – Nation (3rd favorite etc.)
7 points – Nation
6 points – Nation
5 points – Nation
4 points – Nation
3 points - Nation
2 points – Nation
1 point – Nation (10th Favorite)

Reserve votes:
First - Nation (11th favorite)
Second - Nation (12th favorite)
Third - Nation (13th favorite)

When voting...

  • You must send your votes to the host using the voting template (without the text in brackets).

  • You can't vote for yourself

  • You can't vote for a nation twice

  • You may only vote for nations in your own Semi-Final

  • You send in your song via TELEGRAM to Wrangleria

  • Failure to vote will lead to disqualification.

  • Final day to vote is December 11!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Wrangleria or any other TNPV staff member via Linkdiscord or telegram.