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Policy Goals for North Dizzle (Pt. 3)

•Slashing unnecessary government spending and regulation
•A complete immigration and import moratorium
•Declaring North Dizzle officially a Christian, English-speaking nation
•Promotion of Pro-Dizzlean history education in schools
•Regulation that guarantees free speech on Big Tech
•Regulation stopping Big Pharma from poisoning the masses with opioids
•Regulation stopping microplastics and birth control from lowering men’s testosterone
•Declaring the World Economic Forum, Blackrock, and AntiFa terrorist organizations; as well as trying their leaders for conspiracy and treason
•Reduced regulations around alcohol and smoking, but strengthening the War on Drugs
•Pulling out of all unnecessary international treaties and organizations
•Pulling out of endless wars and ending the draft
•Government taking a stance against the chaos religions of Post-Modernism, Marxism, Black Nationalism, Anarcho-Nihilism, feminism, and Jihadism
•A complete ban on homosexuality and pornography
•Repatriation of illegal aliens and increased funds for border security
•Bolstering election integrity by making the voting process solely in-person, pen-and-paper, with ID requirements
•The power of the state to declare emergency, instate a lockdown, or forcefully impose any medical procedure will be removed
•Legalization of alcohol, smoking, and contraception
•Banning divorce and child labor
•Ending the policy of exclusive use of nuclear power