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FNTV is Filonian International news channel, founded in 29 february 2000 as Filonia Now. They broadcast 24/7 news.
The channel was created as Filonia Now. The first broadcast was in MSK 18:30, CET 16:30. In 1 january 2001 channel changed it's name
for FNTV. In 1.1.2003 started radio «FN Voice». The FNTV broadcasted Euro04 News in Euro 2004 (they didn't had permission to transmission),
in 12 january 2006 journalist Kate Hawk at live protested due to Regime of SPF. The same situation was in 2019. In 2020 FNTV talked «5G is
dangerous for our lifes» for destroy enemies.
Directors of channel
2000-2008 - Ilya Drevnikov
2008-2016 - Mark Ivanow
2016-2017 - Margareta Beloushko
2017-2020 - Sasha Fokin¹
2020-now - Vladimir Korek
After begin of channel FNTV was criticised due to propaganda. The Andrew Block said «That's a propaganda of Koshko regime. There's a lot of lies.
They saying bad things about enemies». In 2020 due to lying about 5G and vaccines for you know what, channel was banned in 95 countries.
The channel said about movie «Filonian State. North Korea of TWI» it's «Bad and it's a lot of propaganda».
¹ Not crazy ukrainian kid. It's convergence of names.