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Talonia - Master Dispatch

Welcome To Talonia!

- If you're new to NS, then I warmly welcome you to this amazing nation simulation website, NS can be both a very casual or hardcore game with all regions going down one path or another. In our case, we’ve gone down both.

We are both a roleplayer region (casual) and a raider region (hardcore).

Casual NS Gameplay

- Firstly, if you're interested in politics of your own nation then answering issues is the most common way to nationbuild, You can choose to be a dictatorship or a civil rights lovefest - the choice is yours.
Your nation's ideology will change based on how you answer your issues which you get every 5 hours. When you found your nation, you'll get a lot of issues. Afterwards, the cooldown will go up to 5 hours.

- Another very fun thing to do is to RP with other nations in a roleplay region, in Talonia we have a good roleplaying environment for new players where you can start a journey of role-playing and set up a canon backstory for your nation.

- For most new people, NS seems like only a nation simulator in which you get issues to answer and then repeat. To experience all of NS, you have to join and participate in regional activities.

- Even though I thought the same, the big world of NS is a lot more than just answering issues to get better stats, it's about making friends on the say, it's about managing regions, it's about raiding. If you’d like to talk with others and mess around outside the region, the NS forum is a combination of Twitter and Reddit. It’s where all the drama is and it’s a place where you can communicate with the rest of the community.

Hardcore NS Gameplay

- One of the sweatiest category of communities of NS is the raiding/defending (R/D) community.

- Raiding is when a large region invades a small, founderless region by using WA puppets to obtain delegate status. They may use the region to project their propaganda or they might set up a puppet government.

- Defending happens when a group of nations intercept a raid conducted by raiders, defenders also do detags (detag is where a region gets liberated from raider propaganda).

Raiders and defenders do this just for the sake of it and to start some competition between regions.