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Talonia - Newcomers’ Guide


Hello there! Thank you for your interest in Talonia! We are a roleplay and sports-based region that occasionally pulls a few raids off and accepts anybody! We are a dictatorship, excluding all of the blood and iron. We are constantly adding to our roleplays, both political and sports-wise. If this sounds like somewhere you'd like to have fun and chill with, welcome! To get started, please follow all the directions below.

1. Join the region!
If you haven’t already, please join as soon as you can. To do so, go to our region page and scroll to the bottom. At the bottom, there will be a button that says "Move (Your Nation Name) To Talonia". Once you press that, you're in!

2. Endorse our WA Delegate!
This is optional, but please endorse our World Assembly Delegate to keep our region safe! In order to endorse them, go to their nation page, and there should be a button that says "Endorse the World Delegate Astriya.”

3. Join the Discord!
Our Discord is where everything happens, from our roleplay to our sports! In order to join, simply click the link on our region page. Once you join the Discord, check #server-rules. Also, introduce yourself in any way you see fit!

4. Join the roleplays!
The main theme of our region is roleplay! If you don't know what roleplay is, it's a form of storytelling in which YOU decide what happens! As of right now, we have two roleplays. A political roleplay, in which you create a city-state, democracy, or even empire and guide the nation to prosperity (or even demise), the choice is yours! All political roleplay rules and regulations can be found in #roleplay-rules and #world-updates.

If you enjoy competing against one another in competition such as football (or soccer as Americans call it), then the sports roleplay is perfect! You can create national leagues in which the best athletes in your nation compete for a league title. If one of your teams does well enough, it can qualify for an international competition! The best-of-the-best compete against eachother on the world stage. If this sounds right for you, simply start in #domestic-leagues, and make sure to describe your league, tournaments, and teams to us in your personal forum.

5. Ask questions!
If you ever come upon something you don't quite understand, or you're having trouble getting started, simply ping or telegram an officer and ask the question. We will answer as soon as we can, but you can also just put the question in #general, #rp-discussion, or #sports-discussion. We will answer as soon as we can!

And that should sum it up! Good luck competing against one another in a game of football, or even on the battlefield. The choice is up to you. Thank you for joining, and of course, have fun!