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The Northern Notes II

Northern Notes

Produced by the LinkMinistry of Home Affairs of The North Pacific

You're reading the Ministry of Home Affair's second publication of the Northern Notes! Here we will cover a variety of topics spanning the North Pacific and those considered news worthy!

Fireside Chat with Delegate Pallaith

Please make sure you tune in to LinkDelegate Pallaith's latest fireside chat! It sure is a fiery speech!

Z-Day, Again

This Z-Day was certainly harder than before. However, in the face of great uncertainty and difficulty we still managed to persevere. We did not get to number one on the leaderboards like the years before, but we still did a good job thanks to countless brave TNPers clicking the same button thousands of times every 20 seconds (or longer if someone else clicked a button first and hit them with something). We will always remember the friends we made and the zombies we ejected, especially as we learn to live with our early-onset carpal tunnel. There were a lot of "tricky" curveballs thrown at us, such as resetting all cure progress, or randomly opening the border. Some of you made it out mostly alive, others, including our delegate, were mobbed by the zombies and the eager uninvited soldiers shooting them indiscriminately. The North Pacific thanks everyone for their service to the region during Z-Day, and we'll fight our way through the hordes to top the leaderboard again next year!

Elections: This time, Judicial

TNP has a lot of elections, it's what we do. This time, it was a judicial election, and it featured two citizens new to running for office, Attempted Socialism and Church of Satan. These players are seasoned vets from other corners of the game but decided to give TNP elections a try. They were the final two to fight for a spot on the Court after returning justices Dreadton and Lord Dominator were easily re-elected. Sadly, Chief Justice Kronos decided to take a break from waiting for something interesting to happen, but his exit made room for someone new to keep the seat warm and twiddle their thumbs. Round three of the election ended with Attempted Socialism scoring the seat as justice, beating Church of Satan by 27 votes. We wish them well and hope their naps are refreshing.

LinkElection Results can be found here

Regional Assembly

The life blood of democracy, you can always count on our Regional Assembly to feature roust debate in its hallowed halls, except when almost no one speaks up and the Delegate's short bill is passed in a week. This latest legislation is the LinkExecutive Absence Act, which would allow the Delegate to declare an absence whenever he wants so the Vice Delegate can assume his job. Observers would be right to note that Pallaith is apparently bored and wants to play hooky for a bit while Hulldom keeps everything going. For some reason the RA was eager to make it easier for the Delegate to be lazy and shove his duties on to someone else, and it passed nearly unanimously. The other major bill in the RA is the LinkMilitary Modernization Act, which is still under debate and shows no sign of going to vote any time soon. It is designed to clean up the messy legal code framework for the NPA and give them more opportunity to participate in operations that would otherwise violate our strict policy on destructive acts in regions. It would also change how the Delegate can exempt regions from those restrictions.

20th Anniversary

NationStates has existed for 20 years, which is longer than most of its players have been alive (except for the players who are twice that old). TNP, along with its allies in the Modern Gaming Compact, hosted an event to commemorate this arbitrary milestone most people didn't notice, unless they were logged out of the site and saw the admins' balloon graphic which was mildly amusing the first time and not amusing the other countless times it forced itself on your screens. We had fun remembering all the quirky (buggy) things NS used to do, the quirky (nerdy) people we used to know, and how far we've come since with all our new and advanced quirky (malfunctioning) things that make NS what it is today. We also wrote fake versions of the fake resolutions we normally write in the World Assembly, pretended IRC was cool again, and made fake versions of our fake trading cards. There was also a radio show featuring an assortment of old farts, including our delegate Pallaith, swapping old war stories and inside jokes. We had a lot of fun and if you missed it, catch the recording of the show, and look out for the next event our regions put on!

Season 3

Coinciding with the 20th birthday of NationStates site and grabbing most of the attention even of the people in our anniversary event, was the long-awaited start of season 3 of NS trading cards. After years of people waiting too long and caring way too much, the admins finally did the thing skeptics said would never happen. For those who care, season 3 came with several changes to the cards mechanics, targeting practices such as inflation and improving deck capacity. This season's inscription period (when you can take your time making your fake cardboard look as presentable as possible) lasted a week, but sadly the one thing you couldn't update was your rarity. Unlike last season, puppet nations were largely excluded, so you have less garbage cards to junk when you open your packs. It also means that if your nation had a number and the same name as another nation, you didn't get a card without begging the mods to make one for you. It's too late now if you missed the boat, but don't worry: you can get in line with the other cards players who have already started speculating about season 4!

MGC Sanctions

The true weapons of war in a political game are the nuclear weapons of diplomacy: sanctions! NationStates is a social game, and cooperation is necessary for regions to find true success. For that reason, in response to the continued aggression of raiders like those in the Brotherhood of Malice and The Black Hawks, in this case the streak-ending delegate tipping of our ally Equilism, the MGC regions have signed on to historic sanctions. These sanctions will see the exclusion of BoM players from our collective game events and our non-participation in game events that are hosted by BoM or include them; the exclusion of BoM and TBH as leaders in our joint operations, and our non-participation in non-fash bash joint operations led by or featuring lead participation by BoM or TBH; and our opposition to WA proposals written by BoM or TBH and support for repeals of their resolutions and liberations of their occupations. These will be increased and applied to more regions as they continue to antagonise our regions and our allies. We are prepared to demonstrate why the pen is mightier than the sword.


Hoping to demonstrate that the sword is mightier than the pen, in response to the posting of the sanctions, the Brotherhood of Malice tag raided our beloved ally Stargate. A founderless region known for its deep embedded roots in the Stargate lore (an old science fiction franchise most people have never seen), Stargate is one of TNP's oldest allies, and some of the coolest people on NationStates. The hoodie-wearing edgelords in the Brotherhood of Malice have made Stargate their target something like half a dozen times before this one, but this was the first tag raid to happen there since the formation of the Pax Polaris Occidens (PPO), our military defense pact with the Pacific and The West Pacific. But no matter how hard they strike, they are no match for the resilience of the Modern Gameplay Compact and our brave volunteers who quickly jumped to Stargate's aid, just as we have each time they were raided, and protected it in the days after the invasion. They are also no match for our collective WA votes and the votes of our allies and friends, who have responded to this by invoking our sanctions and supporting the repeal of BoM's leader's condemnation.

We need YOU - yes, YOU

Clearly a lot has been happening in the world and among our regions and our raider adversaries. There eventually comes a time when one must put down their tools of peace and pick up their weapons of war. Now is such a time. As our delegate said in his latest fireside chat (listen to it if you haven't yet!), the emo assassins in the Brotherhood of Malice and their foolish friends will continue to threaten the peaceful democratic institutions of the free world with their careless raiding of innocent regions. They will even hit the allies of their friends, so even the treaties they talk about don't mean much when push comes to shove. So, join us in taking the fight to BoM! Sign up with the special forces of the North Pacific Army to stand against the malicious threat. Those who are not fit to serve due to other obligations are encouraged to join the auxiliary troops and help defend a region in need of a shield, because we can't do this just with swords. But if you can pick up a sword, do it and start training with the NPA, so that when the time comes, we can meet them in the fields of battle and remind them why the NPA was feared and why TNP speaks loudest when it rouses itself from its peaceful slumber.

If anyone has any question regarding the Northern Notes, feel free to reach out to our new Minister of Home Affairs United States of Dictators (Caius).