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Hakwani Sport Info

We'd want every nation to know this new thing.

Race Around Hakwan

It is time for the race of Hakwan! People from diffrent countries can come and compete in this.

1. Name: Xhaknat Oovyeng
City: Puerto Princesa City
State: Puerto Princesa
Country: Hakwan.
2. Name: Fyazen Ngogn
City: Zhifyet
State: Zhihndong
Country: Hakwan
3. Name: Oazof Kkaquiz
City: Naneait
State: Northeast Celebes
Country: Hakwan
4. Name: Mebeai Issoa
City: Prolak City
State: Prolak
Country Hakwan
5. Name: Trreebroшtī Khavarex
City: Noįlodye
State: Khoł
Country: The Cat In A Box Archives
6. Name: Grīvaшtī
City: Gaytmyenqkōmał
State: Gorrovanoш
Country: The Cat In A Box Archives
7. Name: Sablīnavaшtī
City: Amoxшtī
State: Nīш
Country: The Cat In A Box Archives
8. Name: Avōlostye
City: Norrudжyet
State: Nīш
Country: The Cat In A Box Archives
9.Name: Nikoi "Dische" Norei
City of birth: Mounzainur
State: Volkkenswagferd
Country: Ronavald
10.Name: Merchann Shermann
City of birth: Dizaitur
State: Aggengunttum
Country: Ronavald
11.Name: Mari Schovven Distermorr
City of Birth: Mitzanu
State: Byxcanticne
Country: Ronavald
12.Name: Novvus Desterrimo
City of Birth: Grand City of Reagnavald
State: State of Raegnavald'r
Country: Ronavald
13.Name: Juan Fernández
City of Birth: Ermosil
State of Birth: Sonora
Country: Nuevo Maya
14. Name: Dario Bolivar
City of Birth: Huadalyar
State of Birth: Autonomous City of Huadalyar, Country: Nuevo Maya
15. Name: Andriy Bondar
City: Stakortka
Region: Albania
Country: Kyivslavia
16. Name: Fedir Skliar
City: Resoaran
Region: Romina
Country: Kyivslavia
17.Name: Kyrylo Kushnir
City: Novijevinov
Region: Airad
Country: Kyivslavia
18. Name: Bohdan Krevets
City: Oroslovo
Region: Agea
Country: Kyivslavia
19. Name: Viktoriya Nikitina
City: Michuretsk
State: Domogedansk
Country: Moryazvia
20. Name: Alena Morozova
City: Sokrivkya
State: Viazhokia
Country: Moryazvia
21. Name: Konstantin Kovalevsky
City: Yessevsky
State: Bogokavesk
Country: Moryazvia
22. Name: Gavriil Rhyzanov
City: Timaskoye
State: Donichev
Country: Moryazvia
23. Name: Rogerlier Traisvy
City: Tarwaz
State: Estene
Country: Cunnilia
24. Name: Visinael Brohf
City: Takshilia
State: Estene
Country: Cunnilia
25. Name: Intivil Vaifler
City: Robeven
State: Estene
Country: Cunnilia
26. Name: Roven Hassner
City: Vinnava
State: Noliva
Country: Cunnilia
27. Name: Guilherme Jeronimo
City: Cordoba
State: La Plata
Country: Charoskania
28. Name: Rosa Clemente
City: Alucarn
State: La Plata
Country: Charoskania
29. Name: Luiz da Luz
City: Santiago
State: Chile
Country: Charoskania
30. Name: Carol Osrien
City: Montevideo
State: Uruguay
Country: Charoskania
31. Name: Otto Klemm
City: Berlin
State: Brandenbourg
Country: Atlas-Preussen
32. Name: William Novak
City: Poznan
State: Polen
Country: Atlas-Preussen

Round 1:
32nd: Gavriil Rhyzanov from Moryazvia
31st: Guilherme Jeronimo from Charoskania

Round 1: Narra, South Palawan.
Round 2: Haikou, Hainan
Round 3: Nanning, Zhihndong
Round 4: Zhanjiang, Zhanjiang

(I may be missing a few people so I am sorry if I am.)
Hakwan - HKW
The Cat In A Box Archives - CBA
Ronavald - RON
Nuevo Maya - NMY
Kyivslavia - KYV
Moryazvia - MYZ
Cunnilia - CNN
Charoskania - CHK
Atlas-Preussen - APN
Novvus Desterrimo, RON
Juan Fernández, NMY
Merchann Shermann, RON
Viktoriya Nikitina, MYZ
Schovven Distermorr, RON
Roven Hassner, CNN
Fyazen Ngogn, HKW
Bohdan Krevets, KYV
Konstantin Kovalevsky, MYZ
Mebeai Issoa, HKW
Grīvaшtī, CBA
Oazof Kkaquiz, HKW
Kyrylo Kushnir, KYV
Visinael Brohf, CNN
Fedir Skliar, KYV
Nikoi Norei, RON
Rogerlier Traisvy, CNN
Intivil Vaifler, CNN
Dario Bolivar, NMY
William Novak, APN
Trreebroшtī Khavarex, CBA
Carol Osrien, CHK
Sablīnavaшtī, CBA
Alena Morozova, MYZ
Xhaknat Oovyeng, HKW
Avōlostye, CBA
Rosa Clemente, CHK
Luiz da Luz, CHK
Otto Klemm, APN
Andriy Bondar, KYV
Guilherme Jeronimo, CHK
Gavriil Rhyzanov, MYZ
In other words.
This means Guilherme Jeronimo from Charoskania and Gavriil Rhyzanov from Moryazvia is out.