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Volume II; The Liberzan Royal Truth

The official voice of His Majesty’s Crowned Republic; Volume Two
Liberzan Militarism on the Rise?

Recently after a parade in honor of the Great Revolutionary War on the anniversary of Europe’s revolution against communism and sovietism, hundreds of thousands of patriotic citizens waved the Liberzan flag and cheered for hours in a militaristic ceremony as what seemed like millions of soldiers marched through Beograd with Air Force fighter jets zooming through the bright blue sky. Reporters from this very newspaper interviewed a few people at the parade and their thoughts. The following is a conversation documented when interviewing a proud Liberzna nationalist, Nedjeljka Kralj;

Interviewer: How do you feel about this parade? Are you—

N.K.: This is amazing! The morale in the city is great and I’m feeling more patriotic than ever! Tell me any other nation besides Liberza was one of the most responsible for the fight against the Soviet commies and I’ll throw a tantrum like a little *bleep*ing baby!

Interviewer: Oh, uh, that’s good to know, I suppose. And how do you think this parade will affect the politics of Liberza from now on?

N.K.: Well I’m just hoping this is the kind of stuff we see every anniversary! This must’ve had a lot of spending from the government for this to work out, everyone played their part coming here! And how it will affect the government in the future? Maybe they’ll end up being more prideful of our great military, like we are! We must respect the military and all they’ve done for us!

Some professionals considered this parade to be ‘a bit too militaristic’ and ‘may have a major impact on the politics of Liberza’. After the parade there was a speech by the King, HM Stefan II, acknowledging all the losses needed to revolt against the former Soviet Union, and the greatness it led to a new, free, sovereign Liberzan country. After that Stefan II boldly chose to throw a party and “hang out” with the other partygoers. The party lasted until 10 PM at night.

The Rejected Realms has fallen?

Earlier yesterday the Rejected Realms peacefully submitted itself to the expansive Ohioan Empire. In fear of total destruction given their recent wars with Michigan, Minskiev has peacefully offered Ohio the control of the Rejected Realms. Many of the region have rebelled, including the Jewish Underground State’s infamous Michigan-flag protestation—however most of the region has accepted their fate. What will you do reader? Escape or submit?
Ohio’s Supreme Leader JD Vance announces overlordship of The Rejected Realms
Liberzan Election Tensions Rising
The Campaigns across Liberza got more and more intense as a major actor native to the Hungarian side of the Crowned Republic announced his support for the declining incumbent Hálmi. The people of Liberza have accused the actor of being bribed by the current government in order to raise awareness and support for the liberal president. Both the actor and the president have denied these accusations, but citizens aren’t convinced. As for Jež of the Conservative Party, he has become more and more popular in the West Side of the country and has made many promises that have caught the eye of some professionals. During a state-wide survey in Bosnia it was reported than more than 65% of citizens supported Jež. Halmi may need to do lots in order to bounce back and win re-election, but given her current situation, she is at a disadvantage. Remember to vote on December 7th, 2022!

Come back on November 30th for the 3rd volume of the Liberzan Royal Truth!