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A (vague) vision for Spiritus

My dear Spiritians,

I came to office as your Chief Executive in an uncontested election at the end of September. I did not promise a lot and for good reason. My decision to stand for this office was not inspired by my desire to hold this office or because I had a clear vision of what to do. It was inspired by the fact that people were getting ready to nuke part of our constitution on short notice because it did not provide a recourse for an uncontested election. A discussion evolved on whether we even need a Chief Executive and a regional government and all of those things. I decided to stand for election in order to buy us time to settle these matters in an orderly fashion before the next Chief Executive election (which is due to happen at the end of January).

Why am I telling you this when the title of this dispatch is about a vision? Because to jumpstart the conversation we all need to have and maybe to inspire one or two of you, I will tell you what I think should be the way forward.

The Status Quo
In comparison to other regions, Spiritus is a sleepy place. There's some activity on the RMB. The regional forums are essentially dead and are mostly used for recordkeeping. The regional Discord server is active, but is mostly the same group of 10-20 people who have known each other for years conversing. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, but it makes it sort of hard to attract new members and to generate new activity.

As it stands now, we have roughly 300 nations residing in Spiritus. On the other hand, most regional affairs are handled by about 10 people of varying involvment. Most of those 10 people have been around this game for years, or even decades. Naturally, that means they're also no longer in their teens and they have a lot or real life stuff going on. They're also often not interested in whatever drama of the day is going on in terms of NationStates. Only once in a blue moon does a new person come along and join this band of people.

Where are we going from here?
There are several ideas on the table from now. From scratching the regional government alltogether (effectively removing us from the inter-regional gameplay), reducing it to the delegate and maybe someone else to keeping the government as-is. I firmly believe that the relatively lean government setup we currently have is okay. What we're missing is greater involvment from the wider community. We've already moved most of the governmental business from the forums to Discord in order to make them more accessible and appealing. But that doesn't cut it.

In order for us to survive as a proper region within the inter-regional community of NationStates, we need to find ways to integrate new members (bringing energy, enthusiasm and new ideas) with the group of older players we already have (providing experience, guidance and a degree of calm). This is a challenge we can only master together.

What do I want from you?
I write this dispatch in the hopes of reaching these newer members of our regions, the ones with energy, enthusiasm and new ideas. If you read this, please reach out to me, or our elected legislators Taylor, Rogamark, The Salaxalans, Ionida and Ltin Corporation. Please tell us what would have to change for you to get involved in regional government and/or our discord server.

Please help us become a more active, diverse community.