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FNR - TL - UDS | Joint Statement on Rejecting Intimidation and Subversion

Freedom Prevails!

Joint Statement on Rejecting Intimidation and Subversion

In the early hours of 22 November 2022, The Black Hawks led an operation alongside The Brotherhood of Malice and Lily, designed to target a substantial number of regions voting in favor of the Security Council proposal Repeal "Condemn Ever-Wandering Souls". During their operation, one of the regions they attempted to displace the WA Delegate of was The Free Nations Region. Thankfully, this attempt was thwarted by a Libcord deployment including members of The League's Defense Forces, The Order of the Grey Wardens, the South Pacific Special Forces, and the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army. We thank those militaries for ensuring the stability of the FNR and its legitimate officers.

The FNR is a treaty ally of The League & Concord via the LinkFranconia-Chiremba Accords, and of the Union of Democratic States via the LinkGemini Covenant. Pursuant to our obligations as steadfast allies of the FNR, The League and the Union have both offered our support to their government upon request and engaged in talks to properly formulate our responses.
We condemn this attack in all forms.

Beyond The League and the Union's bilateral agreements with the FNR, all three parties to this statement are members of the Partnership for Sovereignty, an organization which enshrines "the values of self-determination, regional sovereignty, and respect for the World Assembly and its members" in its organizational charter. Throughout the vote on the Repeal "Condemn Ever-Wandering Souls", we have seen numerous bad-faith and unjustifiable tactics being utilized by raider-aligned opposition. These tactics, listed below, are incompatible with all of the ideals listed previously:

  • Campaigns with ambiguous sign-offs being conducted from puppet nations of officers in The Black Hawks, likely for no other reason than to leave the recipients unaware of the bias and interest of the true sender.

  • Self-campaigning and promotion from the nominee of the repeal target, both on a puppet account and their main nation.

  • Most critically, the invasion of regions whose WA Delegates which voted for the proposal in an attempt to displace their legitimate delegacies, a clear act of intimidation and subversion.

These actions only affirm what has been apparent for some time, that organizations such as The Black Hawks and The Brotherhood of Malice are wholly unable to engage with the World Assembly and its processes in good-faith.
We commend all regions and individuals which have stood against one or multiple of the above tactics and thank those which have voted or spoken in solidarity with those regions harmed.

With the repeal having secured a majority of both the overall and the individual/popular vote in favor, we are content to see that the latest attempt to abuse the World Assembly by raiderdom has fallen flat, if not backfired completely.
This chamber is not a battlefield to impose barbaric force against its voting members, and we, nor the other regions of the world will not be tormented or intimidated into supporting your self-interested objectives in the World Assembly, let alone by intolerable means.

The Free Nations Region
New Monture, President
Sparsdan, WA Delegate
Weatherwand, Minister of Foreign Affairs

The League & Concord
Creeperopolis, Chief Consul of the Republic and WA Delegate
Quebecshire, Consul of the Republic
Mechanocracy (Spode), Executive Advisor and WA Delegate

The Union of Democratic States
Phoenix Coalition, President
Guess and Check, Vice President
The Glorious Hypetrain (Kade), WA Delegate

The Dispatch Office of FNR