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The 2022 Refugia Factbook Writing Competition


All hail the Golden Plume, its beauty and grace is imparted to those who wish to share their creative works!
    Factbook Writing Competition


Are your creative juices being stifled by the oppressive forces of an unjust universe? Do you have a literary song in your heart that can only be accompanied by 48,000 characters of pseudo html decorators? Excellent news, the barriers of space and time are bending to accommodate the holy union of these two things.

Introducing our first ever factbook writing competition, sneakily called the Factbook Writing Competition. Now through the end of the month, come up with your best ideas for a factbook, something brand new and not written before, but which showcases something that you or your nation cares about. The writing must be original to you, but it can be on any topic you desire. Your nation, your leader, nearby planets, magic systems, and animal, abstract concepts, absolutely anything you like.

Just find something cool that you care about, turn it into a presentation that is equally cool and cared about, then present it to the world!

Any Member State who submits a factbook is allowed a eurovision-like vote, where they can vote for other factbooks that have been submitted (excluding their own). When all entries are received, we will run a vote among all entrants of the best factbook.

Some notes on this:

  • All entrants will receive the Golden Plume event badge , which will be available on our forum and Dot's upcoming profile feature.

  • The top three voted factbooks will be pinned to the region page for one month.

  • The highest voted factbook author will get our Discord's main NationStates channel, #ground-floor, renamed after them for one month. eg. #feu-de-glace-hall.

    Where Do I Even Start?

A good question. A lot of people can see the blank area of a dispatch box as being the gateway to the abyss beyond which no waking eye can see. So, if you're having trouble getting started, here are a couple ideas that you're free to pull from:

This factbook is an example, which you are free to pull from if you need help making one for the writing event. None of its content is required for you to use, and the example itself is not competing.

  I'm invisible when I take off my shoes.  

        —Grandpa Ant

The Right Honourable
Grandpa Ant

Ant at the Refuge Film Festival in 2014



Oecophylla Smaragdina Sapiens


Last Seed 28, 3E433
(608 years)




Order of the Zyqxuwuy

Items and Abilities


  • Shuffleboard

  • Golfing

  • Moving like William Shatner

  • Boundless wisdom


  • Magic Pilgrim Hat

  • Golf club


  • +7 Staff of Asskicking


Grandpa Ant is a sentient insect that lives within the confines of the Calamity Refuge News system. He has been writing for the CRN editorial board since 2010. His writings have been characterised as "astute" by critics, but often feature information that is common sense or speaks to the level of Ant's senility. Grandpa Ant is inspired by a character of the same name from the 2003 video game LinkAnt War, by Anarchy Enterprises. Grandpa Ant is of Welsh descent.


Like many other traditional cartoon renditions of characters, Grandpa Ant is displayed wearing the same cloths everyday. Ant's beard, hat, and glasses distinguish him from the rest of his race, as they are unable to grow/obtain such items. Observer of this characteristic note that weaver ants, which Grandpa Ant claims his heritage, are also unable to communicate using English through audio or visual means. However, several residents of the Bronx district of New York City are reported to have spoken with other weaver ants. Psychiatric specialists are currently investigating the validity of these claims.

Ant also carries a 7 iron class golf club that he reports using for every shot in the game. Like Ant himself, the club is an older version of the present day model. Despite its reoccurring appearances, Ant has not been seen using it in the practice of a traditional game of golf and it may be used as make-shift farming equipment.


Grandpa Ant typically presents himself in an amiable manner, aiming to appear as a friend among friends to anyone who would encounter him, whether human, animal, or inanimate object. In times of stress and tension, he will begin speaking at random of topics of no substance whatsoever until the conflict is diffused or the belligerents lose interest and depart from his immediate surroundings.

Grandpa Ant, fourth from left, attending university in the prime of his life.

Grandpa Ant's origins are mysterious and unknowable. He entered this plane of existence long before humanity came into an alert state. Experts estimate this to have occurred sometime before the 1970s. Paying his way though university with appearances in various 8-bit computer games, Grandpa Ant graduated during the Upper Triassic epoch with a master's degree in quantum physics. Following his graduation, he was hired by Ant Farm, LLC as a consultant and made 1.6 million dollars.

In 2010, he made an campaign for US President. Unfortunately, a general election was not scheduled for 2010 and the campaign was suspended.

Since 2010

Following his bid for the presidency, Ant became a philosopher due to his limited abilities and lack of capacity to accomplish anything of substance. In 2010, he took a job with the Calamity Refuge News to write a small opinion column to discuss the goings on of life and the frailties of man.

In January of 2014, Grandpa Ant revealed that he was once a human male, but was magically transformed into a small ant by a witch after an encounter with her son. This transformation retroactively changed his timeline, family relationships, and religious denomination. However, no attempts have been made, either by Ant or concerned bloodmagic scientists, to reverse this situation, for no objections have been made to how things currently are.

This factbook is an example, which you are free to pull from if you need help making one for the writing event. None of its content is required for you to use, and the example itself is not competing.

The Sinking Lure

The National Flag, featuring the Hylian Loach, known for frolicking in the nation's lush forests

Local Region:  Sea of Subculture



Official Language
And other languages

Ancient Hylian




Government Style





Almighty Legal Page







Hylia, Three Golden Goddesses

The Sinking Lure (TSL; officially The Serene Republic of The Sinking Lure) is a small, archipelagic nation in the northern Sea of Subculture. Situated between the much larger nations of Zeldafront and ZRPG, The Sinking Lure (TSL) consists of ten islands: three major provincial islands, six territorial islands, and one loosely-connected protectorate. The country's capital, Tslonia (se'loʊːniə; suh-low-nee-a), is located along the southeastern coast of Lanayru Island, and is also the country's largest city. Each province has a regional capital, and each territory has a village or small town that is capable of interfacing with the larger country around it.

The Sinking Lure is notable for its simple architectural style and relative lack of modern technologies. Outside of the major population centres, most Lureans live as farmers, raising crops and wildlife among the idyllic environments the archipelago boasts. The population is peaceful, almost pacifistic, in nature and generally uninterested in the happenings of the world outside of their own borders. As such, the islands have become unofficial nature sanctuaries, with a majority of the forests, lakes, and rivers untouched by the pollution of modern life.

The Separation War consisted of the two major powers within the country coming to a disagreement over policy, and the Wisdom of the time leaving the Citadel and retreating to Nohansen. After eighteen months, the major population centres were simultaneously destroyed and a majority of the population was killed. It is assumed to be the work of high-level forbidden magic, but very few people were left to fight back or investigate the aftermath. During the ensuing chaos, the Courage of the time left the country to work as a politician within the nearby Empire of ZRPG, leaving Power alone with the handful of survivors to find a way to rebuild. Currently, the borders are closed and news from inside the archipelago is almost unheard of in the wider internet.

The Sinking Lure Archipelago map overview, featuring the capital, Tslonia.


Lanayru, the largest of the islands, is the seat of power in The Sinking Lure. The capital city hosts 75% of the country's population, including representatives from the other islands, and is centred around the Citadel, where the Tribunal is housed. The rest of the province consists of prairie in the southwest, which becomes gradually more hilly in the centre of the country, and eventually peaks into the island's lone mountain. The regional capital for Lanayru is Nohansen, a small city among the hills of the northeastern portion of the island.


Eldin is much more mountainous, and is centred around a dormant volcano. The soil is rich, and the few areas where the terrain allows for it are dotted with farmland, while the regional capital, Dunohi, is situated at the lone pass between the northern and southern portions of the country.


Faron, the final province, is a rich and verdant forest. Massive redwood and sequoia trees dot the landscape, and most of the country's wood products come from the lively forestry business on this island. Practicing sustainable woodcutting practices, the people of Faron Province ensure that the forest will remain essentially untouched, while new trees are able to cycle through their own lifespans. The regional capital, Fygores, is a small, shady village along the northwestern coastline, across from Tslonia, and exists mostly as a trading port with the rest of the country.


Ordonia, the protectorate, has a majority of the country's farmland, and is the furthest island to the south, the only one within the temperate zone. Its regional capital is Ordon Village, a trading port on the northern tip of the island.


The territories, Twili, Aris, Peak, Terminae, Naydrae, and Dinraal, dot the spaces around and between the major provinces. Peak, Dinraal, and Naydrae are mountainous and are used primarily for mining metals. Aris is only barely large enough to be classified as an island, but is growing due to the active volcano on the island. It currently has no soil and cannot support crops or life. Twili has a small fishing outpost, being the most removed territory, and is the source of a majority of deep-water seafood in The Sinking Lure. Terminae is overgrown with jungle, and has been abandoned since the original outpost on the island was overrun by predatory wildlife and several dozen Lureans were killed.

The Sinking Lure is traditionally ruled by a Tribunal of mages, one from each province, and a small legislative branch of representatives from each island to petition for local needs. Like all powerful mages in TSL, the Tribunal go by pseudonyms to protect their true names, and operate within various seats. The representative of Eldin inhabits the seat of Power, while the representative of Lanayru holds the seat of Wisdom and the representative of Faron holds the seat of Courage. Each mage ostensibly has equal standing and power within the realm, though traditionally Power and Wisdom have traded off who guides the direction of the group's mandates.

Currently, there is only one remaining member of the Tribunal, Siv (Seat of Power), who held the seat during The Separation War and ensuing destruction. Judicial decisions go through local magistrates, with a high court existing within Tslonia, based off of the Almighty Legal Page, a document that coincided with the founding document of the country, What Have We Learned.

You are also free to discard these examples and come up with your own unique style of factbook. You can take inspiration from older examples, such as Ponderosa's factbook, with an overflowing level of information, or recount some kind of narrative event like UwUsberg's bread referendum. Remember, you can pick any topic that you want to submit to the competition, as long as its substantive content is your own work.

Note: To avoid puppet-flooding, you must be a Member State to submit an entry to the competition.

When you are ready to submit a factbook for the competition, post a link to it in the RMB and tag me, Refuge Isle, so that I will clearly see your entry.

You have from now until December 3rd to submit an entry. At the cut-off, I will message all the entrants for their votes, allowing until all votes are received or five days have passed, and then I will post the table of results.

Report all clerical errors to the local authority