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The Treaty of Nakasako between Thaecia and the Alstroemerian Commonwealths

The Treaty of Nakasako

A treaty of cultural exchange, strategic affairs and mutual defence between Thaecia and the Alstroemerian Commonwealths

-- Regions: Thaecia & the Alstroemerian Commonwealths --
-- Date: 27th November 2022 --
-- Status: Treaty --


(1) Thaecia will recognise only the legitimate government of the Alstroemerian Commonwealths as established by the populace of the same.

(2) The Alstroemerian Commonwealths will recognise only the legitimate government of Thaecia, as determined by Thaecian law, as representative of the Region and people of Thaecia, and its dependencies.

(1) Each signatory shall establish and maintain in-game embassies with one another.

(2) Each signatory shall maintain off-site embassies with one another, consistent with facilities provided to other treatied allies.

(3) Each signatory will strive to keep the other updated on their regional happenings.

(1) The signatories will not invade or assist in a third-party invasion of the other signatory's home region or territories. The signatories also agree never to support, encourage or engage in any attempted subversion against the other. It is agreed upon that participating on the opposite sides of a battlefield in a third-party region will not constitute a violation of the treaty.

(2) Should a signatory come under attack by hostile forces, if requested, the other signatory may help in their defence.

(3) Both Parties agree never to engage in any form of espionage against each other. For the purposes of this Treaty, "espionage" means engaging a person to act under false pretences in a signatory region without the authorisation of the legitimate government of that region.

(4) If a signatory comes into possession of significant information which could threaten the interests or security of the other signatory, it will share it.

(1) The signatories will agree to encourage and support cultural exchanges and joint cultural events. The signatories agree to fully commit to promoting joint cultural events, and are encouraged to collaborate on the organisation of such events.

(1) This Treaty shall enter into force on the date of its ratification by both Parties in accordance with their respective procedures. It may be amended when both parties agree to an amendment.

(2) Either signatory may exit this treaty via their internal processes for repealing a treaty. They will endeavour to give a week's notice in the aforementioned embassies before withdrawing from this treaty.

(3) The signatories will make all reasonable efforts to seek a diplomatic solution before withdrawing from this treaty.