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by The Exiled Partisan Organization of Jewish Underground State. . 52 reads.

JUS’ Statement

My name is Jewish Underground State otherwise known as JUS. If you are reading this it means I have resigned from my role as Minister of Foregin Affairs/Information for Kavonia. This was a hard decision for me to make, but I feel my time as a leader of Kavonia is ending. Likely due to my past sins and the fact the age of Kavonia I was in is gone.

Me and Kavo were talking about starting a region where everyone could be free back in The Rejected Realms. So we made Kavonia. I helped obesere the region with my puppet Khazar Nomads. Then I joined with my main account to help run information and foregin affairs.

I had a hard time running foregin affairs due to my reputation, but somehow I managed it. I found a few regions that would take us in, met some people, raided with them and had a good time. But that time is ending. Kavonia has changed, I am losing touch with the new players and my reputation has become a hindrance to Kavonia’s International relations. I believe it is time to step down from my duties and pass the torch to whoever is next.

I wish you all well. I give special thanks to IDEVK for keeping Kavonia alive and being a good friend, Korolk for being the new founder taking Kavo’s place, Scherzinger for completely expanding the roleplay beyond what was possible, Lorthos for being Kavonia's delegate and Kavo for giving me one of the best experiences I have ever had on this site.

JUS is not my first nation. I have been online for about a year now, never have I taken a ride like this. I appreciate you all.

Thank you.