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TWI Marketplace (November 2022)


The Western Isles - Marketplace
A list of businesses in member-states, who have dispatches about them



Gday! I've noticed in recent weeks we have had a new influx of nations into TWI and our map, as well as over the past six months or so. One easy way that nations typically get connected with each other is by having businesses operate in each other's nations, or enter into collaborative ventures. This dispatch, while likely only being a one-off revival of this thread, will probably be updated over the coming months. If you, however, read this after about March 2023 you should approach the information here with caution as it may not be updated or reflective of the current situation on the map. The 'dated' time reflects the most recent update of this dispatch.

Member nations of the map have written meaningfully about over 200 businesses so far.

Dated 23rd of November, 2022

List of Businesses

Advertising, Public Relations and Relationship Management

Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries

Tomilio Aquaculture Co from The Canuerines
Samar Agricultural Group from Najimam
Sayyad Fishing Company from Najimam

Animal Care and Veterinary Services

Chemical Industry

Elmesu Salustu from Wellsia
Hvwae Group from Domanania

Clothing and Fashion

Shoshana Koloton from Ioudaia
Tzamplaton Clothiers from Ioudaia
Y. H. Leonnatos from Ioudaia

Commercial Aviation

Kuwark Air from Kuwarkiistan
Latos International Airport from Warfburg
Aeterosan Airways from Aeteros
Avocet Air from Aeteros
Sonaris Skies from Aeteros
Republic Air from Dormill and Stiura
Mubako AirLux from Martenyika
FlyIsles from Baumes
Amsel from Baumes
Air Costavozka from Costavozka
V Airlines from Veleste
Silver Dove Airways from Esterazdravo
One Flight from Esterazdravo
Kenaris Airlines from Ainslie
Ahnerten Sturt-Condor Airport from Ainslie
Sterling Airlines from Alteran Republics
Fortitude-Prospect from Ainslie

Construction and Other Trades

Haru Eseru from Wellsia
Empire Metals Group from Domanania
Npwae Group from Domanania
Hvwae Group from Domanania
Reswen Cavane from Ainslie
Axouch-Kadaronezhad Civil Engineering from Ioudaia


Desarrolladora Armas from The Canuerines
Dagger Arms Company from Najimam
Vantia-Cxetrda from The Canuerines
Caruso International Industries from Doravo
Amsel from Baumes
Mandar Spaces from Najimam
Amak Submarines from Najimam
Mariette Steel Corporation from Belantica
Caelius Dynamics from Alteran Republics
Oakoms Group from Alteran Republics
Breakwater Naval Systems from Ainslie
ArmsTech-Aranem from Ainslie
Ahnslen Submarine Company from Ainslie
Derras Technologies from Ainslie
Endeavour Aviation from Ainslie
Esta Engineering Solutions from Ainslie
Essen Steel from Ainslie
Kanden from Ainslie
Fortitude-Prospect from Ainslie
Neran Heavy Industries from Ainslie
Overland Vehicles from Ainslie
TR Industries from Ainslie
Halitron Group from Domanania
Sekrasa Group from Domanania
Foreni Parlik Laivasz from Solaryia

Educational Services

Chyrtiros Colleges from Ioudaia
Federal Institute of Technology of Pau from Thromsa
Federal Institute of Technology of Saint-Thrse from Thromsa
University of Townside from Townside
University of Nature and the Environment from Ainslie
Halitron Group from Domanania
Thaunakie University from Ioudaia
Iamusikos College from Ioudaia
Tagaris University from Ioudaia
Shariyath Technological Institute from Ioudaia

Energy Generation and Maintenance

Verdento Energia from Uprea
Jaihai Haize Konponbidea from Aizcona
Soarex Energy Company from Roendavar
Eclipse Technologies Inc. from San Jimenez
New Clear Energy Company from Havalland
PanIsle Petroleum PLC from Alteran Republics
Rowlands PLC from Alteran Republics
Enercom from Ainslie
Esren from Ainslie
Dalgas from Ainslie
Future Energy Corporation from Ainslie
Eravene from Ainslie
Hvwae Group from Domanania
Sohae Group from Domanania
Parsozhad Hydro from Ioudaia
United Electric Products from Ioudaia

Financial Services, Advice and Products (incl Banking, Finance, Insurance and Consultancy)

Sihu Isittu from Wellsia
Haru Eseru from Wellsia
Labru Masru from Wellsia
Elmesu Salustu from Wellsia
Itomos Commodity Exchange from Ioudaia
Ornemion Bourse from Ioudaia
Ornemion Member's Bank from IoudaiaThelos-Averdinas-Kolos Fish Market from Ioudaia
Whittle Guillory & Company from Thromsa
FaithPay from Najimam
Saha Insurance from Najimam
Noble Bank from Alteran Republics
Lambourne Health Group from Alteran Republics
Bank of Kapolder from Dormill and Stiura
Elebank from Ainslie
Fortitude Conglomerated from Ainslie
Karen Insurance from Ainslie
Lennester Bank from Ainslie
Western Bank from Ainslie
Empire Metals Group from Domanania
Halitron Group from Domanania
Sekrasa Group from Domanania
Royal Bank of Nhoor from Nhoor

Food and Beverage

Labru Masru from Wellsia
Elmesu Salustu from Wellsia
Creole Burger from East Lankia
The Good Corner from Najimam
Mayberrys from Crucemia
Coffee Go Go from Alteran Republics
Weslers Limited from Ainslie
Npwae Group from Domanania

Health, Pharmaceuticals, International Medical Services and Welfare

Verafen Pharmaceuticals from Roendavar
Armex International from Roendavar
Endar Biotech from Ainslie
MediEase from Ainslie
Nordox Pharmaceutical from Ainslie
Worksafe from Ainslie
Shariyath Ekfantoros from Ioudaia

Hospitality and Entertainment

Zelij Group from Najimam
Portaver from Uprea
Solstice Records from San Jimenez
Beat Today from San Jimenez
Muse Limited from Ainslie

Legal Services

Kanun Law Firm from Najimam
Pemerten Rose Law from Ainslie and Roendavar
Saveen Renn Tallersen Lawyers from Ainslie

Logistics and Freight

Sihu Isittu from Wellsia
Labru Masru from Wellsia
Elmesu Salustu from Wellsia
Sekrasa Group from Domanania
Dar Cargo from Najimam
ZRE Operations from Ioudaia
Oceans XI from Domanania
Octopi Freight from Aeteros
Polaris Transport Solutions from Ainslie
Four Passages Trading Company from Najimam
Najimam Corridor Company from Najimam

Manufacturing and Associated Industries

Marine Tourism and Resources

Eire Crown Caviar and Aquaculture from Roendavar


News24 from Dormill and Stiura
The Vroomen Dispatch from Dormill and Stiura
Saint-Denis Daily Evening Post from Dormill and Stiura
Champion Network from Ioudaia
Leukoroseira Broadcast Service from Ioudaia
Great Rivers Times from Ioudaia
Araxia Sun from Ioudaia
Northern Spectator from Ioudaia
Ornemion Herald from Ioudaia
Shariyath Daily News from Ioudaia
Shariyath Clarion from Ioudaia
The Times (Ornemion) from Ioudaia

Mineral Extraction and Processing

Charif Phosphate from Najimam
Caruso International Industries from Doravo
Handaza Construction & Mining Equipment from Najimam
Mariette Steel Corporation from Belantica
Empire Metals Group from Domanania

Modern Technology Services and Consumer Electronics

Haru Eseru from Wellsia
Elmesu Salustu from Wellsia
Hasob Software from Najimam
SoftCo from Warfburg
Velozes Systems from Uprea
Najitel from Najimam
Conway Incorporated from Alteran Republics
Horizon Inc from Alteran Republics
Bluebird Appliances from Alteran Republics
Horizon Game Studios from Alteran Republics
Alphite Incorporated from Alteran Republics
Canvas OS from Alteran Republics
White Liang Technologies from Dormill and Stiura
Hvwae Group from Domanania
Serenai Electronics from Roendavar
Halitron Group from Domanania
Npwae Group from Domanania
Avazi from Ioudaia
Omega Electronics from Ioudaia
Zephyr from Ioudaia
Koria Precision Instruments from Ioudaia
Thermorasi from Ioudaia
AMK from Ioudaia
Chyrtiros Dynamics from Ioudaia
AHaurauvatisnezhad and Triopas Kefiti from Ioudaia
Mount Alethusos Foundry Services from Ioudaia
Nanoscribe from Ioudaia
STKL Neosemi from Ioudaia
Boreios Telegrafia from Ioudaia
Songbird Mobile from Ioudaia
Ioudaia SatCom from Ioudaia
Monarch Laboratories from Alteran Republics

Prisons, Detention and Security Contractors

Strategic Explorations Corporation from Alteran Republics
Serval Solutions Group from Martenyika


Labru Masru from Wellsia
Fakhar Handicrafts from Najimam
Milestone from Alteran Republics

Science, Research and Development

Timber, Wood and Paper

Marina-Estaat Company from Roendavar

Tourism, Amusement, Gambling and the Arts

Zelij Group from Najimam
Najibab Art Gallery from Najimam
Nykalessos Zoo from Ioudaia
Shariyath Zoo from Ioudaia
Ornemion Aquarium from Ioudaia
Ornemion Zoo from Ioudaia
Thaunakie Aquarium from Ioudaia
Aelo Rud Miniature Zoo from Ioudaia
Nautical History Museum from Ioudaia
National Cinematographic Library and Museum from Ioudaia
National Aviation Museum from Ioudaia
Thaunakie Museum from Ioudaia
Chyrtiros Museum of Science and Industry from Ioudaia
Prophets Museum from Ioudaia
Museum of the Ioudaian Peoples from Ioudaia
New Sun Acrobats from Ioudaia
Uloker Acrobats from Ioudaia
South Coast Comedy from Ioudaia
Nykalessos Modern Dancers from Ioudaia
Troupe Nikomedes-Omid from Ioudaia
Shalah-Shadmehr from Ioudaia
Ornemion Philharmonic from Ioudaia
Pteleon Symphonion from Ioudaia
Thyron Ensemble from Ioudaia
Uvjozhad Experimental Theater Group from Ioudaia


Elmesu Salustu from Wellsia
Vantia-Cxetrda from The Canuerines
Zabaletta Automobiles from Aizcona
Newon EVs from Najimam
Costavozkan Vehicle Corporation from Costavozka
Mirza Automotive Machinery from Najimam
Viper Motors from Veleste
Lancet-Deckard Automobile Group from Belantica
Belantic Car Foundary Corp from Belantica
Paedin Automotive Company from Scaedia
Felix Automotives from Alteran Republics
One Pass from Alteran Republics
Alteran Rail Locomotives from Alteran Republics
Rowlands PLC from Alteran Republics
Mussen Tech from Ainslie
Tarran Rail from Ainslie
Empire Metals Group from Domanania
Sekrasa Group from Domanania
Alkamenos and Sons Automotive from Ioudaia
Behnam Tomer and Sons from Ioudaia
Gatpatugozhad-Thaunakie Motors from Ioudaia
Leontis Ilai from Ioudaia
LShG Diesel and Heavy Machinery Company from Ioudaia
Six Oxen from Ioudaia
Smoothride Tire Company from Ioudaia
Snowsill-Cridland from Ioudaia
Swiftwing from Ioudaia
Uri Rizon ben Tydeus Tal E. K. Uvarazmiynezhad Engine Works from Ioudaia

Unconventional Goods and Services

Waste Management

Amal Recycling Company from Najimam

Wine and Alcoholic Beverages

Casa Noara Winery from Roendavar

The Unified Electorates of Ainslie