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Jenhan-Quincois Friendship Agreement

The nations of Jenha and the United States of Quincy;

1. DRIVEN by their constitutions and moral conscience to be united in camaraderie and in the spirit of reciprocity;

2. CONSIDERING that our two states, firmly intertwined in their recognition of each other as equals and to further their respective nations, must establish a formal treaty detailing their elementary agreements founded upon their friendship;

3. DESIRING that Quincy and Jenha seek to maintain bilateral peace and work towards prosperity for the combined benefit of their two states in recognising the virtues of humanity, and;

4. ACTING within the bounds of international law,


1. Recognise their nations as independent sovereign states,

2. Recognise their governments as the ruling administrative bodies of their sovereign states,

3. Recognise their laws and statutes that have been passed according to the recognised government processes of their countries,

4. Agree to further their cooperation in issues that plague both of their states in whatever form they may be while recognising and respecting the interest of each country,

5. Agree to assist each other in some form in the event that one or both nations are threatened by external neighbours or other issues,

6. The treaty shall be open to revisions in the future.

This document must be used according to its intention. Concerning other agreements, they shall be carried out as soon as possible.





God Save Quincy, Our Homeland.