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Vote Against GA resolution World Assembly Paper Reduction Act

General Assembly Vote Recommendation

Part of the Information for WA Voters program

Resolution at Vote: World Assembly Paper Reduction Act
Vote Recommendation: Against

Resolution Analysis
This proposal seeks to reduce the use of paper in the day-to-day functions of the World Assembly, by permanently digitizing parts of the WA archives, encouraging the use of digital technologies to communicate, and increase the use of "tablets or similar digital devices" be used in lieu of paper, among other measures.

We find this proposal poorly drafted and is merely interfering in the minute details of how the World Assembly is administered. Even as an exercise in micro-management, there are substantial issues left unaddressed such as compatibility with GAR #442 (Circulation Of World Assembly Law) and the need to accommodate role-play regions that do not adopt modern technologies, making the effectiveness of this proposal highly questionable. We also see this as a missed opportunity to pass a worthwhile resolution on larger related issues that need to be addressed, such as pollution in paper production, recycling of electronics in an age of widespread use of smart phones and proper management of carbon sinks, among other issues that are much more worthy of the consideration of the WA.

For the above reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against the Security Council Resolution at vote, "World Assembly Paper Reduction Act".

This IFV Recommendation was written in collaboration with our World Assembly Legislative League partners.

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