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The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update, 2022-11-20

The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update

November 20, 2022
Vice Delegate's Report

Greetings TNP,

What an honor it is to guest host the Vice Delegate's Report this week! For those of you who may be out of the loop, Hulldom is currently serving as acting Delegate in Pallaith's Linkabsence. This means that yours truly has temporarily returned to the office of Vice Delegate for the first time in roughly four and a half years! For this next week or so, I will keep things on track by handling the day-to-day operations of the Vice Delegate's office. This includes chairing the Security Council, processing citizenship applicants, surveilling onsite activity, and responding to any issues or events should they occur. Between Hulldom, myself, and the 10 other distinguished members of the Security Council, this region remains in very capable hands during Pallaith's absence.

The current Security Council standings can be found below. There doesn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary this week. The Council continues to firmly hold the top 13 endorsement positions and the gap between the Delegate and Vice Delegate remains healthy. This week was also better than last in terms of net endorsement gains. As always, we will continue to monitor endorsement activity.

Finally, how about a quick trivia game? I've compiled five Security Council-themed questions which can be found in the spoiler below. The first five TNPers to private message me with all correct answers will win a free legendary card from my personal collection! I'll update this post with the winners as they come in.

1. Under the old Regional Alert System, what would a BLUE alert level indicate?

2. During which year was the World Assembly Development Program created?

3. How many of the current Security Councilors have previously been elected as Vice Delegate?

4. What was the name of Great Bights Mum's nation prior to adopting Great Bight?

5. Which Security Councillor's tenure began in December of 2019?

1. Sil Dorsett - S1 The Macabees

Take care,
Acting Vice Delegate

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Jointly sponsored by the Delegate and Security Council of The North Pacific.