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The Osiris Oracle Issue 24: Canis Major

[box][center][size=230][color=#BB9421][font=Consolas][b]Osiris Oracle I24: Canis Major[/b][/font][/color][/size]

[font=Consolas][size=140][b][color=#BB9421][ IN THIS ISSUE ]
[url=]Heir-Apparent Update[/url], by [nation]Cretanja[/nation]
[url=]Skies's Cursed Recipe[/url], by [nation]Luna State[/nation]
[url=]Another WinProx Guide[/url], by [nation]WinProx[/nation]
[url=]Hazel's Bug's Mushroom Borsh[/url], by [nation]Malphe II[/nation]
[url=]Kyru's Pecan Lace Cookies[/url], by [nation]Khairu[/nation]
& [url=]Cret's Astrology Column[/url][/color][/b][/size][/font][/center][/box]

[center]by [b][nation]Cretanja[/nation][/b][/center]

[i][center]His Royal Highness, Ark[/center]
[center]Blessed of Du'at, Kava'dath of the Sands[/center]
[center]( [nation]Arkadia Universalis[/nation] )[/center][/i][/sidebar]

[i]The Osiris Fraternal Order[/i] is a longstanding meritocratic monarchy. And sitting on the throne of Osiris is the Pharaoh; the most senior-in-rank member of our community. We as a region depend on an unswerving, intelligent, and well versed leader to guide the community and set respectable standards for those working in the various offices of the [i]Fraternal Order[/i]. However, no Pharaoh can, nor is, expected to do it all alone. While shepherding an inviting, thriving, and better [i]Osiris[/i] than yesterday, is a responsibility that falls to all citizens of our community, the Pharaoh is undoubtedly the focal point that we all look to for upmost guidance. One very important task that each Pharaoh must complete before their reign concludes is choosing who will inherit the throne after them. [i]Her Royal Majesty, Pharaoh Hazel[/i] has done just this in choosing the new [i]Kava'dath of the Sands[/i]. On August 13th 2022, Pharaoh Hazel announced to the Council of Scribes her intention to appoint Ark as the Heir Apparent. Later on, an overwhelming majourity of the Council of Scribes voted in favour of the appointment and by August 28th, was officially confirmed as the new heir to the throne of Osiris; formally now [i]His Royal Highness, Ark, Blessed of Du'at[/i]. 

Ark has been a loyal and dedicated citizen of Osiris for multiple years now. He has devoted himself to [i]Osiris's[/i] field of foreign relations to such a degree that his accomplishments have effectively branded his committed work as a distinctive era. An era in which we are all very grateful for. On April 7th 2022, [i]Hasal-Pharaoh Rigel[/i] appointed Ark as the [i]Vizier of Foreign Affairs[/i] and has been steadfast in his duties to our region ever since! After five months of serving in his Viziership, [i]Hasal-Pharaoh Rigel[/i] again appointed Ark to yet another incredibly important position within the [i]Fraternal Order[/i], that being the Guardianship. It's an understatement to say that our guardians are some of our most hardworking, well respected, and loyal citizens. We entrust them with one of our most paramount responsibilities; regional security. This responsibility is something that Ark has taken very serious alongside the demands and duties of the viziership. Famously, during the delegacy transfer of [i]Hasal-Pharaoh Salem[/i] to [i]Hasal-Pharaoh Skies[/i], Ark bravely ascended to the throne to maintain regional security standards. And even though his time on the throne was little under a week, he dutifully fulfilled the expectations of the pharaohship with poise and intelligence. This defining moment alone is reason enough Ark is the perfect candidate as successor to [i]Her Royal Majesty, Pharaoh Hazel's[/i] reign, whenever that may be. 

We wish for a long and healthy reign from our beloved [i]Pharaoh Hazel[/i]. But no one pharaoh can sit on the throne forever. So what can we come to expect from a possible future era under [i]'Pharaoh Ark'[/i]? It would be easy to assume that Ark would continue to support a robust foreign affairs agenda, thatís true. However, pharaoh's are expected to attentively care for all aspects of governance and daily life in our region. I feel that we can, without a doubt, bank on Ark ensuring each of the regional needs are contributed to equally. Regional security and foreign relations have always been predominate points of interest in his NS-career and his diligent work in these areas show great promise for when he adapts to the role of the pharaohship. Anyone who knows Ark can testify to his loyalty and devotion to [i]Osiris[/i] and because of this I am confident that under an Ark-pharaohship, our regional community, our interregional regard, and our sumptuous culture will be all the more richer. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do for our region! You have all of our support, Ark! 

[center]All hail the Osiris Fraternal Order[/center]
[center]All hail the Pharaoh and Heir Apparent[/center]
[center]May Hazel reign long, subsequently, may Ark reign longer![/center]

[box][center][size=230][color=#BB9421][font=Consolas][b]Knockoff Thai Peanut Sauce Rice[/b][/font][/color][/size]
by [b][nation]Luna State[/nation][/b][/center]
[i][center]Knockoff Thai Peanut Sauce Rice[/center]
[center][ Depicted ][/center][/i][/sidebar]
I am, as a true college student, throwing this together the night articles are due, so this will be my actual dinner for tonight (not counting the símores pizza from earlier). Iíd recommend this recipe if youíd like to see what you can do as a 4am low standards microwave snack, or if you too are a tired student. 

-Microwave Minute Brown Rice Cup
-Rosemary Garlic Olive Oil
-Crunchy Peanut Butter
-Crushed Red Pepper Packet 
-Taco Bell Fire Sauce Packet

Microwave the brown rice cup without the covering for time directed, then mix and transfer into bigger bowl. Using the now empty microwave rice cup, add a spoon of the olive oil, and a spoon of the peanut butter. Empty in the entirety of the red pepper and fire sauce packets. Mix thoroughly (if you skip this step it may explode!). Microwave for 30 seconds. Stir into rice bowl until the sauce is thoroughly distributed. Consume once desired temperature.

Notes: This was honestly the best meal Iíve had at college this semester, and it originated with the intent of a cursed recipe. Iím not kidding. Take that as you will. It looks awful and alarming throughout the entire process until the end. Iím quite certain I am going to make this again, but will add some garlic powder next time, as my olive oil isnít strongly flavored enough for my taste.[/box]

[box][center][size=230][color=#BB9421][font=Consolas][b]WinProx's Guides: Planets and Stellar Systems[/b][/font][/color][/size]
by [b][nation]WinProx[/nation][/b][/center]

With a good and powerful space-saving civilization, there is always some void that fills the inside of it, unless you create things to fill it up. For the Interstellar Civilizations, this is a guide for you on how to make Stellar Systems. Like the last one, you can use this guide, try doing it by yourself, rewrite your civilization or just have voidfarers. I am not forcing anyone to make this, since you don't have to. Well, with that out of the way, let's get to the basics.

[b][color=blue] Step 1 - The Stars.[/b][/color] - There is alot of stars in the universe, some small and some big. But there is always 7 Main Sequence types with the Morgan-Keenan (MK) Classification.
[b]M-type (Proxima Centauri)[/b] - Red Dwarves, small red/blood orange stars and the most common star type
[b]K-type (Alpha Centauri)[/b] - Orange Dwarves, Somewhat bigger and brighter than the Red Dwarves.
[b]G-type (Sol)[/b] - Yellow Dwarves, stars like our Sun.
[b]F-type (Procyon A)[/b] - Yellow-White Dwarves. The beginning of the color shift.
[b]A-type (Sirius A)[/b] - Blue/White "Dwarves", the main sequence stars with the strongest Hydrogen bonds.
[b]B-type (Regulus)[/b] Unnamed. Somehow contain non-ionized helium.
[b]O-type (Sigma Orionis)[/b] Unnamed. Hottest and most luminous stars.
These types of stars have their rare variations, with some small O-type and large F-type stars, that are not giants yet. The only thing this kind of Classification gives is the brightness and temperature, not the size. Now, onto our next step...

[b][color=blue] Step 2 - The Planets.[/b][/color] - Just like stars, you also have to add planets. Unlike stars, planets are a non-necessary thing in a Stellar system, but you can still add them despite that. There is only 2 types of planets, Terrestrial/Rocky and Gaseous. Terrestrial Planets have an solid ground, in which you can walk, run and jump in, while Gaseous planets are mostly just gas with a dense Iron/Gas core. Gaseous planets are separated into Giants and Dwarves, with some of them also have diffrent gasses they are made out of. Terrestrial Planets have many diffrent types, like non-atmospheric, hyperatmospheric, Tundra planets, Desert planets, island planets and more, depending on the temperature and the ground/sea levels. Most planets also have moons and other satelites, like dust or asteroid rings, like stars. Now, onto the final step...

[b][color=blue] Step 3 - The Finishing touches.[/b][/color] - We are in the final stretch! Now, after you have created and made your planets, you can name them and be done, but if you want to, you can have fun by adding names to the satelites and adding some rings around the star(s).
And we are done! This was a shorter one, but I have alot of things to deal with at home, so I could not do it much. I did not add all things you can do, like binary stars or extreme space objects, but I would like to indulge you into researching those by yourself. Also, I am sorry for not adding the stuff I meant to add to this oracle, but I promise to write it next time, but until then, I am WinProx and I thank you for reading.[/box]

[box][center][size=230][color=#BB9421][font=Consolas][b]Bug's Mushroom Borsh[/b][/font][/color][/size]
by [b][nation]Malphe II[/nation][/b][/center]
Okay so the editor for the Oracle is pressuring me to write my food recipe article thing and I, a responsible and noble ruler, have left it to the last minute. But! Luckily I made a very nice thing today so bear witness to my wisdom.
[i][center]Bug's Mushroom Borsh[/center]
[center][ Depicted ][/center][/i][/sidebar]
[b]What is Borsh?[/b]
Beet and cabbage soup. Can contain other stuff too, very warm and earthy, I use lettuce this time.
[b]Why did you make Borsh?[/b]

Had beets, needed to figure out what to do with them.
[b]What did you make the Borsh out of?[/b]
[ this is about enough for 3 people, or 2 hungry people ]
2 medium sized raw beets, peeled, finely grated
2 medium sized onions, finely diced
15 chestnut mushrooms, finely diced
200g-ish iceberg lettuce (tis the crunchiest)
1tbs sugar
1tbs vinegar (I used white wine, but red wine may be better here cus tomato)
450ml vegetable stock (add more water as necessary)
2tbs tomato paste
salt and pepper
4 cloves garlic
1. Pot up to high heat, oil of your choosing in the pot, mushrooms in until they've released most of their moisture, watery mushrooms please nobody and they fry better when the pan isn't crowded.
2. Onion, garlic, sugar into pan, fry for about 5 minutes or until the onions are getting some colour. Keep stirring, may burn on high heat.
3. Vegetable stock, vinegar, grated raw beets, salt & pepper (keep tasting and adding until you're satisfied), tomato paste into pan. Get it up to a boil then turn the heat down to a medium-low, you've done the hard work now you're just letting the pot simmer. 
4. Once pot has been simmering for 20 minutes in goes lettuce, mix it in, 20 more minutes and you can serve!
This isn't too much borsh, in a large bowl you could eat this for two meals, but you can scale it up very effectively if you're cooking for numerous people or if you want to live off it for a week. It's healthy, very warm, and very easy to cook! Once you've got a hang of this very basic recipe you can start experimenting, you can add any flavour of additional veg as you like, you can incorporate meat into it, go wild.[/box]

[box][center][size=230][color=#BB9421][font=Consolas][b]Kyru's Pecan Lace Cookies[/b][/font][/color][/size]
by [b][nation]Khairu[/nation][/b][/center]

Maybe they're out of season. Maybe they don't have a season. Regardless, they're delicious. I will note, however, that these may require a bit of experimentation based on your altitude and the humidity for the day. If they don't set super-stiff; that's okay, they're still completely edible and delicious. Just treat them more like candy!
[i][center]These were lacking pecans,[/center]
[center]and worked just fine![/center][/i][/sidebar]
1 1/2 cups of finely-chopped pecans
1 cup sugar
4 tablespoons of flour
1/3 teaspoons of backing powder
1/8 teaspoons of salt
1/2 cup of melted butter
2 teaspoons of vanilla
1 beaten egg
YIELD: 3-4 dozen cookies
Mix together pecans, sugar, flour, baking powder, and salt. Add melted butter, vanilla, and egg. Mix well. Line baking sheets with parchment paper (you might put a little canola oil, just a bit, to help you later on). Preheat oven to 325įF. Drop batter mix by small teaspoonfuls onto sheet approximately 3 inches apart. Bake 8-12 minutes. Cool. Peel off parchment.
If you find that your mix has just all formed one cohesive layer of gooey goodness, that's fine! Take a sharp pizza cutter or knife to cut them, sizing the individual pieces to your liking.[/box]

[box][center][img view="standout border shadow"][/img][/center]
[center]by [b][nation]Cretanja[/nation][/b][/center]

Having had learnt how to identify your '[i]Big Six[/i]' ( Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Mars, and Venus signs ) in the two previous issues of [i]Awesome Astrology[/i], you now have solid ground in being able to read your natal chart and the natal charts of those in your life! But, what if I told you we're not done just yet? Your Big Six is important, that's true! But hopefully by now you've come to realize that not one single part of your natal chart is more superior than another. Each play a specific role in shaping who you are and your unique human experience. Keeping with the theme, let's explore how to identify your Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune signs on your natal chart and what they mean/represent. We also can't miss an opportunity to showcase another awesome constellation; Cassiopeia!  
[i][center]Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune Symbols[/center][/i][/sidebar]

As always, if you haven't yet generated your natal chart, you can do so [b][url=]here[/url][/b]!! Your natal chart, being uniquely specialized for each individual, makes learning about astrology even that more exciting! Learning how to identify and interpret your own natal chart is a vital step in one's journey to becoming an [i]Awesome Astrology Expert[/i]! Once you know the ins-and-outs of your own, you can apply that knowledge in interpreting your friends' and family's charts! Imagine the look on their face when you can successfully tell them what their Libra Saturn means? Or their Aries Neptune! Just always remember to treat the zodiacs as personality architypes with the planets as specialized fields within one's self and reality. 

Let's start by exploring your [b]Saturn[/b] sign, you'll be able to locate it on your natal chart by identifying it's symbol: [b]♄[/b]. Saturn represents wisdom, discipline, and karma. Saturn takes the liberty of brining to light the areas of your life in which you may need to reflect and do some 'growing up' on. Like Saturn's slow-moving pace, this sign is all about the long haul, persistence, and patience. It's the embodiment of your relationship with your life's milestones and long-term goals. Saturn rules over the sign Capricorn. 

Next let's take a look at your [b]Jupiter[/b] sign and what it means. You'll be able to locate it on your chart by identifying it's symbol: [b]♃[/b]. Jupiter represents personal expansion in intellect and long-distance travel. It teaches, empowers, and instills faith and belief in our lives. Jupiter is sometimes misunderstood to be directly links to your aptitude or tolerance of religious beliefs, but Jupiter is more about your personal real-life learnings and how they translate into those areas of your life. Understanding your Jupiter sign will help you explore the more philosophical parts of yourself. Jupiter rules over the sign Sagittarius. 

Your [b]Neptune[/b] sign is a fun one! You'll be able to locate it on your chart by identifying it's symbol: [b]♆[/b]. Neptune represents creativity and imagination. It also holds sway over dreams, the subconscious, illusions, fantasies and all things magical and enchanting. Your Neptune Sign intensifies intuition and works to teach us deep compassion. Neptune is thought of as a generational sign that effects the collective and ties us to the experiences of growth and how we as humans allow ourselves to grow. Cosmic consciousness is the end goal of Neptune and relates to the parts of our lives where we refuse to be limited by beliefs or bound by tradition. Neptune rules over the sign Pisces. 

[center][i]Cassiopeia Constellation[/i][/center][/sidebar][/float]

Now that we know how to identify and interpret your top nine planetary signs on your natal chart, let's conclude this issue's [i]Awesome Astrology[/i] with a little constellation love! This issue it'll be fun to explore more into the all-time famous constellation [i]Cassiopeia[/i]! This constellation is known as ' [i]The Seated Queen[/i] ' and is a depiction of the mythological Greek Queen of [i]Aethiopia[/i]. She was the wife of [i]King Cepheus[/i] and the mother of [i]Princess Andromeda[/i]. She was cursed to sit in the sky as a punishment after enraging [i]Poseidon[/i] by boasting that her daughter, [i]Andromeda[/i], was more beautiful than the Nereids. ( The Nereids are sea nymphs that would often accompany [i]Poseidon[/i] ) You can easily spot this constellation in the Northern sky from it's distinctive 'w' shape, formed from five particularly bright stars. [i]Alpha Cassiopeiae[/i], better known as [i]Schedar[/i], is typically the brightest star within Cassiopeia, though occasionally is outshone by another bright star in the constellation named [i]Gamma Cassiopeiae[/i]. This fascinating constellation is visible year-round from September to early November. 

As always, thank you for reading this edition of [b]Awesome Astrology[/b]! If you have any questions concerning this article, feel free to telegram me personally! Be sure to check our the previous issues if you missed them [b][url=]here[/url][/b] and [b][url=]here[/url][/b], to learn about identifying your [i]big six[/i]![/box]