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Merciam November Dispatch

[i]Authored by: A.C. Alex of [nation]East Chimore[/nation][/i]

[size=250][b][font= Times New Roman] MERCIAM NOVEMBER FOREIGN DISPATCH[/font][/b][/size]

[box][size=150][b]What's going on?[/b][/size]

○ Elections! Merciam held elections on November 11th, and the results are as follows:

3rd Senate of Merciam;
The Lord Vicecomes of Thracia Leo Arche, Princeps Senatus,
Dominex Daoloth Ailahson,
Senator John Laurens,
Senator Scythia,
Senator Sarah Bread.

Domina A.C. Alex was re-elected as Princeps Consul.
Dominex Daoloth Ailahson was elected as Vice Consul.

These individuals shall hold office until January 17th.

○ Appointments! A.C. Alex has made new consul appointments for this term. They are awaiting Senate confirmation. 
The Lord Vicecomes of Thracia Leo Arche to the position of Consul Interior
Senator John Laurens to the position of Consul Exterior
His excellency the Princeps Coranum Comentor to the position of Consul Cultura

○ First Court Case! In the first legal drama of Merciam, Judex Vlaska [url=]issued a ruling that the Senate may not stipulate additional requirements for a constitutional amendment beyond what is called for in Article VII.3 of the Merciam Constitution[/url]. 

○ Embassies! Merciam has established two new gameside embassies: [region]The Order of the Grey Wardens[/region] and [region]Democratic Socialist Assembly[/region]. The Senate also passed the Building Relations with Interregional Embassies Act, and the new Consul Exterior will be formalizing the requirements for consulates, forum embassies, and gameside embassies. 


[box][size=150][b]The Olympics Results![/b][/size]

○ From November 1st to November 14th, Merciam hosted the [u]Fall 2022 Interregional Olympics[/u]. The results for the Tug of War, Futball Tournament, and IO Games are below:

[center][u][b]Tug of War[/b][/u]
[b]Gold[/b] - [nation]SpaghettiTopia[/nation] of [region]Europeia[/region] and [nation]Itini[/nation] of [region]Democratic Socialist Assembly[/region]

[b]Silver[/b] - [nation]Philosophical Psychologists[/nation] of [region]Democratic Socialist Assembly[/region] and [nation]Ignilacrim[/nation] of [region]Merciam[/region]

[b]Bronze[/b] - [nation]Phoenix Coalition[/nation] of [region]The Union of Democratic States[/region] and [nation]East Chimore[/nation] of [region]Merciam[/region]

[u][b]Futball Tournament[/b][/u]
[b]Gold[/b] - [nation]Philosophical Psychologists[/nation] of [region]Democratic Socialist Assembly[/region]

[b]Silver[/b] - [nation]East Chimore[/nation] of [region]Merciam[/region]

[b]Bronze[/b] - [nation]Ignilacrim[/nation] of [region]Merciam[/region]

[u][b]IO Games[/b][/u]
[b]Gold[/b] - [nation]Philosophical Psychologists[/nation] of [region]Democratic Socialist Assembly[/region]

[b]Silver[/b] - [nation]Minskiev[/nation] of [region]The Rejected Realms[/region]

Congratulations to all the Olympians! Stay tuned for the next Olympics that will be hosted by the [region]Democratic Socialist Assembly[/region]!

[box][size=150][b]What is Merciam?[/b][/size]

Merciam styles itself as a Roman region, with a passionate love for the vision of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. Our region is a constitutional Monarchy, with the power of the region put into the Citizen's hands!
We have four branches of government;
○ The Imperium with the Emperor and Princeps Coronam,
○ The Consulship with the Princeps Consul, Vice Consul, and Consuls of the Collegium,
○ The Senate, with the Princeps Senatus and Senators, and
○ The Imperial Court, with the Princeps Judex and Judices.

We are a warm, welcoming community that enjoys new faces and friends! We gladly welcome anyone to join us [url=]on our forum[/url] or [url=]on our discord[/url]!