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What does Atrocha think of...?

Valsora nations

West Pangasinan: The Philippines only more stable. They are one of the few I have seen that performs well in both diplomatic and military RP. The people of Atrocha feel very identified with their culture.

Greater Rostoria, aka "Relentless pursuit for a random conflict anywhere in Valsora regardless of economic status and dragging an entire alliance along with it." A whole old guard state: fossil fuels, military on all sides, Slavs and Germanics somehow are a united culture. The Atrochans are interested in their culture, but they don't have much trust in their politicians.

Krozland, Hellenic but suspiciously with a Bronx-like society. War and war. In Atrocha, the MFA is only concerned for they for Arvorenia.

Order of the Saint Dumas, Powerful, warlike but not that much. Their religion is strange, very strange, but Atrocha thinks that they are a very intelligent people, but strange.

Vuclen, a very important nation in Orientalis. Knows about war and military stufff. We don't know more.

Romanoddle Republic, one of the first allies of Atrocha, pro-democracy, stable and pacifist. Romanoddle is seen as a role model for Atrochan politics.

Karcovshkie, borrows too much, tries to stand out in the military RP, in the diplomatic one he strives. It is seen as a cheap buy and sell destination, and a solid business opportunity for Atrocha in Yastreovakia.

Myehn, Japan, in a way, is like Japan but it's not. Military RP, he likes to participate in various dramatic RPs (the Winters soap opera, for example). In Atrocha, it is seen as a country of Orientalis that always gives shellfish.

Lointland, a great nation, the truth is very nice.

Empire of Dabiristan, for me a power on the map, very experienced. I admire his way of carrying several RPs of different themes. For the people of Atrocha, it is a good economic ally and they respect their culture.

Merlovich, almost the same as Dabiristan, with a very built lore (I admire his dispatches). For Atrocha, a good partner with respect to gas, and his investments in the field of nuclear research make him look like a highly esteemed nation, another role model.

Illiricium, it is nice. It's South Africa before apartheid. But at least I can trade in his ports.

Of Centralist Brexit, for Atrocha, he provides us with weapons and is one of our protectors. For the military, dramatic and diplomatic RP he stands out, but he's more active in the dramatic, which deals with Julia Winters and her family, and magic and all that.

Kylondia, a friendly nation. An authority on dramatic RP, is also participates on Winters' soap opera. For Atrocha, one more nation for trade. Does not like trouble in territorial waters.

New North America, a nation with great vision. The truth is the only nation I have seen that seeks to be similar to the United States.

Terreich und Preussen, a great nation, basically German, with fantasy in its royal family.

Valsora stuff

Non-Humans: Non-Humans are extant species, yes, but the truth of equating them to humans is questionable. For a society like Atrocha's that has only interacted with each other as humans, the presence of non-humans is called into question. Atrocha thinks that non-humans are diverse species with intelligence, people who are remarkable for being so, but cannot be considered equal to humans, because their origin is diffuse, inconceivable. Atrocha's society is speciesist, but it does not express itself publicly: perhaps because there are no non-humans in Atrocha.

People like alcatus or nekos (I'm not sure of the name) are hominids with clear animal features, but with intelligence. People like glogs have evolved in amazing ways, but the way they were born is curious and truly amazing. Glogs are the only non-humans accepted in Atrocha in a general way, although they are not considered equal to humans, but are "superior to the human mind". The glogs are in Atrocha folklore due to the stories of Germanic people who lived in Atrocha. The Atrochans know them as "Góloges".

The existence of magic in Valsora is well known in different powerful nations. Something that would surpass the intelligence of humans. But in Atrocha there are always scientific explanations that clarify when news arrives of "a magician set a house on fire". The scientists clarify that "a criminal used phosphate with ammonium nitrate in a gaseous solution to set a house on fire."

The Consortium is a super powerful alliance, but the truth is difficult to understand. In Atrocha, relations with the Consortium countries are valuable, and the truth is that the economic and commercial value of the Consortium is much more appreciable than its military or diplomatic value.

Colonialism in Unistan is an affront that is latent. Unistan is a continent very populated with diverse peoples and diverse cultures, but its commercial potential is appreciated and therefore also coveted. Atrocha supports decolonialism, but it is not convenient for any territorial investment for profit to be branded as colonialism. Let's say that commercial colonialism is accepted, but military or cultural colonialism is not.

Military RP is the most common and is the most incentivized to participate. In Valsora it is very common to compare armies, buy weapons, and all that. Wars use many divisions of the armed forces and military jargon is confusing. Truthfully, for a newbie looking to build knowledge in other realms, military PR is like a big test that he can temporarily ignore.

Diplomatic RP and commercial RP are on the rise. Generally, nations use it very often as soon as they arrive on the map to find allies, buy and sell goods, and develop some social and economic realism for their nation. Importantly, some military RP experts don't do well at these RPs, although there are always people who can balance the two ways of playing successfully. I personally appreciate these kinds of RPs.

The dramatic PR is known in Valsora, and perhaps the most active among many. Instead of involving war or politics, it does something of a mixed bag, extending its domains to fantasy. The RPs of this type that I know do not have a specific ending, but evolve through time and end up being a tangled and crazy mess, but somehow it is always present in the RMB and its characters are, let's say, recognized. I personally tried to understand some dramatic RPs, but I'd rather not blow my head off. I call some soap operas, those of Aivintis I have the nickname of chronicles.