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The Red Standard: Official News of The Communist Bloc - November 14th, 2022

ZDay in the Communist Bloc

By: Iota (New Astri)
7 November, 2022

In years before, the Bloc had responded to the yearly Z-Day apocalypse with either a regional cure mandate or a free-for-all in which many TCBers opted to cure. This year, something was different: The New Astrian Hegemony was in power, and Hegemon Iota had an unexpected plan for the Bloc. That plan? The rise of Zommunism.

The reasoning for Iota's chosen regional theme was simple: S(he) likes horror, going all-cure is boring, and there's no better way to spread the revolution than literally eating the rich. Despite some initial skepticism towards the unusual theming, members of the Bloc became avid proponents of Zommunism once the event began. Our wonderful Ministry of Culture members Mlakhavia, UFROE, and Kabaragoya all contributed to creating themed regional graphics and information for the event (The regional banner was contributed by a very kind friend of Iota.) Between the frankly incredibly badass looking regional decoration and the frequent reminders that cures are for capitalists, residents of the Bloc were inspired to collaborate for hours to infect as many TCBers as possible.

While a rare few anti-Zommunists did attempt to rebel against Zommunism, the Bloc's Zomrades quickly put reactionary sentiment down. The amount of Zommunists in the Bloc rose exponentially as the hours passed and Bloc members infected each other. The Bloc ultimately rose to the position of 17th most zombified region in the world, with 2.64 trillion zombies and approximately a 98.6% infection rate.

The apocalypse has ended for now, all of the Zommunists dying down now that they've ran out of brains to eat, but should the need for a revolution ever rise again...

So will the Zommunists.

Red Standard Crossword - 7 November

1. This nation received aid from Cuba during its communist revolution
6. This country has the most pyramids
7. This African nation beat the Italians and resisted colonization
8. This country is the most populous in Africa
9. This island is the only known home of the Dodo bird
10. This country is known for its large pyramids
1. This nation is a union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar
2. This country is the largest in Africa
3. This country has the most capitals, having a separate one for each of its three branches
5. This country's flag is one of two to have a gun on it
6. This nation is the roundest country in the world
You can solve the crossword Linkhere!

After solving the crossword, upload a screenshot of your solution to an image-hosting website, and then telegram the link to your uploaded image to Kingdom of Voidstania! The first person to solve the crossword will receive an Epic card as a prize, and all solvers will be mentioned in the next edition of the newspaper.

Last week's crossword's first solver was: Keaben
Other solvers were: Arsttska and Nunaqujjuk

Tales From Afar - Red Dawn Rising: The Bombing of the Jade Hall

By: Ruben (Halsoni)
July 24, 2022

"His Imperial Majesty, Celestial Dragon Emperor Yu Shin of the Hei Dynasty!" the announcer yelled whilst the Emperor entered the Jade Hall followed by ten Imperial Guards. Everyone bowed before him. The Jade Hall was packed with various high ranking bureaucrats, party members, military officers and Celestial Advisers. Shin sat down on his throne and gestured that the rest was also allowed to sit down. The leader of the Emperor's Loyalist Contingent stood up and bowed before saying: "Your Imperial Majesty, my most humble apology for the recent happenings in the election. We did not know that the popularity of the ELC had dropped this much. We fear that the extreme left is on the rise again. The Red March has now grown into a national scandal due to this small paper called the "Halsoni Herald". We fear that a Red Dawn is risi-". He was promptly stopped by the Emperor's Hand, the most senior member of the Celestial Council. He spoke: "My Emperor, we can not allow anyone to question your rule! Especially not these filthy leftists with their blatant ideas of 'equality' and a 'state-less' society! We need to stop them immediately. Whatever means necessary." Another senior party member of the ELC said: "I believe that the Imperial Tribunal needs to declare the current results null and call a new election! One more...favourable to our side." The rest mumbled in agreement. "We will not call a new election. The public would immediately know that something fishy is going on. And remember, we're here to serve the Emperor and the nation. Not deceive it." The Chief Justice of the Imperial Tribunal said. The rest mumbled in agreement again. "We will try to gain favour with the public by making vague statements of reform and put emphasis on the past reforms." The Emperor said. "This is my decision. And you will all help me achieve this goal." The Son of Heaven stood up and left the Jade Hall.

Just mere moments after a bomb exploded. The blast wave shook the entire room. Luckily it was only a small grenade. After the dust had cleared and the Jade Hall was evacuated it was discovered. The party leader of the ELC was badly injured and was rushed to a nearby hospital. He succumbed to his wounds. This attack shook the nation to it's bones. The ELC blamed the communists but they denied it and blamed it on the far right. The nation was on the brink of collapse. No one knew what the actual cause was, for the attacker was already on the way to his home, the Kingdom of Voidstania.

Red Standard Maze Puzzle

After solving the maze puzzle, upload the solution to an image hosting website and telegram the link to Kingdom of Voidstania! The first person to solve the maze puzzle will receive an Epic card as a prize, and all solvers will be mentioned in the next edition of the newspaper.

Let the Mighty Tremble! - Is Evil Good? Part 2

By: Keaben (Keaben)
3 November, 2022

If evil is inseparable from good then why bother? Why bother to try and improve the world? Would not every advancement in good also lead to an advancement in evil? Well yes and no. The good of the Industrial Revolution brought the evil of the sweatshop. Yet we see that as we advance, we slowly get better.
Many will say we live in a time of decline, while this may be true, the belief in a solely declining world is impossible. To decline you must first rise, yet to rise you needn’t fall. Others may believe we are rising above our forebears; yet the idea of progress is so far off in many places. But we can be sure that we do not live in a static world, a world in stasis would undoubtedly result in you not even reading this. Man would get no further than his wooden hut and stone tools. So what are we living in? Well I don’t know, everyone has their own interpretation of progress, but we all agree that progress is getting better morally and technologically. Yet our world puts an emphasis on technology, not morals. Does this mean that morals are secondary ? No it does not!
Morals form our society, not technology. We are still humans without our phones and cars or homes and fire. Yet without morals man becomes what we always were, animals. But with our morals we become dignified and superior animals. Yet are we superior? No ant is hungry or homeless, while still with her colony, no wolf has to work 8hrs to feed his family, and no fish will be segregated against for its race. Humanity as a whole is defined by its morals, whether for good or evil.
Yet here we are again, if good and evil are in balance why bother? Yet they are not in balance, they simply must co-exist. One can have evil but they must also have good, for the evil to be defined. Most can agree that, evil is more prevalent in our world, but we can, and we must combat it! As leftist we champion rights and equality over profit, thus we must push onward to have meaning!
The perfect world may not exist, we certainly don’t live in a world where “all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds”, yet we can still aim for it. We can still strive to create what many claim to be impossible. We can still hope and work towards our utopia! And although we will never achieve our goal, for evil will always exist, we can make it to where evil is just not smiling back! So comrades, let us aim for the future!

“You may know it in this way. If the step were not being taken, if the stumbling-forward ache were not alive, the bombs would not fall, the throats would not be cut. Fear the time when the bombs stop falling while the bombers live—for every bomb is proof that the spirit has not died. And fear the time when the strikes stop while the great owners live—for every little beaten strike is proof that the step is being taken.”

-John Stienbeck The Grapes of Wrath

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