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Tart.CalRef, a Universal Endorsement Aid


    Universal Endorsement Aid

All hail the big glowing button that everyone wants you to press in your respective regions

Hello again friends and "friends". As in Luca 2:10, I bring tidings of great joy!

Are you being bombarded with endorsement competitions in your respective domicile, yet the 24 hours in your day lack seven specifically dedicated to endorsing? Take heart! The same source of your problems also presents a solution, called LinkTart.CalRef, a universal endorsement aid. Tart.CalRef relays abilities similar to those you can get from Dot's tart command, and can now be used in this stand-alone web application.

Tart also features improvements over Dot's command, such as a large glowing button to endorse the delegate, positioned next to the assisted link opener, whose code has, itself, also been improved. Since Tart is hosted on CalRef, it's literally guaranteed that this site will have better uptime than NationStates. Since its developer is still an active member of the community, it's literally guaranteed to have fewer days of missing data than the available competitors.

Endorsing your neighbours has truly never been faster and more reliable!

Load up the site and drop in your nation with the region you'd like data for (with a name or URL), then start ctrl+click-ing away. The database is updated around 01:20 PDT, (UTC-8) and, in the coming weeks, updates to the database will be available sooner through active improvements made to our data processing script, Nightly. You can find a link to the site on our main page at LinkCalRef.Network, or by navigating to the new page directly, at LinkTart.CalRef.

In accordance with the prophecy,


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