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The so-called AU (Akvamarine Undervandskøretøj) is one of the best submarines manufactured in Europe, being the economic and military focus of Visford. It was used in peace campaigns, underwater exploration missions and was sold to larger armed forces for better use, after all, here in Visford, as this is a peaceful country, it wouldn't have much use. Despite being small and fragile, Akvamarine has many advantages, for example:
It is practically invisible under water, so it is often used in escort missions for larger ships of other armies or to block sea paths. In addition to all this, it still carries fire torpedoes widely used in war missions and military training. They are transported from one location to another via Sotilasrahtialus, armored warships with storage coffins for at least 2 of these. Only one can easily hold 1000 Akvamarines, but normally the load is balanced to be able to carry more items such as support boats, planes and heavy military cargo.
This is the focus of Visford's export, being exported to other Nordic Kingdoms and intercontinental Republics.

Akvamarine in Tests