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LDU Regional News Service | Dispatch #14 | 27 September 2022

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Dispatch #14 | 27 September 2022

Articles written by Kingdom of the Indus

Regional Gameplay News


"Hello Congress.

I suspect you want an explanation for the latest happenings in the LDU. You noticed this especially with the sudden closure of our embassy with TFB ordered by our Home Secretary. I spoke to him and it was a rash mistake to save our region. I can already hear the questions, why would it save the region? well. Yesterday morning (21 september) I received a telegram from the Black Hawks, as did the rest of the administration (and every region who has ties with the TFB). He warned us of possible dangers if we kept our relations with the TFB. Because of the history of the TFB with all the controversial posts, the Black Hawks hate the TFB and everyone associated with it. So I'm guessing the Home Secretary was stressing and using his power to allegedly sever our relationship with TFB. We're talking about it in the administration. I wanted to inform you of the course of events leading up to the latest events. Hopefully you will have had further information by the time of the release date of this paper, but that depends on the initiative of the President or VP."

If you wish to see the telegram that was sent to Sjevre by The Black Hawks, you can find part 1 of the telegram Linkhere, and you can find part 2 Linkhere.


Nominations for the next LDU elections have begun.

"I would request everyone to participate in elections and run government this time because me, Potenzia KLDU, Sjevre and Sulasburg - all of us have been in the government more then twice, I guess - so please, this time there should be some new candidates otherwise the executive offices will keep revolving around us few nations and thatís the reason [...] which I am not participating in elections for the second time," said Chitral KLDU.

More info can be found here.


Amount of Strikes: 197

Amount of Radiation Sustained: 1252

Final Score: -1055

More info can be found here.


Welcome to the Liberal Democratic Union:

New rutan
OF Courscant

Regional Roleplay News


A map of the Rusnian front.
On the Rusnian front, the Sjevreans have successfully recaptured Nizhny Novgorod with encircling tactics.

Several Sjevrean army regiments are on their way to the Ural Mountains.

Meanwhile, on the German front, the Sjevrean High Council has reported a mass capture of hundreds of paratroopers from Das viertes kaiserreich.

All of the weapons they had were confiscated.

"The first success shows that Sjevre can certainly stand his ground against the so-called unbeatable German Empire that has been torpedoing the poor peoples of the Savraan Union for months with bombs and mustard gas." declared one Sjevrean tabloid newspaper.

"It is time to plan a counterattack, even if a perfect date hasn't come in sight yet."

The Sjevrean army is estimated to be about 4 times stronger than the German army.

However, the same cannot be said for the Sjevrean air force.

The Sjevrean air force and the German air force are believed to be mostly evenly matched.

The Sjevrean military high command has therefore estimated that it will not be easy.

However, Glory Be Ferret has been sending weapons and other military equipment to Sjevre for a while now.

These weapons could make it easier for the Sjevreans.


Flag of Vantier.
400,000 Vantierian soldiers sent to Greater Rutan

After several weeks of preparation, the 400,000 new recruits in the military are now ready to be sent to Greater rutan.

They have been equipped with the latest in weapons technology.

The 6th mechanized infantry, 2nd armored and the 5th, 3rd and 4th infantry divisions will be sent to Greater Rutan to help General Justinian win the ongoing Rutanian civil war.

Vantier expands government surveillance program

All mobile phones in Vantier now have special software installed that monitors everything citizens do and say online.

If the software detects that you say something suspicious, it will send a message to the Vantierian Intelligence Agency (VIA).

The VIA will then send agents to your house to spy on you - once they gather enough evidence that you are a "traitor", your execution will normally occur in less than 4 hours.

Asians in Vantier given equal rights

South Asians and East Asians in Vantier have finally been granted equal rights.

The ruling Liberal Party has recognised the potential economic benefits of getting more people to enter the economy.

Despite this, the new equal rights policy does not apply to black people.


Ferretian peacekeeping forces.
On Thursday, GBF forces carried out a mass bombardment on a stronghold containing several FIR members.

The building was fully secured within a few hours.

The next morning, reinforcements arrived at the building and discovered the body of Alfred Henderson.

Doctors arrived at the stronghold 30 minutes later.

They verified that Henderson was dead.

Henderson's death caused the FIR movement to fall into disarray.

The FIR surrendered shortly following this.

Celebrations have taken place all over the country.


News from Mishima Financial Group

The Mishima Polytechnical School have erected a statue of Chairman Heihachi Mishima to thank him for bringing peace to the country by almost completely eliminating all members of the Yggdrasil terrorist group in Gunma prefecture.

The Mishima government has denied claims made by Yggdrasil that the Mishima Tekken Force set fire to dead bodies during the anti-Yggdrasil operations and they have asked Mishimans to supply any new information regarding the Yggdrasil to their local Tekken Force Protectorate Officers, so that the Yggdrasil can be eliminated from all other prefectures too.

Revolution in OF Courscant

A monarchist revolution is taking place in OF Courscant - although it began shortly after President Klaus Lohannis announced that he would join the Sjevre-Rusnia war, the revolts currently seem to be unrelated to that.

The rest of the world first heard of the revolution when Lohannis made the following announcement over radio:

"Hello? Hello, can you hear us? We are broadcasting the last Romanian radio communication. Today, monarchist insurgent troops entered Bucharest and outside of the Government Building. We send brotherly love to Romanian Soldiers fighting in the Russian front. Romania has not yet perished. Long Live Romania!"

It is currently unknown who the new Tsar (Emperor) will be.

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