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"I am here."

What do you think of, when you hear "Believe in yourself?"

Do you feel doubts swirling inside your head? Do you question yourself, and what you've done lately? Do you think you aren't good enough? If you think any of these things, it's okay. It's okay to feel doubts, or want to second guess yourself at times, because you are only human, and it is an entirely natural thing to feel when you may be uncertain, or life may be getting you down, bombarding you with constant, never-ending pangs of stress that you do not know how to cope with. It may feel impossible, it may feel utterly hopeless to disparage yourself of your doubts, to instead let them continue to swirl inside your head, affecting your future. Affecting you. Uncertainty in times of stress may feel like it is not too big of an issue, you may think, "Oh, I have time still. It's fine." or, "I don't have to worry, I'll just figure it out as I go along." Whether you feel procrastinate in the face of stress, or perhaps you want to shrug it off, dismiss it so you don't have to deal with these bad thoughts and worries, we all have our ways of dealing with it, and that is okay.

However, that doesn't mean you have to keep going through this cycle. The cycle of "Oh, it's fine, I'll just deal with it later." or "It's fine. I'll distract myself with other things." These things may help you in the moment, in the short-term, but they will not help you in the long term. Whatever is at the back of your mind, whatever stresses, doubts, or worries that may linger there will eventually resurface. Because, as humans, it's just how we react to certain things. That doesn't mean you have to deal with these things forever, though. What may originally be thought out to be impossible to be rid of, or even that you've already accepted that "This is just how I will feel. I cannot do anything about it."

You're here. Even though you have all these things on your mind, perhaps as addons to the negative feelings of an already day, a bad week, or even a bad month. Maybe things aren't inherently 'bad' though, either, maybe you have your stresses as you carry along through a monotonous process of repeating cycles, day by day, week by week. Perhaps you think that your routine will stay as it is, and that may also bother you. That's okay too, because no matter the circumstances, whether it be the monotony of life, depression, or just a tragic and dark chain of events that have surrounded your day-to-day life, maybe you've lost someone in your family, maybe you lost your job, or you're starting to feel hopeless amongst the chaos of modern living, with constant tales of depressing news bombarding you day-by-day.

You are still here. The sheer willpower it takes to get through any of these things is incredibly admirable, you may not think this, you may think "I'm just dealing with it as it comes." or "I'm just living. I'm not happy or sad." But you don't have to feel that way, you don't have to feel neutral, or fatalistic, or feel used to constant negative feelings. You should take a minute to say, "I am here." It may do nothing, it may not change anything about how you may feel, and that's okay, but just taking a moment to feel retrospective, taking in the negatives of your current situation, and saying, "I am here.", "I am still here.", something that may sound like so little, truly means a lot. As many others have not been so fortunate. Life, unfortunately, is fleeting, as it is the natural order of things, but just know that I am proud of you for still being here.

For being able to say, "I am here." Is an achievement. Maybe the most insignificant achievement to some, but it is 'something', when you feel down on your luck, and need a win, or have been faced with constant negative feelings that feel impossible to deal with, you have still won, you're alive.
You are still here.

You have taken your stresses, your worries, whatever may be bothering you, and let it go for a second. You were able to breath in, take a moment, and say, "I am here." To push against whatever you may be feeling, to remind yourself that, among all this sadness or chaos, you continue to live through it. You don't let it take hold of you and cripple you from your life. You don't let it take over entirely and do something very tragic to yourself.
You. Are. Still. Here.

Whoever you are, and to whoever is reading this, take a minute out of each day, and remind yourself that you're still kicking through the mess that is life, and whatever issues may be plaguing yours. That may not be enough, but I believe in you, you can do with that what you will, but I do. I know I am simply a stranger within NS, but that does not change my belief in any way. I want you to try your best to believe in yourself, to try to push through your issues, and strive to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be, because you are worth it.
You are deserving of happiness, and you are worth any and all respect I can possibly offer to you.

For you, are still here.

Orlesian states