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Squirreltopian Ministries (W.I.P)

“All Squirrels Made Equal” - Bigger Squirrel.

Squirreltopian Ministry of Diplomacy
“Diplomacy Over War”

About: The Squirreltopian Ministry of Diplomacy (or SMD) is the government’s diplomatic (and smallest) ministry, they usually receive and make diplomatic messages, but there are certain rare cases when the SMD will actually send highly armed squirrels into battlefields (which, battle itself is rare for squirreltopia) to send message with allies across enemy lines, these squirrels have no actual classification, but most call them “Peacebringers” (as their weaponry are called “Peacebringing grade weaponry”) although heavily armed, Peacebringers rarely ever come back.

“A single civilian casualty is unacceptable”

About: The Squirreltopian Protection Force is a defensive ministry within squirreltopia, the ministry is the ministry in charge of civilian protection, to them, a single civilian casualty, squirrel or not, is unacceptable and should be viewed as a failure of their jobs, the SPF usually deals with the protection of civilians and civilians escaping their cruel dictatorships, due to this, the SPF is viewed more of a police force and border protection ministry than a defense ministry, in war, the SPF are deployed to trees under attack by enemy forces to evacuate civilians and remove the threat no mater the cost because the civilians are more important to them than their own lives. Out of war, the SPF usually deal with domestic violence, crime and disputes, the faster they’re deployed, the more they can save.