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The Balooist Party of Calista (JOKE)


[center][font=cambria][size=180][b]The Balooist Party of Callista[/b][/size][/font]
[i][size=90]"Have a prickly bear or else."[/size][/i]


Believing that Baloo is Lord and Savior of Callista and should naturally be its only leader. Baloo will take power via force if necessary.[/box]

[box][b][size=120]Baloo is in power[/size][/b]

Advocating for Baloo Autocracy and the forced abdication of the Tsar[/box]

[box][b][size=120]Universal Prickly Pears[/size][/b]

Prickly pears will be provided by the government for every citizen. Consumption of prickly pears is mandatory for your continued existence.[/box]

[box][b][size=120]Barl E Ban[/size][/b]

Of course we will ban [nation]Barl Goodman[/nation] from Calista because he is a filthy chess player![/box]


There is no conclusion, there is only Baloo. Vote for us this October or we will repossess your organs![/box]


[nation]Baloo Kingdom[/nation] (Honorary Member)
[nation]Tolarian Academy[/nation]

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