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Ministerio de Economía - Economy (WIP)

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Telaholoyan has a highly developed free-market economy, with on of the largest nominal GDPs and net wealth in the world, and a moderate per capita GDP. Much of the Telaholoyani economy is based on the manufacturing industry, though in recent decades, the nations has been shifting more towards the information and technology industries. The Telaholoyani peso is one of the most used currencies in the world, and the sixth largest reserve currency, due to its generally stable economy and government, as well as its importance in both Transatlantic and Transpacific trade routes.

Telaholoyani is a major exporter of goods,  particularly natural resources, where it exports the largest amount of silver and gold by country, while also standing near the top in coal, oil, natural gas, iron and nickel export rankings. It also exports large amounts of manufactured goods, though the industry has been declining in recent years. As the technology industry has been surging in Telaholoyan, numerous tech companies have popped up, even growing to international levels, and both Telaholoyani produced electronics, such as phones and computers, as well as Telaholoyani owned digital commerce have seen use on a global scale.

Telaholoyan holds control over numerous important shipping routes, with both the Nicaragua and Panama Canals, as well control over numerous Caribbean islands. As a result of many ships having to pass through them, Telaholoyan makes a significant amount of toll revenue from both the canals and Caribbean island straits. The importance of the canals and straits also grants Telaholoyan significant political power and leverage, as it has the capability to prevent ships from passing through.

Telaholoyan is a part of the World Bank, Global Trade Organization, and International Monetary Fund, as well as other global economic organizations. Telaholoyan also is part of both the North American Free Trace Agreement (NAFTA) and Latin American Free Trade Agreement (LAFTA). Telaholoyan also has numerous trade agreements with other nations and supranational organizations, such as the European Union, African Union, and Association of Southeast Asian States. In recent months, Telaholoyan has been attempting to make a separate trade agreement with [nation=noflag]Malazinca[/nation], allowing it unlimited access to trade within the Americas, but no official agreement has been constructed as of yet.