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The Final Revolution

After the destruction of National California and the overthrow of the Dictator Francisco Rabata by Anarchist Insurgent groups, multiple Anarchist and Communist Federations and Communities were formed. It was quickly proven that without a way to coordinate and and unify, the Anarchists would be open to invasion and destruction. Keeping true to Anarchist ideology, the great Confederation of Californian Anarchists, after being founded only a year earlier, called a General Discussion to order. The topic of the discussion was solutions to the problem of incoordination by the Anarchists. After 6 weeks of discussion, the representatives came to an agreement. They placed their new idea up to General Vote throughout all of their Communities, and with an astounding 3/4 Communities voting in favor, National California was reestablished. This time, under the name “The Council Communist Union of California.” This Nation would act as a Transition State, and a way to protect the Anarchists and their Communities from outside invasions. The Communities retain full autonomy, but they have all voluntarily come together to form this Union. The Communities that form the Council Communist Union of California are the Combined Syndicates of California, The California Makhnovia, and the Mutual Aid Communities of Calygrad. Long may our Union last!