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N-Day⁷ // The Strategy // Canopy


The Strategy
Canopy N-Day Guide




Military Specialists:

  • Focus Military Specialist nations on producing nukes, except for during the first couple hours (see below), and/or when given a specific order to produce shields.

  • Start by gathering production for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes, target your nukes on a faction that we're currently targetting, and launch 10 minutes afterwards. Immediately begin producing nukes again. This structure will repeat each hour. If you want, you can check in with other nations and coordinate attacks on the top of the hour.

Strategic Specialists:

  • Focus Strategic Specialist nations on producing shields.

  • Try to gather production approximately every 40 minutes, and keep a special watch out for launches or counter-launches taking place on the hour.

  • Shield nations with lower damage first.

Economic Specialists:

  • All Economic Specialist nations should be producing shields unless given a specific order to do otherwise.

  • Let your nation gain production for around 6 hours if you can before harvesting it to maximise your efficiency.

  • If you have to go offline for a long period of time, make sure to set up your Economic Specialist nation(s) so they will be full when you get back.

Intel Specialists:

  • Same as strategic specialists: produce shields! Yes, this seems like a lot of shields. Trust us -- we'll need them!

Other important notes:

  • The first few hours after the event begins will be somewhat special:

    • All nations, including Military Specialists, should only produce shields in order to create a stockpile for future protection. Command Leaders will make it clear when, likely sometime in the first hour or two, you can start making nukes as a Military Specialist.

    • Therefore, absolutely no firing on other factions until the Command Leaders make it clear. We need to amass supplies before attacking. That said, any incoming nukes should be shielded.

  • In general, expect our list of allies to be long and our list of enemies at any given time to be short. We don't want to provoke any unnecessary conflicts. We will focus on completely cleaning out a faction or two at a time instead of attacking many all at once.