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Occupied Trees of Squirreltopia WIP

Trees essentially are squirrel cities

BIGTREE: The Capital of squirreltopia. Bigtree got its name due to the tree being unnaturally big for the forest, so big, in fact, that itís branches make up most of the buildings. (if youíd call them that) Bigtree comes with multiple benefits for being big, such as it a strategic area for warfare and more room for squirrels. (among many other benefits) but also downsides, itís harder to bring water and food supplies, diplomacy takes longer, and it stands out. Bigtree is popular for many obvious reasons, itís a big tree and the most diplomatic squirrel clan lives in it.

SAPTREE: a rather urban tree, known for its historical buildings, that was until the attack on Saptree during the Two-Day War, where it was chopped down, and burnt, but with a partnership with My bedrom, Saptree is being rebuilt, and is expected to house survivors of the Saptree incident and veterans from the Two-Day War.