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Foreign relations with the world

Allied Nations and Friends
These nations are friends of Dotiria and will help during wars.
Sociedade de Nisyales

Nations with Amiable Relations
These nations are not allies but we still have good relations.
United villages of eisbutch

Neutral Nations/Noninteracted Nations
All nations not otherwise listed in this factbook are in this category.We do not have good or bad relations.

Nations Under Watch
These nations act sus or feel like want a war whether for conquest of Dotiria or revenge of an old war in the eyes of Ruben Garner; thus we will check them at all times.
Improper classifications
North Bulgaristan

Enemies of the State
These nations are enemies of Dotiria, who have threatened us with war or ruining precious Dotirian stuff or just that love going against everything Dotiria does.


Irreparable Enemies or Conquered Nations
These nations are beyond a treaty or a reversal; they are forever ingrained in our history as nations that have disgraced us.