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Recruitment Awards & Recognition, September 2022

Recruitment Program Results, 21 August – 20 September

Recap and Awards

This section recaps statistics and winners from this month. See the second section for news on what changes and additions we’re making for next month.

Our first month (21 August – 20 September) of the manual recruitment program has concluded with some excellent results. Regional growth has continued, and we have seen wonderful engagement through the program. It has shown to be a diligent way for many people to get involved and help the region, and this dispatch celebrates our month of success and tells you what’s new for the next month.

For starters, let’s congratulate Creeperopolis on being the Top Recruiter for The League and Concord. His efforts have been intense, and he has more than earned his victory. In second place, we have Quebecshire / Fort Concord (me), and Icaris / Krystallum is in third place. All of those three have earned Legendary cards from our stockpile!

As for the participation awards, every person who signed up for the recruitment team has earned an Epic card, as all did the minimum one-hour requirement to earn it. Congratulations everyone! You’ve all done great. For next month we’re bringing you more, as well as better prizes/recognitions, so keep reading!

Across the month, we had 25 recruiters who did a total 528 hours of recruitment, with double digit hours being completed by 12 recruiters. These numbers are incredible, but let’s see how many of them we can beat this next month!

Considering we have many top-notch recruiters who started late this month, breaking these numbers for the next is hopefully quite possible!

For the full leaderboard from this past month for both recruitment hours, click on the spoiler below!

So, what’s new this month?

This section covers new additions we’re bringing to the recruitment team for the next month of the program, based largely on suggestions from the team on our forum.

Below includes all the changes we’re making to the program for the next month, and our guides will be updated to advertise this. Have some more ideas? Post them in our Linkrecruitment suggestions thread on our forum!

  • The “top three” prizes are being changed to the “top third” prizes. Meaning, if we have 9 recruiters, then the top 3 would get these prizes, but if there are 18 recruiters, then the top 6 would, and so on. This is to make things more attainable, and to better recognize top performers based on the proportion of work they do!

  • Medals! We’re instituting a monthly regional medal/honor for recruiters based on hour-achievements. There will be three tiers of recognition for this: Bronze (20 hours), Silver (50 hours), and Gold (80 hours). It is our hope this will help recruiters with setting goals and attaining them. Good luck, and go show the region what you’re made of!

  • A new month of scoring! Every month, we reset the hour counts to zero for the next one, so it’s fair and people have an earnest chance at winning each time. Don’t worry, though, all-time statistics are also documented, so you will always have all your efforts recorded.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the program, and that includes getting more recruiters. Remember, recruitment is something anyone can do and it is extremely helpful for the region’s strength and growth! If you want to make a difference in the community, telegram Fort Concord to sign up today.