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The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update, 2022-09-18

The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update

September 18, 2022
Vice Delegate's Report

Greetings TNPers and others who might be reading this,

This is your new Vice Delegate speaking. This week's update is necessarily brief, coming off the back of our September elections.

The Security Council's main focuses this week have been assisting me with the transition and training me on all the fancy buttons we can push. I would encourage all WA residents of the North Pacific to endorse me as soon as possible so that the transition can continue apace, and hopefully conclude soon.

We also dealt with Kastonvia's Security Council application, which should be submitted for the Regional Assembly's consideration this upcoming week. I would encourage everyone to get involved and discuss the application when it does reach the RA.

I have nothing new to share with the region about progress on declassification beyond the release of Executive Council logs beyond the SC's purview which I worked on last term in my capacity as Minister of Foreign Affairs. However, with my University having a four-day weekend this upcoming week going into next for the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah, I believe I will get started on the declassification process then, but, as always, time will tell.

Additionally, as a note about this week's report image, data reflect differences between the last Vice Delegate's Report on the 15th of August and not from last week, so just a note to keep it in mind!

All My Best,

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