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I guess that you all thought that I've left this "godforsaken" site for good, but well, I hate to break it to you, that's not really the case. In fact  I've been quite struggling to find a new hobby to fill in the void that NationStates left behind, but mostly, I watch YouTube, ocassionaly browse Google and  Wikipedia, and do things on Photoshop half the time, it's really a new feeling to finally be leaving an addictive thing that has taken some of my pride away, but I guess that's for the greater good, I imagine this is what it's like to leave Reddit behind, only that it's like 5-10 times more addictive compared to NationStates. Now, onto the stuff I was gonna write down in the first place. 

If I'm gonna be honest, NationStates is rather good, but the regional communities and moderation team aren't, judging by my decidedly half-traumatic experiences with the two, it also came to my attention that none of the people from the two aforementioned groups seem to look toward the positive side of me, but they tend to focus more on my negative side and all the "cRiMeS" I did against their puritan site. I remember New Engiresco remarking that the TNP community has taken to making me "public enemy no. 1" further demonstrating how aggresive regional communities could get, and what could happen when moderation gets involved into the fray, or if they decide to side with the regional community. 

I should also add here that I still hold a degree of resentment over the moderation team for how they treated me ever since I got my first forumban, and I'm not really ashamed to say that I hate moderators, regardless of what site they come from, because they only follow orders to a T, and show no actual feelings toward the people they are targeting, at least that's how I feel about them. 

And about the rulebreaking hullaballoo that you TNPers are so obsessed about, why do I say obsessed? because if you guys aren't obsessed with my past, you wouldn't constantly bring it up all the time, or even reprimand me over those things on the RMB, I guess that none of you care about the fact that I swear to change and not make the same stupid mistakes i made in the past. And that's the thing, I am curious as to why you guys are obsessed with my past, and in particular, the mistakes and the "crimes" I made, I feel like a rational person wouldn't bring another person's past up so often, that it becomes the subject of everyday conversations, I know that I'm exaggerating a bit, but still, you get my point. 

And now, the conclusion of this final message. 

I think that both moderation and regional communities all have their goods and bads, though their bad side could bring about torment to anyone that could provoke it, and it seems that I happen to be in their bad side's path of destruction. The first time it happened, I bounced back in the form of Arpasia from the ruins of Cereskia's former reputation, but as the saying goes, nothing lasts forever, and Arpasia's time came rather early, both only lasted 2 years before moderation deleted them, and their names are now soiled, disgraced. I'm sad to see that the two didn't stood the test of time, but now, because I have now left the site, the positive sides of Cereskia and Arpasia will still live on in the hearts of numerous users on the site, and I can confidently say that moderation will never drag my good name through the mud ever again. 

Yours truly and sincerely, Ceres.