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Timely Advice for a Nuclear Apocalypse


Friends, Regionmates, lend me just a moment of your time. We, children of the almighty Atom, may once again look to the horizon for the coming of our nuclear saviour! It is time to look outside ourselves, to those standing to our left and right, name them our compatriots, and join together in jolly cooperation to flatten all opposition while shielding ourselves from the resulting radioactive fallout.

N-Day is probably coming on September 24 this year. Itís an annual tradition on NationStates in which factions are created and do battle with one another. The goal of N-Day is to cause the most destruction to the other factions while mitigating as much as possible from ourselves. Refugia has been up and down on this event in the past. We first participated in N-Day 2019, during which Refuge Isle, Chacapoya, and Sylh Alanor held out heroically against the full cavalry charge from the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but were ultimately wiped out. In 2020, we participated in Ba Sing Se, a faction that not only placed in the top five, but was the only faction of its calibre to fully block all incoming nukes. In 2021, Councillor Feu de Glace created her own faction for Refugia, but we ultimately fell short of our best hopes, getting targeted pretty early for destruction.

This year, weíve been invited to participate in the Potato Alliance as one of its core member regions! This faction contains our embassy friends Spiritus and 10000 Islands and several other regions Refugi call home. Potato Alliance is much smaller this year than it has been in the past, but should still be a very fun time, so I highly recommend checking out their dispatch series on the faction.

How Does N-Day?

Thatís all well and good, Emily, but what even am I supposed to do on N-Day?

Thatís a fair question! Iím going to give the basics here, but if you want a more in-depth guide (at least until I can write a proper How Does), I suggest checking out [Violet]ís very detailed guide found here.

When N-Day begins, youíll see a faction header that displays the top factions in stats that rotate on page refresh, and a nuclear symbol (see left) on your nation page that will take you to the main N-Day page, page=nukes. If you click that link right now, youíll probably find that thereís not a lot there. During the event, youíll get updates in the space underneath the header bar on things going on in your faction.

The launch codes are probably hidden here

I'd like one shiny nuke please!

When you sign up for N-Day, youíll be assigned a specialisation. You will either be a military specialist (producing nukes for less), strategic specialist (producing shields for less), economic specialist (higher production cap), or intel specialist (faster targeting). You can use this to determine your nationís speciality during the event, focusing more on attack or defence, or just do what you want and accept the inefficiencies.

You will start generating a resource called production as soon as you sign up, at a rate of 1 production every 2 minutes. This is admittedly pretty slow, so the early game will likely be hanging out in the discord working out strategy so weíre ready once people have resources saved up. When you click on on the Production tab, it will show you your current production and what you can buy with it. If youíre a Military or Strategic specialist, the higher payment options usually give you more per production, and should be prioritised if you can get them.

If you are focusing on nuke production, youíll receive targeting instructions in the server. Shield specialists will also get instructions in the server, but as theyíre reacting to events, youíll be more welcome to stop incoming nukes targeting faction-members. Youíll see launched nukes targeting faction members in the activity feed, and can block them as theyíre in flight, one shield for each nuke.

Those are the basics- itís an easy event to participate in, but wildly complex if you want to get in the weeds. There will be people around in the server who can explain more, and youíll be able to pick up on things quickly once the event begins on September 24, 2022.

Best of luck, Refugi, I believe in you.

Sylh Alanor
Councillor of Operations