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PRAF Report 9/12/2022 - We're Grillin' and Chillin'

[box][font=Franklin Gothic][background-block=firebrick]
[color=gold][b][size=300]PRAF Goes to A BBQ[/size]

[center][colour=white][b][size=300]The Raid on The Western Commonwealth[/size][/b][/colour][/center]
[size=100][center]The raid slash trans pride BBQ at [region]The Western Commonwealth[/region] has been successfully wrapped up! The last sodas have been drunk, the last steaks grilled (medium rare, mind you), and the last sucky natives banjected. PRAF managed a neat 32 pilers for this, a number which is nothing impressive for us, but is interesting to have as a baseline for how strong our pull is when we're only giving it minimum effort. (Given that TWC had been marked as DND and was a relatively young region, our minimum effort still wrapped it up in a week sharp.) It's also worth taking a moment to appreciate how far PRAF has come. When it was first refounded, the idea of having 32 pilers on minimal effort would have likely seemed impossible. Now, it's completely normal for us! I'm very excited to see how we grow in the future as more members join and current members gain further experience.[/center]


[center][i]Our very own [nation]Kireerva[/nation] snagged the refound for the region, immortalizing it with an admittedly ego-fueling me-themed founder nation.[/i][/center]


[center][colour=white][b][size=300]PRAF Statistics[/size][/b][/colour][/center]

[b]Air Marshall[/b]
[nation]Pan Kath[/nation] (R/O)

[b]Pilot Officers[/b]
[nation]Kireerva[/nation] (R/O)
[nation]Kingdom of Voidstania[/nation]

[b]Flight Sergeants[/b]
[nation]SAFT in TCB[/nation]


[b]Pilot Officer[/b]
[nation]New Astri[/nation]

[b]Flight Sergeants[/b]
[nation]The Salhia[/nation]

[b]King Vulture[/b] (Reservist)
[nation]Malaya Communism[/nation]

[b]Hell Hawks[/b] (Reservists)
[nation]Socialist Republic of Mountairio[/nation]

[b]Bomber Eagle[/b] (Reservist)
[nation]Soviet Kem[/nation]

[b]Fledgling Falcons[/b] (Reservists)
[nation]Socialist Indian Republics[/nation]
[nation]4D Donkeys[/nation]

[b]Nestlings[/b] (Reservists)
[nation]Crimson Tree[/nation]

[b]Recruited by [nation]New Astri[/nation][/b]
[nation]Scolony of Ants[/nation]
[nation]Hammas Pizzeria[/nation]

[b]Solidarity Squadron[/b] (NSLeft)
[nation]Venusian Soviets[/nation]

We have quite a few Reservist promotions after this one! An exciting amount of people joined the Reserves for the raid, and we're having some more Nestlings achieve their first battle star and rank up here. Congratulations to everyone on another well-fought battle.

[nation]Soviet Kem[/nation] has been promoted to the rank of [b]Hell Hawk![/b]

[nation]Neo-Vegashima[/nation] has been promoted to the rank of [b]Bomber Eagle![/b]

[nation]Sappholesbos[/nation], [nation]Aleutland[/nation], [nation]Crimson Tree[/nation], and [nation]Arsa[/nation] have all been promoted to the rank of [b]Fledgling Falcon![/b]


[i](Note: Despite attempts to be thorough, I may occasionally miss mentioning a nation in the Statistics list. If you participated but were not mentioned, please telegram me, and I will correct it ASAP. We appreciate all of our brave pilots!)[/i]