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Preparation - Anime Nations Against Liberals

Before NDay

  • Familiarise yourself with what NDay is! But what is it you say? Simple! We have different guides at your disposition to answer this question: the Preparation Guide (this one), our Standing Orders, and Testlandia's guide N-Day: What You Need to Knowó all of which are linked to in the header of this dispatch. This specific page focuses on what you should do before AND during the event. Understanding both is essential to success. Though you can perfectly have fun just fooling around with the event anyway!

  • Be sure to join our Discord Server where all the fun happens! Live orders will be delivered here, and it's always better to experience the event as a group!

  • Create puppets: They (additional accounts that are not your main) are greatly helpful for our success, as more nations means more production, more nukes, and shields! You may open the spoiler below for a quick guide on how to streamline your puppet creation process PLEASE NOTE YOU NEED 12 MILLION POPULATION (reached after a week of being created) FOR YOUR PUPPET TO BE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY NDAY:

    You can do this by creating additional puppet nations. Your puppet nations are required to have a minimum population, so itís best if you start creating and preparing your nations now!
    (Like Now Now Now)

    Itís simple to create a single puppet nation, and not much harder for multiple puppet nations!

    Simply head over to the nation creation page

    Scroll down all the way and click next
    (Yes the questions are skippable!)

    Afterwards, fill in your nation name, and click create!

    If you want to make multiple puppet nations at once, hold the Control Button and Click. A new tab will open with the created puppet nation.
    Change the name of your puppet nation and CTRL-Click again.
    Rinse and repeat for the number of puppet nations that you would like to create

  • Consider taking a look at the Tools page if you've decided on using puppets. They will greatly enhance your ability to use them and increase the efficiency at which you do so!

During Nday:

  • Join our regionís faction: this faction will be called Anime Nations Against Liberals, and a link will be provided to it when the event starts. Directions to it, once it is made, will also be available in the Discord and on the RMB of the Anime Nations Against Liberals region.

  • Begin production: We invite you to choose between three possibilities:

    • Join the Versatile Gang and specialise each of your puppets based on their classes: see each of them below:

      • If you have a Military Specialist: This nation requires less production to craft nukes. Equals to 50% more nukes when converting a full stockpile of production.

      • If you have a Strategic Specialist: This nation requires less production to craft shields. Equals to 50% more shields when converting a full stockpile of production.

      • If you have an Economic Specialist: This nation can store four times as much production than them (200 vs 50).

      • If you have an Intel Specialist: This nation finishes its targeting twice as fast as the others. Allows for a quicker attack. Does not have any production bonus whatsoever.

    • Join the Nuke Gang and only produce nukes no matter what specialisation your puppets possess: recommended if you have too many puppets (20-30+) to keep track of each of their specialisations.

    • Join the Shield Gang and only produce shields no matter what specialisation your puppets possess: recommended if you have too many puppets (20-30+) to keep track of each of their specialisations.

  • Check the faction page: Our faction page will feature crucial information like our current orders, possible agreements with other factions, and so on.

  • Play as a team: join the faction VC, talk in the discord channels within the District 13 category or interact on the RMB with people! Coordination with your other faction members once orders are given is the key to our survival, for our great coalition will be under attack from the liberals! In addition and as said before, it's always a better experience when you play as a group! :D

After Nday:

  • Accept the results: May or may not our faction survive its siege, remember that what counts is the journey! Reaching our goal will enhance our experience, but it is not most of it!