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Commonwealth Foreign Relations [Font Update]

National Overview, Great Orlesian Military, Foreign Affairs and The Great Orator links are now online.
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Greetings. My name is Giles D'Fontaine, and I am the Royal Ambassador of Orlesia. I am the Charge d'Affaires (CDA) of the Ministry of Foreign Relations (MFR), and it brings me great pleasure to inform you that GOO. Francois S. D'Chautee has momentarily weakened the stance of Isolationism within the Commonwealth and has opened Diplomatic Channels to all nations. We shall be adding nations we have formal relations with here, in a sort of ranking system, going from Trusted Allies to Enemies of the Great Orlesian Orator.

If you are to find yourself on this list, and would like to be removed, whether it be for the reason that you do not like being mentioned, or you do not wish to be in official relations with the Commonwealth, please open a channel with me, and send a direct telegram to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We will respond in due time, thank you for your patience and understanding in these diplomatic matters, as Orlesia will get better acquainted with our Foreign Relations management in time.

Trusted Friends
These nations are considered the 'tried' and 'true' friends of Orlesia. The Great Orlesian Orator has significant interest in maintaining mutual relations with these nations and will do whatever possible to assist them in their future economic, militaristic, or scientific endeavors.

Allied Nations
These nations are considered to be, in some way, shape, or form, trade partners, military allies, or just mutually agreed allies in some way or another. The Great Orlesian Orator respects these nations highly, and is more than willing to respect their interests.
    Kingdom of intermaria

    Allistair union

Amicable Relations
These nations are considered 'positive' in terms of relations with the Commonwealth. While not specifically aligning to any alliances or agreements between each party, the Great Orlesian Orator still looks on these nations favorably, perhaps with interest for deepened relations over time.


Insignificant or under Observation
These nations are considered to be either insignificant to the Great Orlesian Orator, or, to be frank, suspicious in his watchful eyes. He watches them closely, awaiting for them to make a mistake, and drive our mutual relations down to outright hostilities. Be wary if you are on this list, for we are always observing.
    For now, no nation is considered to be insignificant or suspect of the Great Orlesian Orator.

Tensions Rising
These nations are considered to be an afront to the Orator himself. They have slighted Orlesia in some way, shape, or form, and will be watched very closely. Not only by the Orator and his many eyes, but by Royales' Brigade strike teams. Worsened relations will cause outright conflict. That is a promise.
    For now, no nation is considered to have affronted the Great Orator, and tensions are not rising between anybody in Orlesia's eyes at the moment.

Enemies of the Great Orlesian Orator
It comes with a heavy heart for me to say that relations with these nations have deteriorated to such a point. They are to be considered enemies of Orlesia in every way, shape, and form imaginable, and will be eliminated without mercy. The Orator himself has deigned to destroy these nations personally, if you are on this list, you have done something irreparable, and will pay for it, so say the Great Orlesian Orator.

Please note, this dispatch looks much better with Dark mode enabled.
Also, I would consider this dispatch to be IC and OOC, because I admire all of you greatly,
even if some alliances wouldn't make sense between the Commonwealth and your nation.

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