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The Free Nations Region Roleplay | Rules

Section 1: General Rules

  1. This is the Free Nations Roleplay Rules, all Roleplayers must abide by these Rules.

  2. The Free Nations Roleplay is Headed by the Roleplay Delegate and the Deputy Roleplay Delegate, who appoints Roleplay Moderators, Military Advisors, Economic Advisors, Grayspace Managers, Cartographers, and Stats Managers to form a Roleplay Moderation Team. Roleplay Moderators can also be appointed as Military Advisors, Economic Advisors, Grayspace Managers, the Cartographer, or Stats Managers.

  3. RP Moderators cater to the Roleplayers, and Roleplayers may demand change to the RP at any moment. As many as those who address a problem are entitled to a response.

Section 2: Nation-Making Rules

  1. Nations who want to join the RP must fill the [url=]RP Application Form.

  2. Every Roleplayer must have a Discord Account on the LinkOfficial Discord.

    1. The Roleplay Delegate may issue or revoke exemptions to Rule 2A on a temporary or permanent basis on a case per case basis.

  3. A player must control one main nation. Along with that, they have options. They can have two secondary nations, two shared nations, or one of each.

    1. A player must not control two or more Nations who share a land or maritime border.

    2. Nations have size limits which go as follows:

      1. 130,000 pixel (4,680,000 km2) starting size for mains and shared nations.

      2. 70,000 pixel (2,520,000 km2) starting size for secondaries.

    3. Microstates, which existed under the previous RP, fall under the category of a second secondary.

    4. Main and secondary nations (whether it be a secondary or a shared) must have some conflict. Even if they are politically similar, secondaries may not follow every action of the main nation, and vice versa. Economically, secondaries must not rely completely on main, and vice versa. The moderation reserves the right to investigate if this rule is being broken.

  4. A pixel on the RP Main Map is 6 km in length and 36 km2 in area.

  5. Free Nations Roleplay is based on Modern Technology. This means that any technology from the past, present, up to approximately the year 2050 is allowed. Magic is strictly forbidden. (see Section 7: Science)

  6. The Moderation reserved the right to alter or delete any lore with respect to continuity.

  7. Nations who submit their first Primary Nation Application are required to have a Mentor from a Roleplaying Mod or a Roleplaying Mentor.

    1. Mentorship is tracked on the FNRRP Economic Realm.

    2. Mentors must make proactive reach to the Mentee if possible.

    3. Mentorships will end 14 days from the beginning of the Mentorship formally, but both sides may keep an informal mentor/mentee relationship.
      Mentee Nations will receive 3 Retcon Credits(see Rule 34), which are tracked on the FNRRP Economic Realm and may be used to retcon an event in full. Retcon Credits are a pair and are of the datatype (Nation, Expiry Date). Retcon Credits expire in 2 months. See Requests Extraordinary for info about retcons.

  8. Nations may start with up to 10 trillion GDP and 800 million population. However, this may grow over time. (See Section 5, Rule 3)

Section 3: Code of Conduct

All Participants of the Roleplay must follow this Code of Conduct.

  1. Metagaming is Prohibited in any case.

    1. Metagaming is making IC actors act on OOC impulses and reasoning, or use IC actors to solve OOC disputes. For example, if Nation 1 says he will attack Nation 2 secretly within the future, Nation 2 cannot launch a pre-emptive strike and claim that Nation 1 was going to attack Nation 2 if there was no IC evidence produced.

  2. Godmodding is Prohibited in any case.

    1. Godmodding is controlling IC actors other than your own or the ones you’re allowed to act on. For example, if in the CRP, a player has a bodyguard character that is in roleplay. You cannot say that the bodyguard was secretly a hitman and assassinated the president of the player country.

  3. Creating Mary Sue actors/organisations/nations is Prohibited.

    1. Mary Sue characters/organisations are defined as characters or organisations that defy their natural capabilities without appropriate RP gravity given to it; they can perfectly succeed at something.

    2. Mary Sue nations are perfectly balanced and never have any flaws.

  4. Free Nations Roleplay caters to roleplayers of less than age 18. Therefore; this Roleplay forbids sexual roleplays (with no examples here, mind you). Extreme written Violence or Gore roleplays or mentions both IC or OOC are also forbidden. Illustrated Violence may happen but they must be placed in spoiler tags both on CRP and RMB.

  5. Characters within a roleplay may partake in illegal or immoral behaviours if it does not conflict with other rules, but Roleplayers must not discuss, mention or give advice about illegal or immoral topics out of character. Roleplayers who do write characters involved in these topics are expected to address them in a mature, respectful, and delicate manner.

  6. Nations are expected to accept the consequences of their actions.

  7. If your post may be sensitive for any reason and/or may cause confusion, they must be posted along with the appropriate Warning Tags and placed in spoilers.

  8. Everything on the RMB and CRP, except general channels, are assumed to be IC automatically. Use //, /, (, {, [, OOC: or spoiler tags to indicate OOC segments.

  9. Roleplays between two or more nations of any kind MUST have consent before it happens.

All Participants of the Roleplay must follow these Community Guidelines

  1. No Toxicity is allowed.

  2. No Bullying of any reason is allowed.

    1. This includes IC actions of repeatedly targeting a nation without valid IC reasons to escalate, as well as OOC name calling.

  3. There are no loopholes. Rules are implied to mean what they are with common sense. Conflicting and Ambiguous Rules are addressed by Supplement A.

    1. If any inconsistent rules or loopholes are found, they may be patched according to the authorial intent by the Mod team.

  4. A Roleplayer must not sockpuppet within the FNRRP.

  5. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden.

  6. Roleplayers are expected to respect other roleplayers - this includes prohibition of harassment, which is defined as content or activity that targets other users aggressively with the intent to upset or attack or not respecting requests to stop communication, topic or otherwise.

  7. FNR RP operates on a three strikes policy - each Rule above if offended carries a minimum penalty of a verbal warning up to a temporary ban of 1 month, and if 3 Warnings is placed on a Roleplayer that Roleplayer is to be temporarily banned for 1 month. The Moderation reserves the right for more severe punishment if the offending event is serious, including banning outright before 3 warnings are given.

  8. If a player leaves and rejoins the server 3 times in 1 week they may be banned based on the circumstances.

Section 4: Roleplaying Requirements

  1. Every Nation must make an IC post at least 14 days on the Free Nations Realm RMB or a scene on the FNR Character RP Discord Server.

    1. This may be voided for specific Nations which applied for and have active AFK status to the Cartographer. They may be exempted from Rule 11 as long as their AFK status is active, which defaults to 2 Months.

  2. Nations may apply to the Cartographer for AFK status.

  3. AFK status may be extended, contracted or revoked by the RP Administration on a case by case basis.

  4. If Section 4: Rule 1’s requirements are not met and/or the nation Leaves the Free Nations Region and does not return within a Day, the Nation is considered as Inactive. An Inactive Nation will be considered as Expired after 7 days of Inactive Status. If a Nation has made less than 10 posts, it will be rendered Whitespaced instead.

  5. A new Nation must post it's first post within 7 days after its founding, otherwise the Nation will be Whitespaced.

  6. Expired Nations may be Annexed pursuant to Section 8, Rule 7. If there is no Recommendation to Annexation issued on the Expired Nation within 7 days, the Nation will be Whitespaced.

Section 5: Economics

  1. Nations may start with at most 10 trillion GDP.

  2. Economic Advisors are ones that regulate the economy in the FNR RP.

  3. A Nation may apply for Natural Growth each month. In such an application the Nation may list stats they want to grow and the relevant policies enacted. Economic Advisors may modify the stats of the Applicant according to the application given, though RP Mod Team reserves the right to make more extreme changes. /#101

  4. Economic Advisors reserves the right to enact economic changes to a country if there is a difference between it’s IC standings to OOC representation given a majority in the RP Mod Team.

  5. Economic Advisors may redact or retcon IC posts which are 1) not possible under the economy of the Nation who made the IC post, 2) not suitable realistically or 3) IC unjustifiable posts that will give a Nation an economic advantage, obvious or otherwise.

  6. When any two nations are in War, Economic Advisors may, outside of Military Advisor and Grayspace Manager if any, impose economic damage on either side of the conflict within lore reason.

Section 6: Military

  1. Military Advisors are to regulate wars and military in FNR RP.

  2. A Nation, if it wishes to participate in wars, must have it’s Military Factbook reviewed by the current Military Advisors.

    1. Military Factbook Approval is subject to realism checks by the Military Advisors and approvals (including changes if applicable) is subject to the discretion of the Advisors.

    2. Military Factbook should include the current materiels and materiels in making owned by the Nation’s military.

    3. Equipment in a Military Factbook may be modeled off of real life or custom-developed.

    4. An Economic Moderator may issue a Recommendation to Not Approve on any Military Factbook being processed citing impossibility in sustaining the military indicated in the Factbook economically. Military Advisors should respect this Recommendation.

  3. A Military Advisor may moderate battles happening both on RMB and in the Character RP Discord, and they may use their methods to determine losses within ranges where the events are supported with their discretion.

  4. Military Advisors reserve the right to enact changes to a Military Factbook if there is a discrepancy in what was initially approved.

Section 7: Science

  1. Some Technologies may be marked as Experimental Technologies. They are not as reliable as current IRL technologies in production, but may confer specific advantages dependent on the technology in question.

      Weapons that utilise Experimental Technologies are called Experimental Weapons. They must be requested as Experimental Technology.
    1. Experimental Technologies must be technologies that can be demonstrated to be achievable in 50 years.

  2. Any introduction, manufacturing and/or development of Experimental Technology must be done by Request Extraordinary passed by Supermajority (⅔, rounded up) in the Modteam. (see Section 9, rule 5)

  3. Within reason, species that have been declared extinct in real life may exist in the RP. For example: if people knew about the endangerment of the Great Auk hundreds of years ago, and decided to protect them, Great Auks can still live as endangered species in the RP.

Section 8: Land Acquisition

  1. Wars must not be fought unless the following is all true:

    1. The Combatants consent OR a valid Casus Belli on the Defender by the Aggressor OR to join an ongoing War. /#202

      1. The Validity of a Casus Belli includes most war actions, but if a War begins under a valid Casus Belli the RP Mod Team will determine the validity of the specific Casus Belli before any offensive actions may be taken.

    2. The Combatants all have a valid Military Factbook excluding the Nation being Annexed, if any.

      1. If in an Annexation the Nation being Annexed has no Military Factbook the Grayspace Manager will consult with the Military Advisors to make a reasonable army for the Nation being Annexed.

    3. There is a valid War Objective.

    4. None of the Affected Territories is Whitespace.

  2. A War will be adminned by a Military Advisor.

  3. War Actions must not be undertaken against a nation which is not in war.

  4. A War involving non-Expired Nations must not include Annexation; or Occupation of more than 2 months as it’s War Objectives unless the Nation targeted by said War Objective consent. The consent referred by the preceding subclause must be obtained before the war happens to be effective. Any War Effects within the War itself and any non-Annexation War Effects have a maximum duration of 2 Months. /#101, #201

  5. Overdue War Effects may be cancelled unitarily. This is an OOC action and may not be responded to either in IC or OOC.

  6. War must only end with a mutual Ceasefire Agreement, a Declaration of Victory, a Conditional Surrender agreed by both sides, a unilateral Unconditional Surrender or an Effective Ceasefire as a default option if neither party made any war related posts in 21 days. In the case of a coalition war, nations are required to issue Ceasefire Agreements or Declarations of Victories individually.

  7. The RP Delegate may issue a Recommendation to Annexation if a player requests an Annexation on an Expired Nation and if the RP Delegate agrees that such Annexation will preserve the lore of the Expiring Nation. With a Recommendation to Annexation a Grayspace Manager for the Expired Nation will be appointed by the RP Delegate.

  8. The Grayspace Manager will determine the method the Annexation will take, as well as if the Nations who were granted the Recommendation to Annexation would annex the land. A Nation who were granted the Recommendation to Annexation would still need to roleplay the Annexation out. If the Grayspace Manager believes that the Nation who was granted the Recommendation made good enough work and/or factually removed the Opposition, a Grayspace Manager may grant that Nation who was granted a Recommendation a Declaration of Victory. /#203

  9. After a Declaration of Victory of an Annexation attempt, the Affected Regions are considered to be occupied by the nation who was granted the Recommendation to Annexation.

    1. Integration of an Occupation may only happen after Moderation Approval, which defaults to 20 days.

    2. Territories granted, gifted, purchased, or sold are considered to be Occupied as a Colony. They may be Integrated under Rule 9A.

  10. Land may be purchased from another nation if the following is true:

    1. Both nations consent to the purchase

    2. The population and GDP of the land in question is provided.

    3. A justifiable reason for purchasing land is given.

    4. The nation has not purchased land in the past month.

    5. All land purchases are reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis by the Mod team.

Section 9: Requests Extraordinary

  1. [There exists Requests Extraordinary which are more powerful and unbounded in their limits.

    1. Requests Extraordinary or other rule mandated actions may potentially wipe the preceding lore. This is indicated by “State Not Preserving”. SNP status is majorly used in Retcons and will be determined by the Modteam on a per case basis and will be announced if applicable. For actions that are specifically "State Preserving", lore must not be wiped.

    2. Requests Extraordinary must be submitted to a RP Moderator and passed by supermajority in the Modroom.

  2. Retcons (stats/events) are Requests Extraordinary and must be requested under the following format unless they’re using Retcon Credits:

    What are Retcons?
    Retcons are administrative actions that change or remove some events or statistics in the RP as a result of OOC disputes or other reasons as indicated by the Roleplay Moderation.

    Nation / Faction:
    Event to be Retconned OR Stats to be Retconned:
    Retcon Reasons:

  3. Firing Weapons of Mass Destruction are Requests Extraordinary, needs a unanimous vote to pass instead and must be requested under the following format:

    Nation / Faction:
    Target Nation / Faction:
    Launch / Deployment Site:
    Target Site:
    Estimated Damage:
    Area Recoverable?:
    Device Strength:
    Device Name:
    Deployment Reason:

  4. Any introduction, manufacturing and/or development of Experimental Technology are Request Extraordinary and must be requested under the following format:

    Name of the Experimental Technology:
    Is it an Experimental Weapon?:
    Cost and Time of Development:
    Prerequisite Technologies?:
    Principle of said Technology:

  5. Other Requests Extraordinary of any effects must be requested under the following format:

    Effects Required:
    Appeal to the Moderators:

  6. Custom military application forms can be found in this dispatch:

    Custom Equipment Application

    Note: Copy-paste the raw code of the application you wish to fill out into your own dispatch and post the link onto the appropriate Discord channel.

    Infantry Equipment Application

    Manufacturing Description

    Designers(Companies and Associated Nations):
    Research and Development Phase: Year1-Year2
    Production Phase: Year2-Year3
    Production Units:

    Barrel Length:

    Artillery Application

    Manufacturing Description

    Designers(Companies and Associated Nations):
    Research and Development Phase: Year1-Year2
    Production Phase: Year2-Year3
    Production Units:
    Program Cost:
    Cost per Unit:
    Role(Clarify if Tube/Rocket Artillery and if self-propelled/towed):

    Combat Weight:
    Maximum firing range:
    Guidance System:
    Maximum Speed:
    Operational Range:
    Main Armament:
    Secondary Armament(s):
    General Questions

    Armored Vehicle Application

    Manufacturing Description

    Designers(Companies and Associated Nations):
    Research and Development Phase: Year1-Year2
    Production Phase: Year2-Year3
    Production Units:
    Program Cost:
    Cost per Unit:

    Combat Weight:
    Rolled-Homogenous Armor Equivalent(Frontal Only):
    Maximum Speed:
    Operational Range:
    Main Armament:
    Secondary Armament(s):
    General Questions

    1. Are there any unconventional traits that your vehicle exhibits(Unmanned turret, Front engine, etc.)?

    Aircraft Application

    Manufacturing Description

    Designers(Companies and Associated Nations):
    Research and Development Phase: Year1-Year2
    Production Phase: Year2-Year3
    Production Units:
    Program Cost:
    Cost per Unit:
    Role(Specify if fixed-wing or Rotorcraft):

    Combat Weight:
    Maximum Speed:
    Operational/Max Range:
    Armaments(Number of Hardpoints):
    General Information

    1. Is the aircraft a variant of an existing aircraft or based on technology derived from those on existing aircraft? If yes, explain:

    2. Is this a Fifth-Generation Aircraft? A custom Fifth-Generation aircraft requires a combined GDP of $21 Trillion and a minimum of two partner nations to develop. If so, please state the developing nations:


    Naval Vessels

    Manufacturing Description

    Designers/Shipbuilders(Companies and Associated Nations):
    Research and Development Phase: Year1-Year2
    Production Phase: Year2-Year3
    In Service: Year3-Present
    Production Units:
    Program Cost:
    Cost per Unit:

    Aviation Facilities(When Applicable):
    Maximum Submersible Depth(Applicable if Submarine):
    Read dispatch

  7. Requests Extraordinary may set Precedents and Interpretations. These Precedents and Interpretations are, not-exhaustively catalogued in Supplement A.

Section 10: RP Tracking

  1. Essential nation statistics, including population, GDP, etc., are asked for on the RP application form.

  2. A nation may, if they choose, fill out a National Statistics form which provides further information that helps with lorebuilding and roleplaying, and they are highly encouraged to do so.

  3. National statistics, essential and non-essential, are kept track of in a dispatch made by the Statistics Manager(s)

  4. International unions, alliances, or organizations (and their members) are kept track of in a dispatch, also (preferably) managed by the Statistics Manager(s).

Appendix A: Mentor Guidelines

  1. Mentors are to be recruited from the Roleplayers who can demonstrate enough maturity and willingness to educate new Roleplayers.

  2. Mentors may be recruited by the Moderation Team pending a Community Vote. At least 50%+ Approval is required.

  3. All Mentors, including Roleplaying Moderators may be referred as Tenured Roleplayers.

  4. Mentors may be dismissed by the Moderation Team unitarily as a result of serious rule breaching. They may also be dismissed by the Roleplayers pending a 50% Community Vote. Mentors may resign at any time.

  5. Tenured Roleplayers are expected to be a role model for other Roleplayers, which includes making a welcoming atmosphere for new players, proactively asking if help is required, etc.

Supplement A: Precedents and Interpretations

Section 1: Global Interpretations
SA#101) Months are defined to be a contiguous interval of 30 days. Years are defined to be 12 Months / 360 days.

Section 2: Rule Interpretations
SA#201) Regarding Rule 26; “2 months” are counted from the end of the war which created the War Effects.
SA#202) If a Casus Belli is legal and sustained, the War Declaration and the war as a conflict leading out of it have precedence over Rule 8H. Otherwise, Rule 8H has precedence over all other non Code of Conduct/Community Guidelines Rules.
SA#203) Buying Land is considered an act of Annexation, must obtain Consent, is limited to one Active Annexation of such kind, at most once per 30 days and bypasses Rule 28. Rule 29 applies to Buying Land, which means a Grayspace Manager must oversee the event, and buying land may fail.

This dispatch is property of the Free Nation Region. Do not replicate any information. Use of the templates requires permission from Senatorialism#9215 on Discord.

The Republic of FNR Roleplay