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Manual Recruitment Guide

Manual Recruitment Guide
Why should you recruit?

Manual recruitment is the most effective form of recruitment, and with our Discord bot, Dot, it's easy, and you can easily multitask or relax while doing it! There are several reasons you should recruit for The League, for both your own benefit in-game and for the region's overall growth and benefit, and here are a few of them:
  • Even for participation, you will earn rewards! In compliance with NationStates rules, we cannot and do not provide any rewards with real monetary value. However, all recruiters will gain two rules-friendly rewards.

    • Every recruiter who participates in an hour or more of recruiting per month will be given a card of Epic rarity, and the top one-third of recruiters for each month will be given a card of Legendary rarity. If you wish to view card prize options, see our stockpile.

    • In the next Dot update, for every nation that you send a recruitment telegram to, you automatically earn 3 Planets (Dot's currency system), which you can use to trade in stocks and other economy features the bot has.

  • Regional medals/honors to honor industrious members! For each month, we bestow a regional medal/honor for recruiters based on hour-achievements. There are three tiers of recognition for this: Bronze (20 hours), Silver (50 hours), and Gold (80 hours). Set your goal, and go show the region what you’re made of!

  • Extra rewards for the top recruiter! In addition to the previous perks, the individual who spends the most time recruiting each month will have their flag (or an appropriate flag of their choice) displayed on the League Founder nation until the end of the next month, and they will be given a special role at the top of the Discord hierarchy with a color of their choosing. Lastly, they will be appointed as a regional officer with Polls permission for the following month!

  • Growth helps all of us. Regional growth helps everyone, as not only does it strengthen our population and influence, but it adds more roleplayers, government members, and overall community contributors. The more you recruit, the more everyone in The League benefits.


This section covers how to prepare your personal recruitment settings with Dot so you can recruit with ease. You only need to do everything in this section once, and your settings will be saved.
  • To gain access to the recruitment channel and the ability to use the features necessary, ping or direct message Quebecshire (@Cubic#1608) so you can be masked accordingly.

  • Create a recruitment telegram template. To do this, go to the Telegrams page and compose a new one. You will address it to "tag:template", and make sure it is marked as a recruitment telegram for The League. After that, fill the content box with our regional recruitment telegram, which is in the spoiler below (and pinned in the recruitment channel on Discord). Double check that your template and marking settings are correct with Linkthis example. Once this is done, click send.

    • [b]Do you have what it takes to fight to defend sovereignty and freedom on NationStates?[/b]
      Hello, %NATION%, and welcome to NationStates! You're probably getting a lot of these telegrams, but hear us out for a second! Are you interested in learning the wonders of military gameplay to protect innocent regions, meet new people, and move up in the game? [b]If so, [region]The League[/region] is the region for you![/b]
      [url=]The League's Defense Forces[/url] (LDF), our military, is dedicated and sizeable defender military looking for new recruits just like you! Why should you join us, you might ask?
      - Easy one on one training with experienced LDF members and allies to get you introduced to defending quickly!
      - Opportunities for promotion based on activity and skill in the military as you move forward!
      - Easy ways to rise up and enjoy other aspects of [region]The League[/region], including nations worldbuilding roleplay and regional government!
      - Involvement in our tight-knit community that often includes games, voice chats, and other events for you to enjoy!
      [b]Click the button below to join now![/b] We hope to see you in The League to be able to welcome you to our great region and to all that NationStates has to offer for new players like yourself!
    • Please only use this recruitment telegram above. If you want to suggest changes or new versions/telegrams to use, suggest them to Quebecshire.

  • You have now created your recruitment template, and the page you are taken to should display Linkthis result. Now, go to the recruitment channel on Discord and type the command "I cast r template %TEMPLATE-XXXXXXXX%", the Xs being replaced with the numbers in your template's number.


An overview of the quick and easy Dot recruiting process!
  • In the recruitment channel, type "I cast r start X", where X is the amount of minutes between recruitment checks (it is recommended that you use 1), and Dot will respond with Linkthis.

  • When Dot pings with you a list of recruitment batches, Linklike this, click the first link. The recipients and content of the telegram are pre-loaded, and all you need to do is hit "Send". Once you have done this, click "Acknowledge", and Dot will check for new nations and ping you at the next interval.

  • Continue recruiting at your own pace within the system until you are finished, at which point you can select Dot's "Finish" button to end your recruitment session. Please try to recruit in roughly 30-minute increments, as those are how we track rankings.