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Info Desk - Welcome to Lazarus

Treadwellia wrote:Mmph mmph. Mmph MMPH hrmph. Hrm hrm. MMPH!
This important message brought to you by Tubbius of the Treadwellians.

LinkIt's the birds...the birds are here
If you are here, then you've entered Lazarus or are just curious about our region in general. The name Lazarus likely refers to the Bible passage where St. Lazarus is raised from the dead:

Laz wrote:John 11 King James Version (KJV)
43: "And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth."
44: "And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with graveclothes: and his face was bound about with a napkin. Jesus saith unto them, Loose him, and let him go."

We are a region of many faiths, belief systems, and ideologies, and all are welcome here except those intending to raid or invade us, or to break the rules here, those folks are right out. We count to three, not four or five, or two except when intending to proceed to three, Linkwhen we throw our holy hand grenades, so watch out unless you wish to snuff it.

What is there to do in Lazarus?

There are three levels of regional interaction, which is all up to you:

Citizens are able to:

  1. Join the Internal Affairs Ministry, and help with regional culture and activities.

  2. Join the Foreign Affairs Ministry, and represent Lazarus abroad.

  3. Apply to join the Regional Guard, which is the regional military of Lazarus.

LinkYou can apply for citizenship on our forum.*

  1. This application will require your nation name, whether you have other nations, whether you have been charged with a crime in another region, and basic questions that shouldn't take too long to answer.

  2. In normal circumstances, an application should not take more than 48 hours to be approved. If this takes longer it will be because others in government need to be notified or advised on the status of an application, and especially because the Hegemon (or Delegate) must be advised of applications.

  3. It is strongly advised to have a Linkregistered forum account so that we can mask this on the forum for you. Though if you are in a rush, no problem, just send us a support ticket on the server stating your forum account name at any time.

  4. If the application is accepted you will gain the citizenship mask.

*Note: Unless you tell us your forum account or create one and tell us, you won't be able to vote or write legislation and so on. If you don't have a forum account or haven't created one yet, you can send us a support ticket on the discord server with the name of your forum account. LinkYou can create a forum account here.

How is Lazarus run?

Key points:
  • Lazarus has a World Assembly Delegate (or Hegemon) as a head of state, currently this is Treadwellia.

  • Lazarus elects its Prime Minister (or First Citizen) every four months as the head of government, and they appoint the ministers and important officials.

  • Lazarus has a court, security council, and finally an executive council that the major institutions of Lazarus are represented in.

List of useful dispatches and topics

If you have recently joined the region or Nationstates, these dispatches might interest you:

If you are interested in joining the Lazarene forum these forum topics might interest you:

It is also advisable to view these threads on the Nationstates forum if you are interested in roleplaying:

Joining the Lazarus Discord Server



You will be asked to select roles on the server during onboarding and also in the reception area channel, which include:

  • Verification mask for server security reasons,

  • Visitor mask for visitors or un-registered residents,

  • Resident mask for nations of Lazarus,

  • Resident WA mask for World Assembly nations of Lazarus,

  • and the Foreign dignitary mask for foreign dignitaries.

We hope to see you there!

Joining the Lazarene Forum


When registering on the Lazarus forum, you can do so using an email account or a Discord account. It is advisable to add your nation name on registration so that other members know what your nation is, though more details can be added, and your Discord account can be linked to your forum account. You can link your Discord account in the LinkConnected Accounts page of your forum profile.

Linking an existing Lazarus forum account to a Discord account has a guide here: LinkLinking your Discord account

You would be notified via Discord if someone replies to your forum posts.

Once you have registered on the forum, you can apply to get access to roles such as:

Do I have to register?

If you are not interested in joining the forum,or just want to role-play your nation and answer issues, then there are still areas you can access without joining the forum.

The first recommended area to access is the LinkLibrary of Lazarus, as this contains a public record of legislation and votes, as well as the history of Lazarus.

Some may also wish to view the Humane Republic to Undead Dominion era forums, which can be viewed in LinkZetaboards html style, and LinkTapatalk for a searchable working forum.

Who can I ask questions, if I want to learn more?

You can telegram New Rogernomics or one of the regional officers on the World Factbook Entry in-game or ask around on the Lazarus Discord server.

Laz wrote:LinkWelcome to LazWiki,

the free encyclopedia that all Lazarenes and visitors can edit.

LazWiki is an intergrated Wiki on the Lazarus forum

LinkLearn how to use LazWiki today!

LinkForum registration is required, so that you can protect your created wiki pages.

LazWiki Directory

LinkHelp - For Help using LazWiki

LinkNations - Nation directory

LinkRegions - Region directory

LinkPages - Page directory

Example of a LazWiki page a nation could create on Lazwiki

What breaks the Regional Message Board (or RMB) rules?

  • Recruitment on our RMB for a foreign region or organization, for raids and defenses, and so on.

    New Rogernomics wrote:Join region/organization x, y, z, and leave Lazarus...

  • Posting unsolicited links for recruitment to other regions or organizations. Not against rules of the game, but just not nice to look at on the RMB.

    New Rogernomics wrote:Join my region/organization through this link to my region/organization or regional/organization forum...

  • Four or more posted messages consecutively, which look spam-like and lower quality of posting on the RMB.

  • Posting spam-like posts or extremely long posts on the RMB. Dispatches exist too, post links to those on the RMB instead.

    New Rogernomics wrote:S

    New Rogernomics wrote:Spam

    New Rogernomics wrote:Spammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    New Rogernomics wrote:Spammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Posting four posts or more at once consecutively.

  • Trolling and inciting real life drama on the RMB.

    New Rogernomics wrote:Gay be people need to be x, y, z.

    New Rogernomics wrote:All pro-lifers/pro-choice should be x, y, z.

    New Rogernomics wrote:I hate all x, y, z people, and they deserve to die by x, y, z ways.

    New Rogernomics wrote:Kill all of x, y, z race/ethnicity/religion.

  • Sending links to unknown websites outside of NS that can put players out of character safety at risk.

    New Rogernomics wrote:Visit my blog/website, or visit this link to a random unknown url that could be a virus or phishing site.

    Links from YouTube, Dailymotion, Spotify, Google Docs, and so on, are fine, whereas or links are not.

  • Displaying obviously National Socialist flags or mottos on your nation can break the rules depending on what they are

  • Promoting fascism such as "Hitler was right" on the RMB

  • Posting homophobic, sexist or racist rants on the RMB (either in or out of character)

  • Posting extensive RL political discussions on the RMB rather than on the NS forums for instance

  • Display or conduct violation(s) over flags, mottos, and so on

  • Suspected to have broken the Etiquette or Terms & Conditions of Nationstates or any of the rules previously laid down by game admins or moderators, which includes breaking the PG-13 rules of this site. These sorts of violations are likely immediately reported to the site moderators by nations in our region.

Breaking these rules can result in telegram warnings, suppression of posts on the RMB, or an ejection/ban from the region (whether on a temporary basis or permanently). If you have any questions about the rules, telegram New Rogernomics, Treadwellia, or any of the Epilektoi (Security Councillors) on the World Factbook Entry, as we are here to help.

Endorsement cap/regional security rules

Nations are also expected to follow the other rules of the region, including the endorsement cap of 100 endorsements while endorsing the Delegate, and 10 endorsements for those who are not. This is explained more in the spoiler you can read below:

Why do we have an Endorsement Cap?

Perhaps the most debated and controversial aspect of a region can be the endorsement cap, as everyone loves to hate it, but for founderless regions like ours it is necessary for regional security, as it means that the Delegate and other regional officers have enough influence to eject or ban nations and hold the Delegacy against intruders who might wish to try and take over our region by force, and certainly wouldn't hold a vote over the Delegacy like we would.

What is the endorsement cap exactly?

The endorsement cap is the limit on World Assembly endorsements that you may hold in Lazarus, which is set by the Delegate, and by extension the Council of Lazarene Security (or the Security Auditors), and by the mandate and laws of the Lazarus that have been passed by the regional Assembly.

If you are endorsing the Delegate, you can have up to 100 WA endorsements in Lazarus, though we implement what is termed a hard cap which goes up to 110 WA endorsements. This cap may go up or down, depending on the security risks we have at the time, though this results on a clearly seen change on the World Factbook Entry or WFE.

If you are not endorsing the Delegate, you can have up to 10 WA endorsements in Lazarus, with a hard cap of 20 WA endorsements, though the region reserves the right to eject or ban nations who are not endorsing the Delegate, for security reasons, especially if an intruder is trying to gather influence in an attempt to coup the Delegate.

What happens if you breach the endorsement cap?

Normally, if you have just breached the endorsement cap you will be given a week or so to begin winding down endorsements and to stop endorsing, as often not endorsing for a while will mean your endorsements drop down to compliance with the endorsement cap, as nations cease to exist or leave the region. You can also telegram nations to stop endorsing you or to remove their endorsement to bring your nation down to cap. The exception to this is if you are not endorsing the Delegate, as this is considered a security risk that could be an issue at any time. Nations that are endorsing the Delegate are normally given TG un-endorsement campaigns.

If you breach the endorsement cap and especially if you keep doing so, the usual response is someone on the Council of Lazarene Security (Security Auditors) sending your nation a telegram advising of the violation of the endorsement cap. This is what is termed the first warning, and if you continue to endorse nations (whether in response to them endorsing you or not), it will then be assumed to have gone to a second warning.

Once either the first or second warning is sent, an un-endorsement campaign will begin on the nations you have most recently endorsed or have endorsed you. This will mean sending those nations telegrams requesting they remove their endorsement from you, so that you come into compliance with the cap. This means that those that are absent or away don't risk ejection or ban, and so that nations that aren't in compliance but are active are helped back into compliance.

How can you be banned/ejected?

If you reach a third warning, which would involve endorsing over the endorsement cap, fighting un-endorsement campaigns, and actively ignoring repeated requests to stop endorsing, you may be banned, ejected, or both from the region. This becomes an issue of regional security, as if nations are allowed to heavily endorse over cap, then they can accrue enough influence to support an effort to seize the Delegacy either in support of another nation or region trying to coup, or to coup themselves.

I've been banned/ejected, what do I do?

Appeals may be granted for bans or ejections, as apologies or willingness to not repeat the offense may be sufficient. You may telegram New Rogernomics the form below.


Appeals may be granted for bans or ejections, as apologies or willingness to not repeat the offense may be sufficient. You may telegram New Rogernomics the following form to request an appeal:

Ban/Ejection appeal form

New Rogernomics wrote:Ban, ejection, or both:
Reason for it to be revoked:

Appeals are to be telegrammed to: New Rogernomics

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