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NS Resume


Methods of Contact
Discord: @QuatuorPlusOne#9419 | Gmail:

Ministerial-Level Positions
  • Vice Delegate, The North Pacific (September 11, 2022-Present)

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs, The North Pacific (May 13, 2022-Present)

  • Minister of World Assembly Affairs, The North Pacific (August 16, 2021-May 12, 2022)

  • Delegate and Commissioner of World Assembly and Foreign Affairs, Maastricht (April 23, 2021-August 15, 2021)

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs, Thaecia (March 15-April 22, 2021)

  • Director of Foreign Affairs, New Western Empire (February 14-17, 2020)

Positions of Public Trust
  • Electoral Commissioner, Thaecia (July 15, 2020-August 22, 2020)

  • Hand of the Doge, Ascenthia (March 16, 2020-April 22, 2020)

Administrative Experience
  • Maastricht, Discord server (April 2021-August 2021)

  • The 3rd World Assembly Symposium

Current Interregional Projects

World Assembly Experience1
General Assembly

GA#522: Protecting Sites of Religious Significance
GA#539: Whistleblower Protection Act
GA#550: Freedom of Association
GA#560: Convention on Guest Workers
GA#575: Repeal: ‘Elections and Assistance Act’
GA#579: Promoting Democratic Stability Act
GA#583: Homelessness Mitigation and Protections Act
GA#585: Emergency Broadcasting Standards
GA#594: Repeal: ‘On Scientific Cooperation‘
GA#604: Access to Scientific Knowledge
GA#618: Repeal: ‘Freedom of the Press’
GA#624: Repeal: 'Whistleblower Protection Act'

Security Council

SC#367: Commend Maowi
SC#371: Commend Pallaith
SC#376: Commend Mount Seymour
SC#390: Commend Calvin Coolidge
SC#394: Commend Cretox State
SC#397: Commend Electrum
SC#401: Commend Bran Astor
SC#412: Repeal: ‘Commend Europeia’
SC#413: Commend Europeia
Additional Positions of Interest2
  • Executive Deputy Minister, Ministry of World Assembly Affairs of The North Pacific (May 13-August 16, 2021)

  • Deputy Minister, Ministry of World Assembly Affairs of The North Pacific (February 15-August 16, 2021)

  • Head, Data and Statistics Department, Thaecian Ministry of Home Affairs (December 2020-April 22, 2021)

Available Upon Request

1 More detailed information can be found in this dispatch.
2 A more detailed dispatch, with all positions I’ve ever held, more or less, can be found in this other dispatch.