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August 2022 Foreign Update


  • The Europeian Republican Navy has officially transitioned to LibCord! LibCord is the primary operations center for Defender operations, and this shift in policy for the ERN marks an important step in our growth. As of the time of this writing, the ERN has already participated in 7 update operations with our LibCord friends. Additionally, the ERN participated in a detag operation with The East Pacific.

  • President Writinglegend released a strong Linkstatement condemning Operation Ragnorak and voicing support for our historic ally Balder

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs Sopo announced the Linkclosure of embassies with Osiris. This decision comes as a result of Osiris?s failure to condemn Operation Ragnorak.

  • Senator Peeps opened a discussion in the Senate regarding the reopening of Arnhelm, this time as a gameside oriented program.

  • Robust discussion occurred in the Grand Hall in regards to RMB moderation and how to properly address Europeia?s resident population.

  • The Ministry of WA Affairs initiated a staff swap with our allies in the Social Liberal Union.

  • A General Election was held, and led to the election of the 5 person 85th Senate. Senators elected were Prim, Peeps, Gorundu, McEntire, and Cove.

Culture News:

  • A Discord movie night was hosted with the Order of the Grey Wardens. The gang watched Turning Red! Additionally, a Discord trivia night and mafia game were hosted.

  • Culture collaborated with Interior for their manual recruitment incentive this week. As stated in Linkthe incentive, Culture is currently planning an exciting theme week!

  • Minister of Culture Istillian launched gameside roleplay prompts, along with gameside polling. Recent polling numbers indicate high participation among residents.

  • A Pirate Theme Week was launched on the forums and Discord.

Radio News:
Minister of Radio Lime oversaw the publishing of ten new radio shows.

EBC News:
Eleven articles were published by Minister Seva and the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation. They can be read here:

WA Recommendations:
Several discussion threads have been opened, and eight voting recommendations were released. They can be read here: